Barrie: Faiths come together to say ‘Peace for All’


Building Better Bridges in Barrie, Ontario-5

Crossing boundaries of ethnicity, race and religion Faith is building better bridges in Barrie Ontario

3rd Annual Peter Silveira’s Barrie Interfaith Breakfast

For the 3rd time city of Barrie shared spirituality and enlightenment over the breakfast table. Previous years joys & experience of sharing and underacting on breakfast table was relived.


Interfaith Barrie


The event was organized under the leadership of Councillor Peter Silveira and the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Canada. Representatives from Jewish, Christian and Baha’i communities of Barrie participated in the event. The event provided a chance for the city Councillors, politicians, Meyers office, businessmen and top police officials to connect with Faith Communities in the city of Barrie- the place we all call home!

The messages were bright and clear:

  1. We are all one family of God. Let’s focus on what binds us which is far greater than what divides us.
  2. According to the Holy Qur’an killing one innocent soul is like killing humanity.
  3. Compassion for all mankind is part of all faiths.
  4. Justice for all is source of real world peace.
  5. Canada is a great country where justice is practiced irrespective of color, creed or country of origin. Diversity and religious freedom is celebrated and not persecuted
  6. Barrie is becoming diverse which is a good thing.
  7.  We are insignificant today, time will come when faith groups will have significant role in bridging gaps among communities.

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