Gaming Israel and Palestine

Source: The Stratfor.

We have long argued that the Arab-Israeli conflict is inherently insoluble. Now, for the third time in recent years, a war is being fought in Gaza. The Palestinians are firing rockets into Israel with minimal effect. The Israelis are carrying out a broader operation to seal tunnels along the Gaza-Israel boundary. Like the previous wars, the current one will settle nothing. The Israelis want to destroy Hamas’ rockets. They can do so only if they occupy Gaza and remain there for an extended period while engineers search for tunnels and bunkers throughout the territory. This would generate Israeli casualties from Hamas guerrillas fighting on their own turf with no room for retreat. So Hamas will continue to launch rockets, but between the extreme inaccuracy of the rockets and Israel’s Iron Dome defense system, the group will inflict little damage to the Israelis.

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  1. Since you are worldly man as such analyse things from worldly prospective. However from religious perspective the problem is viewed bit differently. Islamic revealed book does contain the details about creation of Israel in following verse.
    And after him We said to the Children of Israel, ‘Dwell Ye in the promised land; and when the time of the promise of the Latter Days come, We shall bring you together out of various people.” (17:105)
    Same time it has been mentioned if Jews stuck to justice their existence will prolong. On the other side Muslims were warned to abide by true teachings of Islam if want to regain the glory in the area. In depth analysis indicate both sides not adhering to the commandments of God so chaos has to prevail with no solution at the end of the day.

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