Nigeria: Commissioning of Jamia Ahmadiyya Library

Nigeria: Commissioning of Jamia Ahmadiyya Library

Courtesy: Kabir Adeseye Ade, Muallim Nigeria


Amir Sahib, Members of National Aamila here present,

Distinguished Guests, 7-1Fellow Ansars,

Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakatuhu

First of all, I will like you all to join in giving praise and thanks to Almighty Allah (Subhanallah Alhamdulillah) for giving us the opportunity to be part of this epoch making ceremony.

It was sometime in the year 2006 during the tenure of Maulvi Imitiaz as the Principal of Jamia Ilaro that the Majlis Ansarullah Nigeria was approached to build for the institution a Library. I am of the view that similar approach was made to the Lajna Imaillah for a Mosque while the Majlis Khuddam were to set up a Computer Room for them.

By the time the Ansarullah was approached for the Library, the Majlis had on its table how to complete the Ansarullah House at Ojokoro. This we faced until it got to a remarkable stage by my predecessor in office, Alhaji A. W. A. Aina.

Having realized that the Ansarullah House had reached an advanced stage of completion, we then decided that all efforts should be shifted to the Library and that was why we embarked on the project which foundation was laid on Sunday 30th October 2011 by the Missionary-in-Charge, Maulvi A. K. Nayyar Sahib and real works started in January 2012.

Perhaps I should add that by the time we started the project, the Majlis was short of funds. We had to levy all our Dil’as and also made approach to some individual members within the Jama’at for their generous financial assistance. I am indeed very grateful to all of them, particularly members in the Dil’a for not letting us down. I am also grateful to members of the Majlis Ansarullah Building Committee and in particular our link man, Alhaji Adegboyega, for a job well done. May Allah reward them all. I must not forget our members in Ilaro, particularly the masons among them for a job well done. May Allah reward them all abundantly.

However, it needs be re-emphasized here that the Majlis Ansarullah Nigeria could do far better than this modest library, if every member of the Majlis had imbibed a strong spirit of sacrifice and vying with one another in good deeds. Unfortunately, less than ten percent of the entire membership was involved in this project; whereas this type of sacrifice is what should be the focus and attention of all Ansarullah members in our bid to meet our Creator with joy at the end.

I am now seizing this golden opportunity to implore all members of the Majlis that whenever the Majlis embarks on any project for the progress of the Jama’at, we should all make concerted efforts to be part of it; not waiting until we are invited to participate. For, therein lies the secret of acceptance of all our prayers.

After this Library, the Majlis Ansarullah is embarking on another project which is the hostel building for the students of our high school at Ojokoro. We are appealing to you all for your cooperation and support in the fulfillment of that project.

Finally, at this ceremony we are giving a token sum of One Hundred Thousand Naira (N100,000) as part of our assistance in the furnishing of this library.

Once again, I thank the Amir Sahib and all the guests for your presence at this brief ceremony, and wish you all journey mercies back to your various destinations after this programme.

Jazakumullah Khaeran.

Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakatuhu.


Alhaji M. B. Odukoya

Sadr Majlis Ansarullah Nigeria


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