It’s official — men are idiots!

Daily Times: It’s a theory that many women have held for years. And now a study has revealed men really are the more stupid sex.


An analysis of the Darwin Awards – an annual review of the most foolish ways people have died – has found almost 90 percent of the accolades were ‘won’ by males.


Worthy candidates include a terrorist who opened his own letter bomb, and a man who attempted to travel by hitching a shopping trolley to a train. It is named after Charles Darwin, the scientist famous for the theory of evolution.


Nominees have to improve the gene pool by eliminating themselves from the human race using foolish methods.


Worthy candidates have included a terrorist who unthinkingly opened his own letter bomb on its return after he posted it with insufficient stamps.


Other examples include the man who shot himself in the head with a ‘spy pen’ weapon to show his friend it was real, and the thief attempting to purloin a steel cable from a lift shaft – and unbolted it while standing in the lift, which then plummeted to the ground, killing him.


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