Women of Ahmadiyya Community Croatia take part in IWCZ Christmas Bazar Zagreb on PAKISTANI Stall

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First Lady of Croatia tests Pakistani Food items at Ahmadiyya Stall in Zagreb

First Lady of Croatia tests Pakistani Food items at Ahmadiyya Stall in Zagreb

On 07.12.2014, women belonging to Ahmadiyya community Zagreb organized two stalls under the banner of PAKISTAN in Christmas Bazar of IWCZ (International Women Club Zagreb). One stall was devoted for the Pakistani food while other one contained original sub continental jewelry and Henna Tattoo expertise. First Lady the wife of President of Croatia Prof.Dr. Tatjana Josipović opened the event and visited each stall.  Pakistani women  Mrs Naeema Shaheen Khan, Ms Aaisah Marjan along with Croatian women Ms Sandra Smolcic, Ms Maja Radan and Ms Inja Radan very successfully managed the affairs of both the stalls. In whole arrangement Mr Patrik Ostrihon, Mr Jasmin Bulic and Mr Zubair khan also extended full cooperation. Participants showed lot of interest in both the stalls.  Specially Henna Tattoo stall was over crowded and Ms Aaisha Marjan, Henna specialist had to refuse some clients due to time constraints.

At the end of the day what ever proceeds earned were handed over to IWCZ to be given to bolnici” Sveti  Duh”,odjelu Klinike za ginekologiju i porodništvo, a hospital in Zagreb.



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  1. People of Croatia or for that matter in entire of the West need to be approached with different strategy in changing world so that the message of peace and love of Islam could enlighten their hearts and minds. Role of Ahmadiyya ladies is of utmost important as had been in early days of Islam. May Allah accept the efforts of this handful community in new environments. Ameen.

  2. مجھے زبیر خلیل صاحب سے مکمل اتفاق ہے۔ بہت اچھا کام ہے۔ اللہ تعالی ا برکت ڈالے آمین

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