Day: December 5, 2014

The Day My Faith in America Died

Huff Post: by Paul Brandies Raushenbush — “Do you think the Surgeon General is behind it?” Sean joked with me this morning, “I mean there were cigarettes and cigarillos involved in both so maybe they just really don’t want us to smoke.” Sean’s attempt at humor masked the deep pain he is […]

Who are the Yazidis?

Yazidis From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ( Total population 840,000 – 1,000,000[1][2][3] Regions with significant populations Iraq 650,000[4] Syria 50,000[5][6] Germany 40,000[1][7] Russia 40,586[8] Armenia 35,272[9] Georgia 20,843[10] Netherlands 5,000[11] Sweden 4,000[7] Scriptures Yazidi Book of Revelation (Kitêba Cilwe) Yazidi Black Book (Mishefa Reş) Languages Kurdish (Latin)[12][13] Yazidism Type Syncretic […]