Story of a Saint – Guru Baba Nanak (pbuh)

The Truth Message – Part – 2.8:

Story of a Saint – Guru Baba Nanak (pbuh)

Guru Baba Nanak (pbuh)
Religion: Sikhism (followers are called Sikh)
Book: Guru Granth Sahib

I’m glad and it’s a relief to know that Sikhs believe in the concept of One-God.

They believe:

God reveals and manifests through all in the universe, but no finite form can be worshiped as God is infinite”.

God chose to embody the Divine Light in Guru Nanak and in nine gurus successively, and finally to the scriptures themselves, but none are to be worshiped as God.

Guru Baba Nanak (as) was famous for his saintliness and had become a byword in India… a fresh voice; calling for unconditional religious tolerance – the holy voice of Baba Guru Nanik Sahib ji Maharaj.

Baba Sahib openly claims to be the recipient of revelation from God in the Janam Sakhis, the autobiographies of Baba Nanak, and in the Guru Granth Sahib – the Holy Book of Sikhs.

In one Janam Sakhi he states that he had received revelation from God testifying to the truth that God is One and Mohammad [saw] is His Messenger and Prophet. Based on this he performed Hajj and followed the Islamic injunctions meticulously.

It is established without doubt that He enjoyed the Divine blessing of showing great signs of times to come and many miracles were manifested by him. It goes without question that Baba Nanak was a holy and pious man. He was one of those whom God, the Mighty, the Glorious, caused to drink out of His goblet of love.

Baba Guru Nanak’s Status in Islam

His preaching of religious tolerance was so dearly accepted by both Hindus and Muslims that at the time of his Holy Demise, the Muslims wanted him to be buried and Hindus wanted him to be cremated. Rarely there has been such an example found! Each of the two major religious streams were eager to claim him as theirs.

The life of Baba Sahib is full of sacrifices and bears undeniable manifests in support of his cause and those who understand the paths of spiritual sublimation can easily trace scores of miraculous favors associated with him.

The famous robe Divinely Bestowed upon Baba Sahib inscribed with Quranic Verses and Islamic Teachings is regarded as a true miracle together with so many others found at the places where Baba Sahib traveled or stayed; for example Babe De Bairee (Sialkot) – the berry tree under which Baba Sahib rested and Punja Sahib (Hasanabdal) – where Baba Sahib’s Holy Hand is inscribed on a mount rock, which was thrown upon Baba Sahib by an enemy, etc.

It may be of interest to many to read “Sat Bachan” – the book written by the Promised Messiah (as) in praise of Baba Sahib’s life long struggle to spread the Message of Peace.

He was born among Hindus and bore witness that Islam is from God.

All doubting Thomases can see for himself his relics preserved at Dera Nanak, in which he has testified to the Kalimah [Muslim statement of belief: – There is none worthy of worship except Allah, And Muhammad (saw) is the Messenger of Allah] and witness relics that stay enshrined at Guru Hersahai, District Ferozepur, among which is also a copy of the Holy Qur’an.

So holy that He was, how can he stay unheard of the biggest truth of the Universe? Impossible!

Shree Sukdev Singh Bedi, Owner of Chola of Guru Baba Nanak in an Islamic Convention

Guru Baba Nanak (as) prophesizes the coming of a reformer in the later days:

“A time shall come in the later age when people shall cease to act upon their scriptures and observe no fasts or prayers, Jogies, Sanyansies, Barhamcharves and Brahmins would be labeled as Gurus. Then a perfect teacher shall crush them all. Such is the decree of heaven, which shall surely come to pass. . (Janam Sakhi page 527)

“The reign of the Mughals shall last from 1578 to 1897 of the Bikram era, then a Reformer shall rise. (Janam Sakhi of Bhai Bala pg. 272)

Guru Nanak also prophesized that he would be a Muslim, righteous and true, and that he would come from near Batala in the district of Gurdaspur and that he would be from the Mogul Tribe. (Janam Sakhi page 234, 251 and 452)

Finally the Sikh faith talks of a destined time when the world would be united:

Now is the gracious Lord’s ordinance promulgated, no one shall cause another pain or injury; all mankind shall live in peace together, under a shield of administrative benevolence. (Sri Raga M.5, p.74)

The Prophecy of Baba Guru Nanak about a Reformer in Qadian:


Is there anything common between Sikhs and Muslims? Guru Baba Nanak

Join me to praise the lord and His Messenger & His Book:
God is the Greatest: Baba Guru Nanak ji: Zindabaad


Mr. Navjot Singh Sidhu (Cricketer) at Ahmadiyya Muslim Convention in Qadian, India

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