Abdul Basit Qamar Baqapuri receives York West Centennial Citation Medal

It is great honor for the community that Mr. Abdul Basit Qamar Baqapuri received Canadian Medal Award on 100 Years Celebration of York West Region of Ontario.

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The ceremony was held on December 6, 2014 at the Nile Academy Toronto. In this special public event distinguished VIPs and guests were present. Honorable Judy Sgro former Immigration Minister and Member of Parliament of York West region gave Medals to all the recipients. In her Keynote address she said:

“I am honored that today I am awarding the York West Centennial Citation Medal to all those individual and organizations for their ongoing and outstanding contributions to the people and communities of York West. As you may already know, 2014 is the l00th anniversary of York West and, with the passing of this important milestone, we have the opportunity to commemorate the truly special businesses, individuals, and groups that do so much to make our neighborhoods strong, diverse, and welcoming.”

While presenting the award to Abdul Basit Qamar Baqapuri, she added: “Congratulations!! you deserve this award for your continues service and commitment to entire York West Community. You are great asset to Canada as you have volunteered hundreds of volunteer hours for the betterment of the Community. Thank you Mr. Basit for all that you have done to make our communities a great place to live, work and play.”


Mr. Abdul Basit Qamar Baqapuri migrated to Canada over 2 decades from Qadian Darul Aman and served the York West Community in many ways. He remains the longest serving Chair of School Council for 23 years in Toronto District School Board. He served Humber River Regional Hospital as Muslim Chaplain. He organized many community events in the region with diverse multi ethnic communities.2Mr. Abdul Basit Qamar Baqapauri is son of a Darwesh Qadian Maulana Mohammad Hafeez Baqapuri Ex Principal Jamia Ahmadiyya Qadian and Ex Editor of Badr Weekly.

He is maternal grandson of Hazrat Chaudhary Maula Bakhsh Sahib and Paternal grandson of Hazrat Moulvi Ismaeel Baqapuri Sahib (elder brother of famous companion Hazrat Moulvi Ibraheem Baqapuri Sahib.

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  1. Congratulations !! Abdul Basit Qamar Sahib You well deserve for such awards !!
    A Silent Dedicated Worker and Volunteer of Our Community who really worked Day & Night. Just take any field or Area of Community outreach you will be amazed to find him everywhere. I remember him Serving Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Canada as Muhtamim Tabligh for over a decade. In his time period Message of Ahmadiyyat reached to the corners of Canada. He was the first to organize Open Houses, Tabligh Workshop, Conferences Pakistan Day, Indian-Pak Community Functions, Exhibitions in City of Toronto, Exhibition in Libraries. Any function you name it he is the one who took initiative and humble beginning with the support of Ameer Sahib Canada and Sadar Sahib Khuddamul Ahmadiyya. Later When he moved to Ansarullah,he was Regional Nazim of GTA Region and thereafter served as Qaid Tabligh. In Ansarullah also he was busy in establishing more and more Book stalls. He was having very good relation and link with all Daee Illah. With his team effort with Daeen every year we have maximum number of Jalsa Guests. He established relations with interfaith community and is always welcomed in Churches, Sikh Temples, Mandirs Senegal and Mosques. Apart from this, he is very well known Sooth Asian Press Media. May Allah Reward him and Bless this award also.

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