Day: December 8, 2014

The Denial of Religious Freedom Yields Worse Conditions for Women and Atheists

RNS: PRESS RELEASE: In a concise but wide-ranging interview, Brian Grim, president of the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation, discusses the adverse impact for women, atheists and society in general when religious freedom is denied. watch:  Rather than religious freedom being in contradiction with other basic human rights, Grim describes how they all advance or […]

Pakistan: A Slave’s Path to Freedom

Pakistan needs a Lincoln to abolish slavery By Hasnain Kazim, Der Spiegel  Dec 8, 2014 Diego Ibarra Sanchez/ DER SPIEGEL For more than 16 years, Hanif Masih worked as an indentured servant in a brick factory in Pakistan. Then, an aid organization purchased his freedom. Though he remains extremely poor, […]

Urdu: Blasphemy act of Junaid Jamshed and hypocrisy of Deobandi clerics.

نید جمشید کے واقعے سے ایک بات تو واضح ہو کر سامنے آ گئی کہ توہین رسالت اور توہین صحابہ اور امہات المومنین کا قانون ان مولوی حضرات کے لیئے ایک کھیل سے زیادہ اہمیت نہیں رکھتا اور ان قوانین کو صرف فرقہ وارانہ مقاصد اور دوسروں سے دشمنی نکالنے […]

Pakistani police investigate preacher Junaid Jamshed over blasphemy claims

TheGuardian:   Rich businessmen, singers of patriotic pop songs and preachers with impeccably hard-line credentials are rarely among those accused of the deadly offence of insulting Islam in Pakistan. But Junaid Jamshed, a crooning evangelical Muslim being investigated by police under the country’s notorious blasphemy laws this week, is all three. A household name […]

Nigeria: Commissioning of Jamia Ahmadiyya Library

Nigeria: Commissioning of Jamia Ahmadiyya Library Courtesy: Kabir Adeseye Ade, Muallim Nigeria WELCOME SPEECH BY THE SADR MAJLIS ANSARULLAH NIGERIA, ALHAJI M. B. ODUKOYA DURING THE COMMISSIONING OF JAMIA LIBRARY ON SUNDAY, 23RD NOVEMBER 2015 Amir Sahib, Members of National Aamila here present, Distinguished Guests, Fellow Ansars, Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullah […]