The Messiah has come!

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His Holiness Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (Peace Be Upon Him)

His Holiness Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (Peace Be Upon Him)

Over a hundred & seventy nine years ago, an amazing event took place in an obscure and tiny hamlet called “Qadian” – [Did you ever hear about this place?] It was an event that was destined to change the course of history – The Promised Messiah was BORN.

The non-Muslim readers should first learn about the prophet Muhammad, may peace be on him, and here is the best Western movie about him, The Message:

Congratulations to the World of faiths!
Happy times have come!
May you be blessed now, at last!

The Day: Friday, the 13th of February, 1835 OR as per Islamic Calendar: 14th Shawwal 1250 A.H. occupies a place of pride, because on that day a child was born – This child was no ordinary child! He was destined to bring about a great revolution, not only in the realm of the spirit but also in the realm of matter. He was none other than The Expected Promised Messiah For All World Religions:

Call him the “returned” Jesus, the son of Mary for Christians, the Maseeh-e-Maood & Imam Mahdi for the Muslim world, the “returned” Prophet Krishna of Hinduism, the Maitreya Buddha for …well, well, well. Not so fast — Let’s slow down a bit, cross check the facts first and then confirm something, shan’t we?

We can’t confirm that HE exactly is the Promised Messiah until he qualifies ALL the major prophecies foretold about – his coming, the time, the place, the signs, the life, the mission, the… well, everything MUST match! So, in the coming sections, my dear reader, we shall compare all the major prophecies of all the major previous prophets with this person before we agree to accept him or we can… Let’s see.

To begin: This boy was born in a Muslim family of Qadian, a village near Batala in the district Gurdaspur, state of Punjab in the north India; he was named Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.

Didn’t his birth just proved a couple of the prophecies true?

See what Baba Nanak had prophesized about the messiah: He would be a Muslim, righteous and true, and that he would come from near Batala in the district of Gurdaspur, Punjab and that he would be from the Mogul Tribe. (Janam Sakhi pg… 234, 251 and 452)

Masha’Allah! (As God has willed it to be)

And then again…

There’s this rare saying of Prophet Mohammad (saw) in Shia’a Islam contained in the text of Biharul Anwar: ‘The Mahdi will have a double name. One will be Ghulam and the other Ahmad and still another Muhammad and he will also be called Isa Masih, (Jesus, the Messiah)’. (Biharul Anwar, Vol.13, pp.7-8)

Matches, doesn’t it?

Now to introduce this person Mr. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, as prophesized and expected, was a model of extraordinary righteousness. He was a rare example of honesty, friendliness and resolve. All his life & his time stand as a proof to all the prophecies ever said about him / his coming.

Profound love for the Holy Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) was the salient feature of his personality. Now do I need to remind you as who the Holy Prophet Mohammad (saw) is? And who all does He resemble? And why is it so important to follow Him specifically and how does it suffice? And as what all does His book, the mighty Holy Qur’an represent? I guess not… I’d love to repeat, but then this message would never end. Still, If you wish to read, please click on the link below:

The Truth Message – Part – 3: The Story of Prophet Muhammad (saw)

Coming back to topic, the time of advent of this expected prophet had been foretold by the earlier prophets very clearly, by the command of the divine, of course, and we know it has found prominent mention in their sayings and in their religious scriptures as well.

The Promised Messiah said,

“I swear by Almighty God that I am the Promised Messiah and I am the same person who was promised by the prophets. There is news about me and my age in the Torah and the Gospel and the Holy Quran, it is stated that there will be eclipses in the sky and severe plague on the earth.” [Dafiul Balaa p. 18]

The Promised Messiah and Mahdi, peace be on him, declared on oath that he is the Promised Divine Messenger and that the lunar and solar eclipses are Divine Signs for him. He stated as follows:

It should be remembered that although there are many proofs from Almighty God for vindicating my truthfulness and more than a hundred prophecies that have been fulfilled to which hundreds of thousands of people are witnesses, but in this revelation, this prophecy[of Solar & Lunar eclipse] has been mentioned specifically. I have been given such a sign which was not given to anybody else from the time of Adam to the present time. In short I can stand in the sacred precincts of the Ka’aba and swear that this sign is for testifying my truth.” [Tohfa-e-Golarbiyya p. 53]

Note it guys! A believer of Allah, the Almighty, would never have the courage to lie in the precincts of Ka’aba! Never could one dare!

At another place he says: “Only in my age in the month of Ramazan, eclipses of the sun and the moon occurred; in my age in accordance with the authentic sayings of the Holy Prophet and the Holy Quran and earlier Books, there was plague all over the country, and in my age only new mode of transport, namely railways came into existence and in my age only, as per my prophecies, terrible earthquakes came.

Does not then righteousness demand that one should not be bold in denying me.

 Look! I swear by Almighty God and say that thousands of signs for establishing my truth have been manifested, are being manifested and will be manifested. If this were a man’s plan, never he would have enjoyed such a support and help.” [Haqiqatul Wahi p. 45]

He received the following revelation:

“Tell them – I have with me testimony from Allah, then will you believe? Tell them I have with me testimony from Allah, then will you submit?” (Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya, vol. 3)

To continue with His introduction:

From an early age He, Hazrath Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani had a keen interest in religion and with times his knowledge and understanding of religion and its application to society deepened.

Being a Muslim it was his firm belief that all religions were true at their source but with the passage of time had drifted away from their original teachings – He recognized all the divine teachings of the great religious founders and saints, including Abraham (as), Moses (as), Jesus (as), Krishna (as), Buddha (as), Confucius (as), Lao Tzu, Zoroaster (as), Guru Nanak, and many others and explained how such teachings converged into the one true religion of our Lord and how all divine teachings were basically same no matter when and where they were delivered… the changes we see now were included with the passage of time, and thus corrupted the original forms.

The Promised Messiah says:

I love mankind as much as, rather even more than how much a kind mother loves her children.

The promised Messiah says, ‘The job for which God has appointed me is that I cleanse the dirt that has crept into the relationship between God and the mankind and establish the state of love and fidelity, and by manifesting Truth, bring an end to religious wars and thereby lay the foundation of peace and make manifest the spiritual truth that have become hidden in this world’.

He upheld the dignity of religion and demonstrated its relevance to everyone.

Let me confirm this: Hazrath Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian did not bring/introduce any new god, or any new religion or law or book or commandments or anything… His mission was just to revitalize the truth that all religions held within them already – it was through this that he would try to bring mankind together and establish everlasting peace.

Almighty God has willed to gather all men into one fold.

The signs of the appearance of the Promised ONE have been fulfilled in this age. Accordingly God sent just One Promised Messiah who matches the mention in all world religions to unite the entire world. Isn’t it the responsibility of all faiths to return to him then? There is a clear path for anyone who exercises his judgment and understanding for, because all the signs appointed for the appearance of the Promised Messiah have been manifested by the divine.

Please call commonsense to consider this:

When you & I refer to ‘God’ – we are referring to the same ONE creator …Agreed? There can’t be many Gods!

My Conclusion: There is only ONE God, and He will send just ONE messiah for all of mankind with a One final message to unite all believers upon this planet under the worship of THE ONE true God… clear?

Dear people, in my attempt of telling you the stories of different prophets: Adam (as), Noah (as), Abraham (as), Moses (as), Jesus (as), Mohammad (saw), etc. in the earlier sections of this message, I was actually endeavouring to demonstrate to you that the basic message / task of all prophets was always the same [All of them were sent with the mission to unite their people into believing in the existence of THE ONE GOD] although clothed differently to be understood by the varied target audiences of particular areas and times and languages — AND NOW — As this is the final millennia of mankind: God has sent just one reformer who is yet bringing the same message but representing all past prophets.

May God enable us all to accept & follow this chosen Messiah now, Aameen

To continue with the Messiah’s story again…

His earnest defense of religion was ultimately blessed when he started to receive direct revelation from Allah! As says the Promised Messiah (as):

I am almost daily honoured with the converse of God Almighty. (Chashma-e-Masihi, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 20, pp. 350-351 by The Promised Messiah)

The Promised Prophet adds:

The God Who has manifested Himself to all the Prophets – appeared to Moses on Mount Sinai and appeared to Jesus on Mount Seir and shone forth to Hazrat Muhammad, the chosen one, peace be on him, on Mount Paran, the same Mighty and Holy God has manifested Himself, talked and has said: I am the High Being to establish Whose worship all the Prophets were sent. I alone am the Creator and the Master and have no associate. I am not subject to birth or death. (Zameema Risalah Jehad, p. 8 by The Promised Messiah).

He continues:

“Our Ever-Living and All-Sustaining God talks to me like one person talks to another. I ask Him something and supplicate Him and He answers in words full of power. If this should happen a thousand times, He would not fail to answer. In His words He discloses wonderful hidden matters and displays scenes of extraordinary powers till He makes it clear that He alone is the One Who should be called God. He accepts prayers and intimates their acceptance…” [Nasim-e-Dawat, Ruhani Khazain, Vol.19, pp.448-449]

Hazrat Ahmad, peace be on him, had the privilege of being recipient of Divine revelation from 1876 until 1908 when he passed away, Inna Lillah-e-Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajeeon (2:157: ‘Surely, to Allah we belong and to Him shall we return.’).

His first revelation regarding his appointment as Divine Reformer came in the following words in the year 1882; he was told:

Allah blessed thee, O Ahmad. The Most Gracious One has taught thee the Quran (explaining some hidden truths) so that thou shouldst warn the people whose ancestors have not been warned and that the way of the guilty ones might become manifest. Proclaim; I have been commissioned and I am the first of the believers.” (Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya, vol. 3)

However, it was only in 1891 that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, after being blessed with several revelations, declared that he was the returned Jesus for Christians, the Mahdi for Muslims, the… in short The Promised Messiah of all religions. We will discuss this in-depth later. Please keep faith and read on…

Confirming the case He said:

“The holy and pure revelation of God has informed me that I have been sent by Him as the Promised Messiah and the Promised Mahdi (reformer) and as Arbiter for the internal and external differences.” (Arba’een)

In support of his claim he provided evidence from various scriptures, advanced numerous arguments and cited a large number of heavenly signs. And to add he also presented to the world a number of his own prophecies, some of which were fulfilled in his time, while the fulfillment of others took place after him and continue to fulfill to this day. I’ll present them, as many possible, to you from his books and we can compare (read section Announcements from Qadian for more of them).

Now is the Time for testing – Let us compare all prophecies one-by-one, ready?

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem 
[In The Name Of God, The Most Gracious, The Ever Merciful]

Let us now take a closer look at The Concept of The Awaited Messiah in World Faiths /traditions

I want you, if you can, to match your religious book’s prophecies given about the coming of the Messiah and compare with the ones I now present before you.

My dear reader: Peace be with you.



Conditions of the world / time of advent of the Promised Messiah / Prophet

Testing The Prophecy in Hindu History: Signs of the latter days / Kalyuga in Hinduism

Maha Rishi Vuyas has mentioned a large number of signs in the Gita for the recognition of Kalyuga. Few of which are:

“There will be a gradual decay in righteousness and faith, civilization and culture, piety and purity, age and strength.

Peoples statures will be short and their age on average 30 years only.

The rich will be looked upon with honour and respect and the poor will be decided as unclean and untouchable.

Brahman’s only sign will be his sacred thread, where as that of Sanyasi, his leopard skin cloak.

The unlearned and the ignorant will pose as wise holy men and will deliver sermons from the high pulpits.

By growing long hair and nails on their bodies, people will become Wahatura.

Sadhus will renounce jungle life and will return to the cities and indulge in adultery.

A large section of the people will be atheist and turn away from the worship of one true God.

Places of worship will be deserted and desolate, and wine shops and taverns will be much frequented.

People, though poor, will indulge in sensual pleasures.
Hairdressing of different styles will be considered as a mark of beauty.
Women, with uncovered faces, will walk about in the bazaars like prostitutes.
Girls of eight will become mothers.
Sons will call their parents fools.
The produce of the land will be small, the rainfall scanty and out of time.
Rivers will deviate from their courses.
The rulers will oppress and exterminate their subjects.

In Kalyuga, Kings will sit upon the thrones of England, Turkey, Japan and China.

It is at this time when Shri Jishkalan Avtar will appear on the stage of the world. But, like Nasi Bhagat, he will be raised from a place which will not be in accordance with the expectations of the Hindus, and the superficial observer therefore, will not be able to recognize him.”

Will you agree if I say that this age is exactly the Kalyuga mentioned above?

Read it sentence by sentence and compare with the current happenings. Honestly, how clearly are the signs given, praise the Lord!

And there are a couple of points that need consideration: It says:

Women, with uncovered faces, will walk about in the bazaars like prostitutes… doesn’t that clearly mean that even Hindu religion supports the veil concept?

And the second point that caputres my attention is: he will be raised from a place which will not be in accordance with the expectations of the Hindus, and the superficial observer therefore, will not be able to recognize him.”

Ha! Now that comes as a challenge to the Hindu believers – So Do Not be superficial in your observation, be keen.

Return of Shree Krishna (as)

Hindus expect the reappearance of Shree Krishna(as) at the time of the Kali Yuga / Kalyug.

In Hinduism it is believed that when the world is in darkness (age of Kalyug), Shree Krishna(as) will return in the form of a new avatar. And: Considering the description above, undeniably, this is the time for his return — Don’t you agree, my dear Hindus?

Now it is that the world is in an age of spiritual decadence. And then this age will be followed by a regenerated era. Shree Krishna(as) himself declares the progressive line of prophethood in the following text:

Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya; Glanir Bhavati Bharata;
Abhyutthanam Dharmasya; Tadatmanam Srjamy Aham.” [Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4 verse 7-8 ]


Whenever the Law declines and the purpose of life is forgotten, I manifest myself on earth; I am born in every age to protect the good, to destroy the evil, and to re-establish the Law. (Bhagvad Gita, 4:7-8)

There is also a tradition of Kalki – the final Hindu avatar who would appear from the west mounted on a white horse. Kalki is also known as conqueror of dualities and of darkness. The texts describe the advent of Kalki:

When the practices taught by the Vedas and the institutes of law shall nearly have ceased, and the close of the kali age shall be nigh, a portion of that divine being who exists of his own spiritual nature in the character of Brahma, and who is the beginning and the end, and who comprehends all things, shall descend upon the earth… he will then re-establish righteousness upon earth; and the minds of those who live at the of the Kali age shall be awakened, and shall be as pellucid as crystal. The men who are thus changed by virtue of that peculiar time shall be as the seeds of human beings, and shall give birth to a race that shall follow the laws of the Krita age, the Age of Purity. (Vishnu Purana, 4.24)

Here, the verses first give an indication of the state of the world when the Kalki avatar would appear in terms of lawlessness and a lack of spirituality. It then proceeds to show us the scene of Kalki re-awakening the spiritual minds of people and signalling the dawn of a new spiritual (Krita) age.

Hindus accept that this – our time is the KalYug foretold for it is these days that we see the teachings taught by the Vedas & preachings of the Geeta are almost forgotten.

My Conclusion: It is NOW that the world is full of lawlessness combined unfortunately with lack of spirituality… Expectation of the reappearance of their Shree Krishna (as) is much now than in any other times.

Notable Note: The prophecy uses the word ‘human beings’, ‘people’ which automatically means the whole human race of the current world and NOT specifically Hindus… Agreed friends?

His Holiness Hadrath Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (as), the Promised Messiah, also claimed to be the second coming of Krishna.

He writes in Lecture Sialkot, Page 40:

Let it be clear that my advent in the present age is not for the reformation of the Muslims alone… Just as God has appointed me the Promised Messiah for the Muslims and Christians, so am I the Avatar for the Hindus. For the past twenty years or so, I have been proclaiming that just as I have appeared in the spirit of the Messiah son of Mary as for the purpose of removing sins which have filled the earth, so have I come as Raja Krishna—one of the greatest Avatars of the Hindu faith. In other words, I am the same person by virtue of spiritual reality. This is no fancy or speculation on my part. The God of heaven and earth has revealed to me, not once but a number of times, that for the Hindus I am Krishna and for the Muslims and Christians I am the Promised Messiah. I know that the ignorant Muslims, on hearing this, will immediately say that by assuming the name of a kafir, I have openly accepted disbelief. But this revelation is from God and I have no choice but to proclaim it. Today it is for the first time that I am announcing it before such a large gathering, for those who are from God are never afraid of the reproaches of faultfinders.

Let it be clear that Raja Krishna, according to what has been revealed to me, was such a truly great man that it is hard to find his like among the Rishis and Avatars of the Hindus. He was an Avatar—i.e., Prophet—of his time upon whom the Holy Spirit would descend from God. He was from God, victorious and prosperous. He cleansed the land of the Aryas from sin and was in fact the Prophet of his age whose teaching was later corrupted in numerous ways. He was full of love for God, a friend of virtue and an enemy of evil. It was God’s promise that, in the latter days, He would send someone, i.e., an Avatar, in his image. Hence this promise has been fulfilled with my coming. Among other revelations regarding myself, I also received this revelation:

‘O’ Krishna, slayer of swine and protector of cows, thy praise is recorded in the Gita!’

Hence, I love Krishna because I have come in his image. Another resemblance between the two of us is that the same qualities that have been attributed to Krishna (for instance, his being the destroyer of sin, the consoler, and the nourisher of the poor) are also the qualities of the Promised Messiah. From the spiritual point of view, therefore, Krishna and Promised Messiah are one and the same; it is only the regional terminology that is different.

Prophecies about return of Prophet Krishna (as) from other Holy Scriptures regarding the advent of the great Reformer of the latter days are as follows. 

Studying the religions of India, we find that Prophet Krishna (as) had said,”Whenever there is decay of karma, O Bharata, and there is increase and exaltation of unrighteousness, then I come forth myself, for the promotion of the good, and for the destruction of evil doers and for the sake of firmly establishing righteousness. I am born from age to age.” Gita 4:7-8

Ages have gone by since this announcement was made by Krishna. The world has frequently convulsed with corruption and vise, yet we see, only one man – the Promised Messiah, has laid claim as representing his second coming. The present age is admitted on all hands as an age of spiritual darkness and disbelief, and it has rightly been called Kalyuga. If Krishna is to come again, the present age was the most appropriate. The age in which Krishna is to come again is called Kalyuga in the Hindu Scriptures.

The Promised Messiah says: God always provides firm arguments for His existence. Just as He manifested Himself to all the Prophets, and from times immemorial, illumined the world whenever He found it in the darkness, He has not deprived the present age from His Grace. Finding that the world had moved away from heavenly light, He determined to brighten the face of the earth with a new light of understanding, and to manifest fresh signs to illumine it. So He sent me.


According to the Ahmadiyya belief, His Holiness Shee Krishna (as) was a holy Messenger of Allah.

He used a language of symbols to convey to the world of that time some truths and if you read the Bhagawat Geeta in detail, it is not just an account of war between two factions but in reality, a masterpiece of description of goodness pitched against evil – A battle between darkness and light.

The Promised Messiah said that the religion of Krishna was quite different from the present day religion of Hinduism. Shree Krishna himself had explained that with the passage of time, his true teachings will be interpolated / corrupted and then become hidden under a thousand veils and their reality will be buried deep into the history of time (as is the case with almost every religion).

The Promised Messiah said that once he saw Krishna in a dream. He appeared dark in color, had a thin nose and wide forehead. Shree Krishna got up and touched his nose and forehad with His Nose and forehead (a gesture of greeting) And then he received the revelation:

O Krishna, the Cherisher of Cows, they praise is written in the Gita.

King of Aryas (Hindus) has arrived.

Hadhrat Ahmad explained that God has called him Krishna and King of Aryas, in these revelations. Thus he claimed that he was like the returned Krishna for the Hindus. Out of His eighty books, about Nine are addressed primarily to Hindus.  (Ref: The Promised Messiah & Mahdi by Dr. Aziz Ahmad Chaudhry)

Books of the Promised Messiah – Click to read online or download free PDF



Testing The Prophesy from The Christian Concepts:

Bible presents a clear picture about the time of re-appearance of Jesus:

Matthew [24:3-7] says:

“And as he sat upon the Mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying; tell us, when shall these things be? And what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world? And Jesus answered and said unto them. Take heed that no man deceive you…. And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in diverse places.” (Matt. 24:3-7)

Dear Christians: Don’t you think that the world war one and two and what is happening through-out the world right “now” is ample evidence to prove that this sign has been fulfilled? Floods, Famines and Earthquakes in diverse places …aren’t these that the news is all about these days?

My Comment: Take a break and go hear the news, fellows! You’ll find it all adequately matching: World is cursed with tornadoes, earthquakes, Tsunami, bombings, wars, etc. at the moment. Isn’t all that enough to prove that this sign has been fulfilled?

Condition of Faith in the latter day has been described in the following words:

“This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, truce-breakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, high minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God: Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof.” (2 Timothy 3:1-5)

This the condition of man today… Any questions there?

My Conclusion: Present time matches the predictions / prophecies in Bible.

Testing The Prophecy in The Sayings of Sikhism:

Guru Baba Nanak was a very righteous and holy man who indeed received revelations from God. His words are recorded and preserved in the Holy Book of the Sikhs. He had prophesied that:

“A time shall come in the later age when people shall cease to act upon their scriptures and observe no fasts or prayers, Jogies, Sanyansies, Barhamcharves and Brahmins would be labeled as Gurus.

My dear Sikhs, Isn’t this happening in today’s world? Definitely doesn’t apply to all, but most of us.

Continuing the point Babaji had said: Then a perfect teacher shall crush them all. Such is the decree of heaven, which shall surely come to pass. (Janam Sakhi pg. 527)

Regarding the time of coming of the Promised Messiah He had said:

“The reign of the Mughals shall last from 1578 to 1897 of the Bikram era, and then a Reformer shall rise. (Janam Sakhi of Bhai Bala pg. 272)

Guru Nanak had also prophesied that ‘He would be a Muslim, righteous and true, and that he would come from near Batala in the district of Gurdaspur and that he would be from the Mogul Tribe.’ (Janam Sakhi pg… 234, 251 and 452) —we’ve already seen this.

The similarities between Guru Nanak’s prophecies and those of Christ found in the New Testament are obvious. They indicate the same general location of his appearance and both agree that he would be a person of great wisdom. The era of his appearance is also the same, and all of these prophecies were fulfilled by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) of Qadian, India. We will know when & how in the coming pages.

Prophet Immanuel – Jewish Messiah 

The Jewish faith has a concept of the prophet or messiah called Immanuel. In the Old Testament (Torah), there is a record of the visions of Daniel:

I saw in the night visions, and behold, with the clouds of heaven there came one like a son of man. He came to the later of Days and was presented before him. And to him was given dominion and glory and kingdom that all peoples, nations and languages should serve him. His dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away. And, his kingdom one that shall not be destroyed. (Daniel 7:13-14)

The term –later of Days- refers to this our time and here ‘all peoples, nations and languages should serve him’ suggests that He shall be the Messiah for all peoples of this world… seeing my point?

The Jewish race until now had always guarded its privileged position as a chosen race, superior to the rest of humanity. However, the vision of Daniel describes a man whom ‘all peoples, nations and languages’ would serve. Does this imply that God would now holds all men on an equal footing? And that the Jewish race would no longer have an exclusive path of communication with God? I believe so.

Gautama Buddha (as) also tells of the time when Maitreya (another Buddha will arise in the world, a Holy one, a supreme enlightened one) would arrive as being in the latter days:

‘Three leaders have there been: Kakusandha, Konagamana, and the leader Kassapa too. I am now the perfect Buddha; and there will be Maitreya too before this same auspicious eon runs to the end of its years. (Anagatavamsa)

Maori Messiah: The Maoris of New Zealand during the late 19th century CE began to abandon their pagan traditions and tried to gather people and forerunners of the forthcoming Judaeo-Christian messiah. This great messianic expectation took hold from 1820 to the start of the 20th century CE, again at the time of the ministry of The Promised Messiah.

Testing The Prophesy told to Muslims about their Messiah & Mahdi:

Al Imam Al Mahdi — The title given to the Promised Reformer, Messiah & Prophet of the later days by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) – it means the guided leader.

Hadhrat — A term of respect used for a person of established righteousness and piety.

Let’s start with their Holy Book Qur’an-e-Majeed:

Signs of the Later Days when coming of The Promised Messiah would happen are found in abundance in the Holy Qur’an. Let me quote few verses from Surah Al-Takwir [Chapter #81]

Details on Date of Revelation and Context

This Surah was revealed early at Mecca, probably in the 6th year of the Call or even earlier. The Preceding Chapters had dealt with the subject of Resurrection and the great and marvelous revolution which was brought about by the Holy Prophet (saw) among his people and which has also been called ‘resurrection’ in the Qur’an.

This ‘resurrection’ was to take place twice, first by the advent of the Holy Prophet himself and then by his Second Advent in the person of a great Deputy of his – the Promised Messiah – to which a clear reference in 62:4 which says, ‘And He [Allah] will raise him [The Promised Messiah] among others of them who have not yet joined them. He [Allah] is Mighty, the Wise.’

The reference in the above verse AND in a well-known saying of the Holy Prophet (saw) is to the Second Advent of the Holy Prophet himself in the person of the Promised Messiah in the Latter Days.

World was in dire need of revelations from God for spiritual guidance at the time when our Holy Prophet (saw) had appeared in Arabia. All the laws & teachings of the previous prophets had been forgotten and man was living in the worst possible way.

In the same way, the Holy Prophet (saw) had predicted the ruining of Islam in the latter days and said:

“A time would come when there would remain nothing of Qur’an but its words and nothing of Islam but its name [meaning: the true spirit of Islam would be lost]’ (Baihaqui).

Hadhrat Ali (ra), one of the great Caliphs of Islam is reported to have said:

The Mahdi shall resemble the Holy Prophet in character and not in personal appearance. The Promised Messiah will point out the errors of Christianity and it is on this count that he is called Jesus son of Mary. He will restore Islam to its pristine glory and lustre and is called Ahmad.’ (Hadithul Ghasia)

The advent of the Messiah is described in Muslim Traditions as the advent of a new era in the advancement of Islam. The coming of the Messiah is likened to the coming of the Holy Prophet himself [by inference] as is referred to (in Quran Ch. 62: V. 3-4) and he will come to fulfill the prophecy of re-advent of Jesus as well as many others. … the believers in the Messiah are likened to the believers in the Holy Prophet (saw).

Thus the Qur’an and the Hadith, both agree that the present verse refers to the Second Advent of the Holy Prophet in the person of the Promised Messiah.

Naturally, the descriptions of this kind created a great longing for the second coming in the hearts of the Prophet Muhammad (saw)’s devotees.

The Promised Messiah is supposed to come in the latter days or more specifically at the start of 14th century of the Islamic calendar.

It is this second renaissance of Islam at the hands of the Promised Messiah and the great changes which were to take place in his time which this Surah [Al-Takwir] speaks of. It opens with a description of those changes and follows it up with a fleeting reference to the moral degeneration of Muslims at that time and to the causes thereof, and ends by Striking a note of optimism and cheerfulness to them, holding out to them the promise that eventually the night of the degradation of Muslims will give place to the dawn of their success, because Islam, being God’s last Message for the whole of mankind, has come to stay.

Let’s see the signs now:

A’ouzo billahi min-aash-shaitan-ir-rajeem… Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

(I seek refuge with Allah from Satan, the accursed… In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Ever Merciful.)

[81:1] In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful.
[81:2] When the sun is folded up
[81:3] And when the stars are obscured,
[81:4] And when the mountains are made to move,
[81:5] And when the she-camels, ten-month pregnant, are abandoned,
[81:6] And when the wild-beasts are gathered together,
[81:7] And when the rivers are drained away,
[81:8] And when various people are brought together,
[81:9] And when the girl-child buried alive is questioned about,
[81:10] ‘For what crime was she killed?’
[81:11] And when Books are spread abroad.
[81:12] And when the Heaven is laid bare,
[81:13] And when the Hell-Fire is caused to blaze up,
[81:14] And when Paradise is brought nigh,
[81:15] Then every soul will know what it has brought forward.
[81:16] Nay! I call to witness those that recede while advancing,
[81:17] Rush ahead and then hide.
[81:18] And I call to witness the night as it draws to a close,
[81:19] And the dawn as it begins to breathe,
[81:20] That this is, surely, the word revealed to a noble Messenger,

[81:21] Possessor of power, established in the presence of the Lord of the Throne,

[81:22] Entitled to obedience, and faithful to his trust.
[81:28] It is nothing but a Reminder unto all the worlds,


The Surah speaks of the great changes that have already taken place in the material world and in human life since the time of the Holy Prophet (saw), particularly in this ‘our time’ now.

See these:

Eg1: “when various people are brought together”

Does this point need explanation?

Don’t we see today that for various reasons People of different nationalities (Americans, Africans, Asians, etc…), cultures and traditions live together / gather all over the planet..?

Isn’t the world today referred as a ‘Global Village’? This ease of communication is certainly predicted in this verse. Today the means of transport is so developed, and means of communication has become so easy that the phrase ‘Big-world’ doesn’t make much sense (in this particular context).

Isn’t it amazing that a revelation in the seventh century Arabia could so accurately describe the details of the 21st century? Subhan’Allah!

Eg1: “And when Books are spread abroad

The reference seems to be to the vast circulation of newspapers, journals and books and to the system of libraries and reading rooms and such other places and means of spreading knowledge in the Latter Days. Also again the invention of internet has made reading more vast and easy. I can read a book written in America/UK/Russia right here at my home, can’t I?

All the above wasn’t to be seen at the time of the revelation of Qur’an… Even the Holy Prophet (saw) was academically illiterate.

Eg2: “when the she-camels, ten-month pregnant, are abandoned

Now you tell me: Haven’t the camels lost their importance in Arabia & everywhere? This verse was revealed when camels were the best & basic source of travelling but today they’re replaced by better and swifter means of transport like – railway trains, steamships, motor cars, airplanes, etc.

There is a pointed reference to camels being replaced by other means of transport in a saying of the Holy Prophet (saw) also which says: ‘The camels will be abandoned and will not be used for going from one place to another’ (Muslim).

Eg3: “when the mountains are made to move

It is in our time now that the mountains are being blown away by dynamites, etc. and roads are made through them;

Or this verse is metaphorically meaning to say about a time, when the authority of rulers will become undermined… many of rulers these days are removed as a result of revolution. Hm.

Eg4: “when the wild-beasts are gathered together”

When animals will be collected in zoos… this practice didn’t exist at the time of revelation of Qur’an, i.e. 1432 years ago — but is a norm today.

Summarization of other verses:

The Sun being folded up would naturally mean when there will be spiritual darkness all over the world.

Allow me to explain:

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) is usually referred to as SUN — The Siraj-ul-Muneer — today we see his teachings of peace, love & oneness of God having become dim or disappeared altogether. The state of Islam as presented by many Muslims today is…

Or, this verse may also refer to the eclipses of the sun and the moon, which according to a well-known saying of the Holy Prophet, were to take place in the time of Maseeh – the Mahdi, in the month of Ramadan – a phenomenon which the world had never witnessed before (Qutni, p.188). These eclipses of the sun and the moon took place in 1894 exactly as foretold.

A well-known saying of the Holy Prophet: ‘My Companions are like stars, whomsoever you will follow, you will receive right guidance’ (Baihaqui). So the verse (stars are obscured) may also mean: When people will even forget the ways of companions of the Holy Prophet… thus following neither the prophet not the companions… sadly, this is what we see today.

Talking of rivers drained away… It is a fact that many rivers are drained today; many others have changed courses (as said in the prophecy of Hinduism).

Crimes upon women have certainly increased today in the number which wasn’t imaginable before.

On account of the sinful and iniquitous conduct of man, God’s wrath will be kindled and a veritable hell will be let loose upon the world in various forms. God’s special decree will come into force and the punishment of man’s evil deeds will take the form of widespread natural calamities.

As in the Latter Days evil will abound and man will abandon himself to vice and the worship of One God, even a small act of righteousness will make him deserving of great reward and will draw him closer to Heaven.

In the Latter Days Muslims will begin to decline from their position of eminence, as they will either rush forward headlong thoughtlessly to carry out their contemplated programmes; or will give up all creative and constructive efforts in despair.

However, Ending upon a positive note, the Holy Qur’an informs us that: With the advent of the Reformer of the Latter Days the night of moral decline and degradation of Muslims will begin to depart, giving place to the dawn of a great and glorious future for Islam. J

All the five attributes – noble Messenger, possessor of power, enjoying a high rank before the Lord of the Throne, the one entitled to obedience, and faithful to his trust in the Sight of God, quite fittingly apply to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw).

Indeed, as said: He alone would be guided to the right path who makes an attempt to find it and conforms his will to the Will of God.

So, what do you think?

Don’t you agree that all the above, though foretold 1400 years ago, are the reality of today?

If you are true to yourself, you’ll accept: All the Prophecies mentioned in the Surah have been fulfilled in one way or another.

And those who still doubt about them the Lord says in the Qur’an-e-Majeed:

[22:61]: And those who disbelieve will not cease to be in doubt about it until the Hour comes suddenly upon them, or there comes to them the punishment of a destructive day.

Let’s see a few more signs in the Holy Quran:

[30:42] Corruption has spread on Land & Sea because of what men’s hands have wrought…

Signs of the Later Days are also given in Surah Al’Infitar as well: This Surah deals particularly with the conditions that were to prevail in the Latter Days when Christian doctrines and ways of life will have influenced very deeply the conduct and concepts of non-Christian peoples, especially the Muslims. All the Prophecies mentioned in the Surah have been fulfilled too, Subhan’Allah!

Signs of the Latter Days in Hadeeth (Sayings of Prophet Mohammad (saw))

The Holy Prophet Mohammad had predicted the ruining of Islam in the latter days and said:

“There will come a time upon the people when nothing will remain of Islam except its name and nothing will remain of the Quran except its inscription. Their mosques will be splendidly furnished but destitute of guidance. Their divines will be the worst people under the sky; strife will issue from them and avert to them.” (Mishkatul Masabih, Kitabul Ilm)

The Holy Prophet of Islam (May he receive unlimited mercy and blessings from God) took care to narrate the time of signs of the coming of the Messiah and the Mahdi as one continuous chain. A chain of signs has to hang together. Let’s see them… you’ll find my comment near the end.

Camels will no longer be used as a means of transport… Matches our time (told in Qur’an too!)

People will ride on saddles that aren’t saddles… Cars?

The distance on earth will become short… World today has become ‘The Global Village’ with everybody just a click away

Very tall buildings will be built… Matches our time – Skyscrapers are everywhere today

The disappearance of knowledge and the appearance of ignorance, with much killing… Truth of Today

Adultery will become widespread, and the drinking of wine will become common… Quite prevalent!

Islam will become worn out like clothes; Muslims will pursue forbidden tracks… Raw reality of today

Allah will send a disease to fornicators that will have no cure… Aids? Or Ebola?

30 DAJJALS will appear, each one claiming to be the messenger of ALLAH; (Came & left: Proof provided later)

Earthquakes will increase… Check the newspaper
Time will pass quickly… I agree, don’t you?
Afflictions will appear… Who can deny this?!
Killing will increase… Happening!
Wealth will increase… We all stand witness to it.
Women will be wearing clothes but not wearing clothes… Need proofs?

When voices are raised in the mosque… harsh reality
When the leader of a people is the worst of them… (do you have more examples than me?)

The Promised Prophet says: This age has become empty of true righteousness and purity. The way of the Holy Prophet which is the means of purification has been discarded. Now God Almighty desires that the time of Prophethood should be revived in this age, and the same righteousness and purity may be re-established. Thus the purpose of God Almighty in setting up this (Ahmadiyya Muslim Community) is that the lost understanding might be re-established in the world through it.” (Speeches, pp.21-22)

O dear! There are so many signs that our Master and Saviour beloved Holy Prophet had said about the ‘Latter Days’ explaining ‘the ruining of Islam’, the ‘change of ways of the world’, ‘modernization’, etc. Please go ahead and compare the rest yourself… hm.

We have already discussed much over this ‘ruining’… Just a few more to add:

At the present time Muslims are in dire straits. They are the victims of all sorts of afflictions.

The Holy Prophet had predicted (as reported by Ibn Abbas according to Ibn Mard’waih) the disappearance of Namaz – (the institution of the five daily prayers) – How many modern Muslims do you know who offer all the five-daily-prayers, daily, especially in the urban cities?

The Holy Prophet had also informed about the ‘disappearance’ of the Holy Quran in later day. Well, it was meant to be a disappearance in spirit – The Holy Book is found in every house today wrap it in gold and satin and put it away securely up on some shelf; very few actually read it and if read it is very wrongly understood by the most (as Muslim clerics have begun to mis-translate/interpret it to suit their own requirements)… so disappearance of original teaching is bound, isn’t it?

Click to read more of the “Mistakes & Misunderstandings of Muslims” from the HomePage

According to Dailmy, Hazrat Ali has reported the Holy Prophet as saying that in the latter days Arabs would speak Arabic but their mind and spirit would be as the mind and spirit of non-Arabs. The religion of Arabia would not be in their hearts. This change is visible. Arabs as a people are today as much strangers to Islam as non-Arabs who cannot read and understand the Arabic Quran.

A great change predicted by the Holy Prophet in the condition of Muslims relates to freedom of religion in Arabia. According to this prediction Arabia was to become a difficult country for any well-meaning person to initiate a movement for reform in. This amazing change can be seen today in Arabia. Religious tolerance has disappeared from that country. Those who believe in God and the Holy Prophet and wish to interpret their teaching independently are not safe.

A sign relating to the state of ‘morals’ in the time of the Promised Messiah is the increase in sexual immorality: So great was to be this increase that instead of being ashamed, people would take pride in being sexually immoral. Similarly, according to Ibn- Abi Shaiba, one of the signs of the eve of Doomsday is a visible increase in sexual immorality. And again, according to Anas Ibn Malik, as reported in Muslim, one of the signs of the latter days is an increase in adultery. Sexual immorality is evident today. Sexual sins are more abundant. I won’t give you any proofs for this! Acts which Islam forbids are now taken-in as good manners.

Until the present time these things were inconceivable anywhere, but today these are everywhere. Compare the past & present of each country and you’ll understand the difference.

A great moral change relating to the time of the Promised Messiah and prophesied by the Holy Prophet is disappearance of men of conscience (as reported by Naim bin Himad from Imar bin Yasir) and an increase in the use of alcoholic drinks & excessive gambling. All of it is disastrous but truth of today.

Wrongs done by the wrongdoers needs no elaboration and no proving. Today every street, every town, and to a certain extent every household can furnish few examples! I can bring in more to present but then this message would never end! You recall the rest.


Tell me then, O Muslims: Are you not aware that all of this is happening?

Isn’t this age the time of great digression and distress?

Isn’t this the time when Islam remains only in the name & Quran in its inscription?

Aren’t there certain mosques today that are most splendidly furnished and full with people where the Mullahs (so-called divine) preach hatred towards all the other religions, force the new concept of Jihad on innocent masses and hatch terrorists?

My Final Conclusion: This is undoubtedly the perfect time for the Messiah to come as all religious concepts (may it be about the lord, His prophets or His books) appear as extremely corrupted today.

These are undoubtedly the ‘latter days’, the ‘last of days’ for humankind of this generation.

The ship of Islam is about to sink. This age bears witness to this and the time is crying out sensing its need. While the internal state of Islam is such that no one could possibly be satisfied with it – the attacks (on Islam) from the outside are so dangerous that it is as if they are about to pull it out of its roots and throw it asunder.

Is this, then, not the time when God should have sent someone in support of Islam?

Should He not have sent a Reformer who would take care of the ship of Islam?

The beginning of the (fourteenth) century has also passed but if you’re not aware… all the promises would seem not to have been fulfilled. So, you should now say whether it is not time, even now, when God should take care of Islam? Can there be a more dangerous and sensitive time for Islam?


…feeling very dark after reading all these wrong doings, aren’t we?

Let me confirm some Bright News to you: Well, the News is: The World is not going to end in OR right after year 2012.

The scriptures of all the Prophets as well as the Holy Quran show that, from Adam to the end, God has ordained the age of each generation to be of seven thousand years. According to division of periods, the sixth millennium was supposed to be the time of darkness and evil: the Holy Prophet (saw) had designated those belonging to the sixth millennium as Faij-e-A‘waj.

And we’ve accepted that: It is the unanimous teaching of all Prophets (and their religions) that the Promised Messiah would appear at the turn of the seventh millennium. Counting from the time of Adam, the present millennium is the seventh: In this millennium the world comes to an end as all the Prophets have testified. These are the latter days… we are the people of the last millennium people.

The blessed news is that the seventh millennium in which we are living is that of light and guidance. Since it is the last millennium, it was inevitable that the Promised Prophet should be born.

May God enable us all to accept & follow this chosen Messiah now, Aameen

But yeah, in the Qur’an we read: [33:64] People ask thee concerning the Hour. Say, ‘The knowledge of it is with Allah alone.’ And what will make thee know that the Hour may be nigh (near)?

When it is said that no one knows the Hour of Resurrection, it does not imply that nothing can possibly be known about it. The Shariah does not mean that the time of Resurrection is a complete mystery. On the contrary, all Prophets have spoken of the signs of the Last Age as have the Gospels, the Geeta, etc.

The signs mentioned in the Holy Quran and authentic Hadith regarding Resurrection constitute the very source of our knowledge about the proximity of the Day of Resurrection. God Almighty has said in the Holy Quran that in the latter days… Please refer to section: Testing The Prophesy in Signs of the Later Days when coming of The Promised Messiah of Muslims from The Holy Qur’an-e-Kareem

It is certainly true that no one has exact knowledge of the Hour. God is Omnipotent and, after the lapse of a thousand years, He can add a few more centuries, for fractions do not count in such calculations. It is just like the period of pregnancy which can at times be prolonged. Just consider that although most babies are born within a period of nine months and ten days, still no one knows the exact hour when the labour pains will begin. Similarly, though a thousand years may pass before the world comes to an end, but no one knows the exact hour of Resurrection.

Conclusion: To sum up, these are the signs of the latter days which have been fulfilled word for word, thus proving that the present era is the last era of the world: One thousand years, a little less or a little more would complete this ‘Our’ period. However, as said earlier: Only The Lord Knows Well.


Now that we know the ‘time’ of the coming of The Promised Prophet, let us proceed to know the other signs / divine prophecies relating to his advent (The coming of The Promised Prophet): Shall we? Come.

[Sign2] Mission of the Promised Messiah:

Prophecies of Prophet Zoroaster (as) – Saoshyant, the Zoroastrian Messiah

The Zoroastrians believe that Zoroaster (as) would return in the form of Saoshyant, the new Persian messiah at the onset of their twelfth millennium (around 2000 CE). The nature of Saoshyant is preserved in the following text:

He shall be the victorious Benefactor (Saoshyant) by name and World-renovator (Astavat-creta) by name. He is the benefactor because he will benefit the entire physical world; he is the World-renovator because he will establish the physical living existence indestructible. He will oppose the evil of the progeny of the biped and withstand the enmity produced by the faithful. (Avesta, Farvardin Yasht, 13.129)

~*~ This text describes the character of Saoshyant as being World-renovator, a characteristic shared by Maitreya Buddha as we shall see soon. ~*~

Prophet Zoroaster (as) had a local mission for the people of Persia (modern Iran), whereas Saoshyant seems to have a wider scope to his future mission as he is described as ‘World-renovator’ and we are told that he will ‘benefit’ the entire physical world’ …which suggests him to come to renovate the whole world, not Zoroastrians or Persia only ….Hm

Another text describes the state of the world after Saoshyant arrives:

The victorious World-renovator and his helpers … shall make the existence renovated – ageless, deathless, un-putrifying, un-corruptible, ever-living, ever benefitting, ruling at will. The dead shall rise up, life shall prevail indestructible, the existence shall be renovated at the will of God! (Avesta, Zamyad Yasht, 19.11)

Notable Note: It all will be all ‘at the will of God’

In this text, an interesting point is the use of similar terminology as seen in the Bible. Where this text says that ‘the dead shall rise up’, it means the spiritually dead shall be reawakened, rather than a literal meaning of the world being filled with the walking dead.


Prophet Buddha (as) prophesies coming of Amida or Masitreya Buddha

The Buddhists around the world attach great significance to the next advent of Buddha (as) as Maitreya (World Unifier). Prophet Buddha (pbuh) is claimed to have said regarding Maitreya:

I am not the first Buddha [awakened one] who has come upon the Earth, nor will I be the last. In due time, another Buddha will arise in the world, a Holy one, a supreme enlightened one, endowed with auspicious wisdom embracing the Universe, an incomparable leader of men, a ruler of gods and mortals. He will reveal to you the same eternal truths which I have taught you. He will establish his Law [religion], glorious in its origins, glorious at the climax and glorious at the goal in the spirit and the letter. He will proclaim a righteous life wholly perfect and pure, such as I now proclaim. His disciples will number many thousands, while mine number many hundreds. He will be known as Maitreya (Digha Nikaya, iii.76)

The term Buddha is referring to a prophet of God or awakened one, and in this quote, Gautama Buddha (as) is clearly showing that he is just a one in a line of prophets or Buddhas. The final Buddha’s message would be global in scope and would attract a large following as is suggested in the expression ‘His disciples will number many thousands, while mine number many hundreds.’ Clearly so this expression is metaphorical showing a difference in scales and scope for the message of Maitreya.

A Buddha is but an another word for an enlightened one – the one blessed like a prophet. So naturally there can’t be only one Buddha for all times. The books of Buddhism themselves confirm this matter by saying… I am not the first Buddha [awakened one] who has come upon the Earth, nor will I be the last. In due time, another Buddha will arise in the world,…

But this another Buddha is not coming only for the Buddhists; the word ‘Universe’ clearly suggests that this Buddha will be for all people of this Universe.

And this Buddha ‘… will reveal to you the same eternal truths which I have taught you.’ We already know that the eternal concepts of God through all the times were (and are) basically the very same – So even this enlightened coming will bring the very same basic teaching, a similar concept, nothing new.

Buddhists text expands on the achievements of the Maitreya to come:

Listen attentively with one heart. A man whose spirit shines brightly, a man whose mind is completely unified, a man whose virtues excels everyone – such a man will truly appear in this world. When he preaches precious laws, all the people will be totally satisfied as if the thirsty drink sweet drops of rain from the heaven. And each and every one will attain the path of liberation from struggles. (Sutra of the Great Accomplishment of the Maitreya) 

The Mahayana Buddhists expect their messiah to be Christ-like and to return to South Asia (due to his similarity to Bodhi dharma) 25 centuries after Lord Buddha (as) under the name of Amida Buddha. This again brings the timing around 2000 CE. In Japan, Honen (1133-1212) in the 12th century taught that those people of pure hearts and child-like simplicity would find peace in the Western Paradise of Amida Buddha.

A Japanese monk on Mount Hieicalled Kuya (903-972 CE) wrote a simple poem about Amida and used to sing it in open market places, and people would join him in this invocation to Namu Amida Butsu. Amida Butsu is derived from the Sanskrit figure Amitabha who voluntarily postponed his own salvation until all human beings have been saved.

Remarkably, the name Amida is close to the Islamic name Ahmad, and this may have some significance.


Prophet Confucius (as) upon the Promised Messiah:

Prophet Confucius (as) spoke of the characteristics and power of a divine moral man who will come:

‘As soon as such a man shall make his appearance in the world, all people will reverence him. Whatever he says, all people will believe it. Whatever he does, all people will be pleased with it. Thus his fame and name will spread and fill all the civilized world, extending even to savage countries, wherever ships and carriages reach, wherever the labor and enterprise of man penetrate, wherever the heavens overshadow and the earth sustain, wherever the sun and the moon shine, wherever frost and dew fall. All who have life and breathe will honor and love him. (Doctrine of the Mean, 31-32) 

‘…all people will reverence him. Whatever he says, all people will believe it. Whatever he does, all people will be pleased with it.’

Here ‘all people’ refer to the whole of mankind again… understanding my point?

How wonderful is it that a very similar prophecy is attached with the Imam Mahdi (as) of Muslims!

The Promised Messiah His Holiness Mirza Ghulam ahmad of Qadian was given this promise from the lord Almighty:

‘I shall cause thy message to reach the corners of the earth’. 


Mission of the Messiah in Sikhism: The Sikh faith talks of a destined time when the world would be united:

Now is the gracious Lord’s ordinance promulgated, no one shall cause another pain or injury; all mankind shall live in peace together, under a shield of administrative benevolence. (Sri Raga M.5, p.74) 

‘all mankind’ clearly refers to all people of this planet, not specifically the Sikhs.

The Sikh faith appears to have a clear concept of world unity and harmony… pleasing 🙂


The Maseeh-e-Maood & Imam Mahdi of Muslims:

Allah in The Holy Qur’an prophesies in the Surah Al’Jumah:

Let me remind you the scene when the prophecy was told:

Abu Hurairah, a companion of The Holy Prophet (PBUH) relates: One day we were sitting with The Holy Prophet (PBUH) when this was revealed:

“He [Allah] it is Who has raised among the unlettered people a Messenger [Muhammad] from among themselves who recites unto them His Signs, and purifies them, and teaches them the Book and Wisdom though before that they were in manifest error; And He will raise Him among others of them (again in the later times) who have not yet joined them*. He is the Mighty, the Wise.” Surah Al-Jummah 62:3-4

*refers to a, community which had not yet come into existence then, but was sure to appear in the future, to “join” the companions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.

It is important to note that the companions of the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, who were listening to the verse were intrigued and one of them even asked him as to who those lucky ones of the future would be.

They inquired from Mohammad (PBUH), “Who are the people to whom the words ‘…among others of them who have not yet joined them’ refer?

Salman (as) a Persian was sitting among us. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) put his hand on Salman (as), the Persian and said:

“Lau kaanal imaanu mu’allaqan biththurayya lanaaluhu rajulun min haa’ulaai”


Even If Faith Disappeared From The Earth And Moved Up To The Zenith, A Man From These Will Bring It Back To The Earth (Bukhari).

All Muslims agree to the fact that the religion of the Holy Prophet, Islam, was meant not only for the Arabs among whom he was raised but for all non-Arabs as well. So the verse may also signify that the Holy Prophet will be raised among the other people who have not yet joined his immediate followers. The reference in here is to a well-known saying of the Holy Prophet where He says it is the Second Advent of himself in reflection in the person of The Promised Messiah in the Latter Days.

Before the advent of the Holy Prophet (saw), the moral condition of the Arab world had declined to its lowest ebb and all kinds of immoralities abounded. The Holy Prophet (saw) transformed these peoples in an unprecedented way.

Similarly, with the passage of time, the high moral standards amongst the Muslims weakened, and a period of darkness revisited. Consequently, Allah raised Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) of Qadian as the spiritual son of the Holy Prophet (saw) for the reformation of Islam, in exact accordance with the prophecies made by the Holy Prophet (saw) fourteen hundred ago about the coming of this Messiah and Mahdi, who would appear in the latter ages to revive Islam from its period of darkness.

Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) of Qadian

Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) of Qadian

It is a historical fact that the Promised Messiah Hazrath Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian is of Persian descent. His community follows Islam in its pristine purity as it was during the times of Prophet Mohammad (saw) – so rightfully this promised prophet and his followers have joined the followers of Prophet Mohammad (saw).

The Prophet (saw) himself in other of his sayings (hadees) confirmed the coming a Messiah to save all humanity, read those sayings here:

Hadees-e-Nabwi (saw):

I give you the glad tidings of Mahdi who will be raised in my Ummah (people) at a time of digression and distress of people. He will fill the earth with equity and justice as it is filled with oppression and violence.” (Musnad Ahmad Bin Hanbal, Vol. 3, p. 37)

The great Prophet Muhammad (saw) had also said:

Arabic: Fa Iza Ra’aitomooho Fa Bayiooho Wa Lau Habwan Alas Salji Fa Innahoo Khalifatullahul Mahdi


When you hear the advent of Mahdi it is then enjoined on you to enter into his Bait (i.e. to enter into his fold) even if you have to walk on snow by crawling and creeping to reach him.” (Kanzul Ummal; also footnotes to Musnad Ahmad Bin Hanbal, Vol. 6, p. 29-30)

So those wishing to be saved and led on the path of righteousness would have to join his community.

Abu Huraira (May Allah be pleased with him) states that the Holy Prophet (pbuh) proclaimed that between him and the advent of the Messiah there will be no other prophet (automatically confirming the Messiah as Prophet). The Messiah is bound to come and when he does, you should promptly recognize and offer allegiance to him

This Promised Messiah was to render Islam a great service at a time of great difficulty. The time is described in the most fearful terms in the Hadith. A time of unparalleled danger, it was to shake Islam to its very foundations (… any deniers there?); then was the Promised Messiah to come and make Islam secure against its enemies. These descriptions led Muslims to await the advent of the Promised Messiah as an angel of mercy.

Has not the Holy Prophet said, ‘Nothing can avail against a community which has me at one end and the Messiah at the other’?

Such powerful words invested the advent of the Promised Messiah with special importance and filled the hearts of Muslims with great expectations. The coming of the Messiah was to strengthen Islam on all sides and make it proof against attacks.

Hazrath Mohammad Mustafa (saw) had such beautiful character that even his enemies could not help but praise it – So naturally we would expect his reflection to be the same, isn’t it? Well Yes! It did happen, Masha’Allah. Hazrath Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was disbelieved by many yet they had to acknowledge him with praises.

For eg: “There is no denying of the fact that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani has surely rekindled the morality and ethics of Islam and created a community whose life can certainly be considered to be a reflection of the character of the Prophet Muhammad, may peace be upon him.” Allama Niaz Fatehpuri, A non-Ahmadi Muslim

“In the sacred city of Qadian an Indian Prophet was born who saturated his surroundings with piety and high moral character. These shining values are also reflective in the life and character of millions of his followers.” Editor Statesman Delhi, another Non-Ahmadi

The Messiah & Mahdi are One:

Confirming the fact this Mahdi is none another than the re-advent of Jesus (pbuh), the Holy Prophet had said,

“There is no Mahdi (reformer) except Isa (Jesus).” (Ibn Maja, Bab Shiddatuz Zaman)

Mahdi and ‘Isa (as) would not be two separate persons. (Ibn-e-Maja, Kitabul Fitan, Babu Shiddatizzamani)

It is just possible that he who lives of you might meet Jesus the son of Mary who is the Mahdi and a just judge. He will break the cross and kill the swine…” (Masnad Ahmad Bin Hanbal, Vol. 2, p. 411)

Confirming the fact that this Jesus wouldn’t be the same Jesus of Nazareth, but that as another person with his essence:

His descent in later ages will be with a different body” (Tafsir Araisul Bayan, Vol. 1, p. 262)

He had also said this about the returning Jesus:

And I swear by the Lord who holds my life in His hands that the son of Mary shall surely appear among you as just arbiter and shall break the cross, annihilate the swine and abolish Jazia” (Sahih Bukhari, Kitab Bad’ul Khalq, Bab Nazooli Isa Bin Maryam)

Beware; there will be no prophet or messenger between Jesus, the son of Mary, and me. Remember, he shall be my Caliph after me to my people. (Translated from Tabrani al-Ausat was-Sagheer 6. Al-Baqarah, 190)

Hazrath Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) was divinely titled as the ‘Khatamul Qulfa’.

“… Ummah (My people) can never die (spiritually) which has me (Mohammad) at one end, and the Messiah, son of Mary, at the other.” (Ibn Maja, Bab Al-I’atisam Bis-Sunnat)

“What will be your condition when the son of Mary will descend among you and he will be your Imam from among yourselves?” (Sahih Bukhari, Kitabul Anbiya, Bab Nazool Isa)

An eminent Muslim divine Hadhrat Shaik Nematullah Wali wrote:

He will be both Mahdi of the time and Jesus: I see him blessed with both the attributes. I see both the moon and the sun obscured.’ (Musleh Akhir Zaman)

The Conclusion:

So we now know that this Promised Messiah would not only be the Mahdi of Muslims but also will be the returned Christ of Christians. The above sayings of His Holiness Prophet Mohammad (saw) removes all doubts pertaining to the advent of the Promised Messiah – He is definitely called with different names according to the different roles he is expected to play but He will be One, Just one.

[Sign3] Signs signaling the advent of the Promised Messiah

The Holy Prophet Muhammad, Chief of the Prophets (pbuh) had prophesized about a Mahdi (the reformer) more than fourteen hundred years ago saying:

An exact number of 30 false claimants would come before the real one to claim the office of the Promised Messiah – the Mahdi. None of the 30 would be the true Mahdi (the Promised Messiah), except this one, who will be a true follower of mine (the Holy Prophet (saw)), and, to establish the truth of his claim two heavenly signs will appear.

What was the heavenly sign foretold then? Let’s see:

lunar and solar eclipses on the specified dates of the month of Ramazan would serve as Signs of his advent.

Hazrat Ali bin Umar Albaghdadi Ad-Darqutni, an eminent authority on Hadees, who lived from 918 to 995 of Christian Era (306 to 385 Hijri), had recorded of the following Hadees narrated by Hazrat Imam Baqar Muhammad bin Ali, son of Hazrat Imam Zainul Abedeen (may Allah have mercy on them):

“For Our Mahdi there are two Signs which have never appeared before since the creation of the heavens and the earth, namely, the moon will be eclipsed on the first night in Ramazan (i.e. on the first of the nights on which a lunar eclipse can occur) and the sun will be eclipsed on the middle day (i.e.; on the middle one of the days on which a solar eclipse can occur), and these Signs have not appeared since God created the heavens and the earth.”
( Sunan Darqutni, kitabul eidain, chapter: salat-ul-kasoof-ul khasoof wa haitahuma)

These Signs are mentioned in the collections of Hadees of both Sunni and Shia sects. Eminent Muslim scholars have been quoting these Signs in their books. This prophecy is recorded in several sacred books, some of them are mentioned below.

  1. Fatawa Hadisiya by Allama Sheikh Ahmad Shahabuddin Ibn Hijrul Haismi.
  2. Ikmal-ud-din
  3. Beharul Anwar
  4. Hejajul Kirama by Nawab Siddeeq Hassan Khan
  5. Maktoobaat-e-Imam Rabbani Mujaddid Alf-e-Sani
  6. Qiyamat Nama Farsi by Hazrat Shah Rafeeuddin Muhaddis of Delhi
  7. Aqaedul Islam by Maulana Abdul Haq Muhaddis of Delhi
  8. Iqtirabus Saa�t by Nawab Sideeq Hassan Khan
  9. Ahwalul Akhirat by Hafiz Muhammad of Lakhoke. etc.

The Hadees is strengthened by the fact that the Holy Quran mentions eclipses as important Signs of the approach of Resurrection. The Holy Quran says:

“And the moon is eclipsed. And the sun and the moon are brought together.” (Al-Qiyamah 75:9-10)

Saying of the Holy Prophet Mohammed (saw) recorded by Hadhrat Imam Muhammad bin Ali (ra) regarding heavenly signs of the advent of the Mahdi: For instance, Darqutni, a most eminent authority, records a saying of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of God be on him):

Inna Le Mahdeena Aayataaini Lam Takoonaa Munzo Khalqis Samawati Wal Arzi Yankhasiful Qamaro Le Awwali Lailatin Min Ramazane Wa Tankhasifushamso Fin Nisfi Minho Wa Lam Takoonaa Munzo Khalaqallahus Samawati Wal Arza

i.e., “For our Mahdi there shall be two signs which have never happened for any one else since the creation of the heavens and the earth; At his advent there shall occur an eclipse of the moon in the first of its appointed nights and an eclipse of the sun on the middle one of its appointed dates and both will occur in the month of Ramazan.” (Dar Qutni, p. 188)

This Sign is mentioned in the collections of Hadees of both Sunni and Shia sects.

The prophecy does not mean that the occurrence of the eclipse would in itself be unique and unprecedented. But the prophecy predicted thirteen hundred years beforehand that two of the signs of the true Mahdi would be that the sun and the moon would be eclipsed in the manner indicated.

Eclipses have no doubt occurred before but never as a sign of the advent of a heavenly reformer; because there has never been in the history of the world a claimant of any kind at the time of the phenomena described. It is also confirmed by the Quran (75:6-9) which refers to the same prophecy.

Didn’t we see this Sun & Moon earlier in the section prophecies of Promised Messiah in other religious concepts? Let me remind you:

This particular phenomena is found in the prophesy of Mahatma Surdasjiof Hinduism as well where he mentions that when the Kalki Avatar would appear, the moon and the sun would be eclipsed. He wrote:

When Kalki Avatar would appear, both the moon and the sun would be eclipsed and there will be much violence and death.’ (Sursagar)

Sri Guru Garanth Sahib agreed on the same, saying:

When Maharaj will come as Nahkalank, the sun and the moon will be his helpers.”

And, pointing again towards the same sign didn’t we read earlier that at the time of re-advent of Jesus as well … the moon will not give its light…remember?

Let me present the prophecy in full here:

The Divine Signs – Matthew tells about the time of the returning of Jesus, the Christ for Christians:

Immediately after the tribulation of those days [latter days], the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of heaven will be shaken; then will appear the son of man in heaven, and then all tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the son of man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory; and he will send out his angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other (Matthew, 24:29-31)

This verse describes the events in a way that tends to suggest that both the sun and the moon would be eclipsed as signs of the second coming of the son of man  (Jesus (as). The same theme occurs elsewhere in the Bible in Mark 13:24 and Luke 21:25.

It is interesting to note that in his mission, Jesus (as) always limited his scope to the Jews, whereas in reference to the second advent of Jesus (as), Matthew describes how ‘all tribes of the earth will mourn’, implying a more global message / / Here ‘all tribes’ refers to all people of this world (and not specifically the ‘Jews’ or the ‘Christians’) as we have seen with traditions of other religions already.

All the signs enumerated above establish the fact that Only One Messiah was to be expected for all religions; not one for each of them.

And, ‘…and the stars will fall from heaven’ – this could suggest a huge meteor shower or the coming closer of other planets or stars…? A later section presents the list of star shower that was reported from world over.

Okay, so coming back to point:

The Omnipotent and Almighty God always keeps His promises and treats His sincere servants with love and constancy. So, in keeping with His promises, the solar and lunar eclipses took place in the exact month and on the exact dates as mentioned and thus manifested to the whole world that God is All-Powerful and Supreme. He showed this sign not once but twice, for it was repeated in the Western hemisphere as well for the people of that area to witness His truth.

The two eclipses occurred in the precise month and on precise dates so that the people of the Orient and the Occident, of the new world and the old, should bear witness to the supreme glory and power of God and the truth of prophets.

This testimony related to his advent occurred and was witnessed widely & recorded as well.

In accordance with the prophecy the eclipse of the moon actually occurred on Wednesday evening the 13th of Ramazan, 1311 A.H. (March 21st, 1894); and that of the sun occurred on Friday morning the 28th of the same Ramazan (April 6th, 1894). The eclipse of the moon generally occurs on the 13th, 14th, or 15th day of a lunar month and according to the prophecy, it occurred on the first date. The eclipse of the sun can occur on the 27th, 28th, and 29th and it occurred on the 28th which was the middle date predicted.

Hence, eclipses of the Sun and Moon occurred on the prescribed days and were witnessed by many who at once recognized, believed & accepted him.

Apart from the almanacs, there was mention of the eclipses in the Indian newspapers of the time Azad and Civil and Military Gazette. Even now, the dates (of the Christian era) for these eclipses can be confirmed from Oppolzer�s Canon of Eclipses by Prof. T. R Von Oppolzer, Dover Publications New York, 1962. And Nautical Almanac, London of 1894. The calculations based on the position of the moon show that the lunar dates of the eclipses correspond to the 13th and the 28th of Ramazan.

Hence, Hazrath Mirza Ghulam Ahmad rightly claimed that the prophecy was fulfilled and that it was a very strong evidence proving the truth of his claim as no one except God has power over these heavenly bodies.

The claim of Hazrath Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, The Promised Messiah has thus been testified by the signs appearing in heaven and earth. A careful study of his life will reveal that his characteristics match those anticipated by religious people from the world over.

The Promised Messiah and Mahdi, peace be on him said:

“I swear by God in Whose Hand is my life that He has manifested this Sign in the sky to testify my truthfulness, and He manifested it at a time when the Maulvis (theologians) named me Dajjal (Anti-Christ), biggest liar, infidel and even biggest infidel. This is the same Sign regarding which twenty years ago I was promised in ‘Braheen- e-Ahmadiyya’, saying: ‘Tell them I have with me testimony from Allah, will you believe it or not?

Allah says:

[7:36-37] O children of Adam! if Messengers come to you from among yourselves, rehearsing My Signs unto you, then whoso shall fear God and do good deeds, on them shall come no fear nor shall they grieve. But those who reject our Signs and turn away from them with disdain; these are the inmates of fire; they shall abide therein.

The second pair of eclipses of Ramazan 1312 Hijri (March 1895)

According to another Hadees:

“The sun will be eclipsed twice in Ramazan before the advent of Mahdi.” [Mukhtasir Tazkira Al-Qurtabi p.148 by Alqutbur Rabbani Skeikh Abdul Wahab Sherani]

In the following year 1895 C.E lunar and solar eclipses again occurred in the month of Ramazan on the 11th of March and the 26th of March respectively. These eclipses occurred in the West. They were not visible from Qadian, but when the eclipses occurred, the dates in Qadian were the 13th and the 28th of Ramazan respectively.

The Promised Messiah, peace be on him, made mention of these eclipses also in his book Haqiqatul Wahi. He wrote as follows:

“As stated in another Hadees, this eclipse occurred twice in Ramazan first in this country and then in America, and on both occasion it occurred on the same date. Since at the time of the eclipse there was no claimant on earth of Mahdi Ma�hood (Reformer of the Time) and since nobody else declared this eclipse as his sign and published hundreds of pamphlets and books in Urdu, Persian and Arabic, this heavenly sign is for me. Another proof of this is the fact twelve years before this sign occurred, Almighty God had informed me that such a sign would occur and this news which is stated in Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya was announced to hundreds of thousands of people before the sign was manifested.” [Haqiqatul Wahi p. 195]

From Muhammad (on whom be peace and blessings) to Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, in the course of thirteen hundred years, a total of 30 people did claim to be Mahdis, as expected, but the sun and the moon did not bear witness to the truth of anyone except in the case of His Holiness Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) – This alone should be enough to make you consider, dispassionately and earnestly, and ponder the claim of this claimant whose message I have the honor to convey to you through this book of mine which I call ‘The Truth Message’.

The challenge of the Promised Messiah and Mahdi (peace be upon him)

The Promised Messiah, peace be upon him, also gave a challenge to any one who could show that such a Sign had occurred earlier. He stated as follows:

“Are you not afraid to deny the Hadees of the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, even though its truth has become as manifest as the bright sun? Can you present a Sign like this in any age in the past. Do you read in any book that some person claimed to be from Almighty God and then in his time in Ramazan, the lunar and solar eclipses occurred as you have now seen? If you are aware then relate it… So prove it… I make Almighty God a witness. And if you cannot prove, and you will never be able to prove, then guard against the Fire which is prepared for those who create disorder.” [Nooral Haq Part II]

[Sign4] Division of Muslims

Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) among many of his prophecies has mentioned, in one hadith, a prophecy which many of us have seen fulfilled in our life time. More than 1400 years ago, our beloved master, Muhammad (peace be upon him) made a prophecy in the following words:

Abdullah bin Amar (RA) relates that the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

“Surely things will happen to my people as happened earlier to Israelites, they will resemble each other like one shoe in a pair resembles the other…, verily the Israelites were divided into 72 sections but my people will be divided into 73 sections, all of them will be in the fire except one.” (Trimizi, Kitabul Eeman)

[…indicating that remaining 72 will resemble the Israelites while only one will resemble him and his companions]

The companions asked, ‘Who are they O Messenger of Allah? The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “They are those who will be like me and my companions.”

The Holy Prophet (on whom be peace) has said:
‘He who keeps away from a divine Jama’at by so much as a step is not one of us.’

“A time will come when my followers (Muslims) will become divided into seventy-three sects. All of them except one will deserve the fire.”


‘Verily God will continue for ever to raise for this Ummat in the beginning of every century one who Will restore for it its faith.’ (Abu Dawud, Kitabul Fitan)

In these saying there are quite a few things to be noted: It mentions the resemblance of Muslim Ummah with the Israelites, i.e. Jews.

First this resemblance is mentioned in the words that as among the Jews a prophet was raised in every century so among Muslims as well a reformer will be raised;

At the end of the chain of reformers a Messiah was raised among the Jews so a Messiah will be raised among Muslims at the end of chain of reformers.

And again there were 12 tribes each divided into six sects making a total of 72 sects at the time when the Messiah (i.e. Jesus (as)) was sent to Israelites.

So would be the case of Muslims: The Muslim Ummah would be divided into 72 sections who will have woven a new Islam for themselves to follow by time of advent of the Promised Messiah

After the advent the Promised Messiah would himself build a new divine community with people who would follow Islam in its pristine purity as in times of our Beloved Prophet (saw) and which would be rightfully called as the community of the true followers of Prophet Mohammad (saw).

That’s why Prophet Mohammad (saw) had said, …, verily the Israelites were divided into 72 sections but my people will be divided into 73 sections, all of them will be in the fire except one.” (Trimizi, Kitabul Eeman)

Authenticity of the Hadith

Other than Tirmidhi, Ibne Maja gives three independent narrations of the same hadith. Talking about the authenticity of this hadith Abu Mansur Abd al-Kahir ibn-Tahir Al-Baghdadi says:

“There are many isnad (independent testimonies) for the tradition dealing with the division of the community. A number of following companions have handed it down as coming from the Prophet (peace be upon him):

Anas ibn-Malik, Abu-Hurairah, Abu-l-Darda, Jabir, Abu-Sa’id al-Khidri, Ubai ibn-Ka’b, Abd-Allah ibn-Amr ibn-al-‘As, abu-Imamah, Wathilah ibn-al-Aska’ and others. It is also handed down that the pious Caliphs mentioned that the community would be divided after them, that one sect only would save itself, and the rest of them would be given to error in this world, and to destruction in the next.”

So now there remains no doubt upon the authenticity of this hadith.

At an other place I found this—Our Spiritual Master, the Seal of Prophets, Hadhrat Muhammad (saw) prophesied:

My followers will become divided into 73 sects—all of these will go to Hell, except one.

Hadhrat Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab, who is regarded as the Mujaddid of the 12th Century Hijra according to the belief of His Royal Highness Shah Faisal, as well as the majority of Muslims residing in Hijaz, quoted the above-noted Hadith and then stated:

The issue of seventy-two sects to be Hell-bound, out of a total of seventy-three sects, is a grand issue. He who comprehends it is indeed endowed with true wisdom, and he who acts on it in practice (i.e., actually regards only one sect as bound for Paradise and considers the remaining seventy-two to be Hell-bound) he alone is a Muslim.” [Short Biography of the Holy Prophet (saw), pp. 13-14, by Al-Imam Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhaab, published in Cairo]

Now let me present to you proofs of Literal Fulfillment of Prophecy: Existence of 73 Sections of Muslims:

Yep, I have taken them from two World famous newspapers.

But before going any further we have to establish here three things:

Firstly, that there are 73 sections of Muslims today.

Secondly, they should form two sets: One containing just one sect and the other (second one) containing 72 sects of Muslims.

Third condition which MUST be fulfilled is that the set with just one sect should be of the followers of a claimant of Messiahship.

The third condition has to be fulfilled because, as I have established above, we are referring to the time of the Promised Messiah (AS), where only the followers of Messiah are the Jama’at (sect) which resembles Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) and his companions (ra).

Having mentioned the resemblance of his Ummah with Jews, and division of the Ummah into 73 sections, Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) mentions that all will be in fire except one. Meaning 72 sects will be in fire while one will be safe. When asked who the safe ones will be, Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) replied “They are those who will be like me and my companions” indicating that remaining 72 will resemble Israelites while only one will resemble him and his companions. (Copied from “73 Divisions in Islam and one True Jama’at” by Dr. Ijaz A. Rauf)

Shall I give you a hint? Birds of the same feather flock together.

It’s but a matter of fact that all disbelievers come together and join to make ONE set when a small group of people join the Messiah as his believers.

To establish that the above mentioned three conditions were fulfilled please read the below:

Following is a testimony of an English newspaper published from United Kingdom (Daily, ‘The Guardian’ UK, 9th September 1974)

“By a constitutional amendment the National Assembly has stripped half a million members of the Ahmadiyya community of their religious status as Moslems. The excommunication of such a large number claiming to be Moslems by a political institution is a unique event in the 1400 years of the history of Islam. The burden of taking the measure fell on the National Assembly because Islam rejects priesthood and the Moslems, although divided into 72 sects, do not have a church or a pope. Religious edicts handed down by muftis or religious scholars are not binding on any individual or body of Moslems.”

Exceptional! Is it not?

How clearly the reporter explained that the ‘Ahmadiyya Community’ on one side and the 72 sects on the other… wonderful!

The Muftis of the 72 sects are so very similar to the disbelievers of the earlier prophets: they actually stripped the community from their religious status as Muslims… excellent! Isn’t it?

[For your information: The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is the sect formed by the followers of the Promised Messiah]

And that was not the only newspaper which testified the number to be 72 & 1…

Now I shall present here a translation of a portion of an editorial published in Urdu in Pakistani daily newspaper “Nawai Waqt”, Lahore, Pakistan, 10th October, 1974, p4. It read…

“One of the special importances of this decision has been that on it the consensus of Ummah has been in substantially correct manner. Throughout the history of Islam, such an overwhelming complete consensus has never been reached on any important topic. Other than the big religious scholars, holders of Shar’a, all the political leaders and political leaders of each group have agreed on this consensus. Other than these, all sufia karam, aarifeen Billah, the leaders of Tassawaf and practices had complete agreement. Excluding Qadianis, all the rest of 72 sects which are considered to be of Muslims, agreed and are happy on the solution of this affair. Among the leaders of the nation and a’maideen, there does not appear to be any group which does not have a joyous attitude towards this decision. Nation should take a notice of this.”

Read this in there: Excluding Qadianis, all the rest of 72 sects which are considered to be of Muslims,

Didn’t we read earlier that the Promised Messiah His Holines Hazrath Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is from Qadian? So He and his followers are most lovingly called Qadianis… though the followers come from almost 206 different countries today.

Well, coming back to point: Clearly, according to these newspapers there exist 73 sections in Islam today, one Jama’at-e-Ahmadiyya at one side and the rest of the 72 at the other.

The rest of the 72 sects are unanimous and happy and formed a party (a set) excluding Jama’at-e-Ahmadiyya (the other set with just one sect) from Islam.

A point to be noted is that: Although all of these 72 sects had fatwas declaring one another to be kafirs earlier but when it came to the question of Ahmadi Muslims – the believers of the Promised Messiah, they were all united so that there remains no doubt as to their resemblance of Jews of the past, who like these had rejected the Promised Messiah in their times.

Question: Do we need more proofs?

Ans: ‘Yes’ (I know)


Allah says about transgressors in chapter 59 of the Holy Qur’an:

[59:14]: Assuredly, they have greater fear of you in their hearts than of Allah. That is because they are a people who understand Not.

[59:15]: They will not fight you in a body except in strong fortified towns or from behind the walls. Their fighting among themselves is severe. Thou thinkest them to be united, but their hearts are divided. That is because they are a people who have no sense.

[59:17]: Or it is like that of Satan, when he says to man, ‘Disbelieve’, but when he disbelieves, he says, I have nothing to do with thee. I fear Allah, the Lord of the worlds.’

[59:18]: The end of both is that they are both in Fire, abiding therin. Such is the reward of the wrongdoers.



Resemblance of the 72 to Jews in their Beliefs

According to the Hadith I mentioned in the beginning that set with 72 sects will resemble Jews in their behavior as one shoe in a pair resembles the other. I shall not go into details of the behavior of 72 sects right now, however, would just like to mention resemblance of these sects to the Jews of the time of Messiah Jesus, (as) in their beliefs.

Jews at the time of Jesus believed that a previous Israelite prophet Elijah (Ilyas, AS) had ascended to heaven in his chariot of fire and before the advent of the Messiah, he will descend from heavens in his chariot and prepare the grounds for the advent of Messiah (Jesus) and then the Messiah will appear. So when Jesus (AS) made a claim to Messiahship, they rejected him saying we did not see Elijah (Ilyas, AS) descending from heavens. When Jesus (AS), claimed that John the Baptist (Yahya, AS) is the Promised Elijah (Ilyas, AS), Jews insisted that he should have descended from heavens if he was Elijah (Ilyas, AS) and so they rejected both Jesus (AS) as well as John (Yahya, AS)

Similarly Muslims of today are expecting two advents: One the Imam Mahdi, and another the 2000 year old Jesus of Nazareth who they expect will come from the 2nd sky sitting on the shoulders of two Angels and will land upon a white minaret on the east of Damascus.

Today these 72 sects of Islam, at the time of the Promised Messiah (as), without any exception hold the belief that Jesus (as) after crucifixion ascended to heavens with his body and soul and it would be the same Jesus (AS) who will return as the Messiah for the Muslim Ummah. They insist on seeing him descend from heavens with his hand on the wings of two angles on the white Minaret…

How incredible, isn’t it?!

We will discuss this point “Expectations of literal fulfillment of supernatural prophecies” (which is always a vain hope) in-detail in the coming sections.

So Just like Jews behaved at the time of the coming of the Messiah so are the Muslims behaving at the time of their Messiah! So similar, isn’t it?

Both wait for two figures to appear, a priestly Messiah and a warrior Messiah.

Today Muslim well aware of the mistakes Jews made in the past, insist on the coming of a Mahdi for the religious reformation of the Ummah while they also expect a warrior Messiah Jesus to fulfill certain horrific missions. They await a Messiah whose sole job will be to lead Muslims in a holy war against all the religions and kill them all and that’s how, most of the Muslims of the present believe, Messiah will give them the sovereignty to rule the earth… Pathetic!

Muslims have fallen prey to the same mistake today in which the Jews of Jesus’ time had fallen almost 2000 years ago, when they demanded the physical descent of Elijah as was prophesied in Malachi 4:5, before their believing in Jesus as their Messiah and savior.

These types of Muslims have waited for the physical descent of Isa IBn Maryam which had not taken place as they wished, hence, their despair and despondency. By not sending Elijah as promised, God has made His meaning clear when he speaks of the second advent of a person. If a physical second advent were permissible in the Divine Law, the Jews were entitled to have Elijah back among them, and until that time were quite right in condemning every claimant to Messiah-ship as an impostor. But the condemnation of the Jews involves condemnation for the belief that Isa Bin Maryam himself will come back. Even assuming that they were excusable for having fallen into such an error, not the slightest excuse is left for the second type of Muslims for falling into the same error again. This type of Muslims ought to have profited by their example but they are repeating the same error. Every sign that was foretold has been witnessed, but they had been looking for the Messiah in the wrong direction though at the right time.

To have a detailed account of their expectations please read: Muslim Mullah’s view & expectations from the returned Jesus in the other chapters of this book.

(Copied from “73 Divisions in Islam and one True Jama’at” by Dr. Ijaz A. Rauf). Website: Alislam.Org

[Sign5] Age of Appearance of the Promised Messiah: 

The Messiah (Jesus) son of Mary was a restorer of faith who appeared 1300 years after Moses (as);

(at a time when the Jews had become very weak in faith).

So naturally next about 1300 years after Prophet Mohammed (saw)’s advent, Muslims are also suffering from the same evils from which the Jews had come to suffer. So, for this age also, a Messiah similar to the first Messiah has to be raised to restore to them their faith.

God Almighty has done this out of his Infinite power and mercy: The Messiah that was to come has come.

Muhammad (Peace be upon him), prophesized through inference, that the Messiah was to appear at the head of Islam’s fourteenth century.

Jesus came at the beginning of the fourteenth century after Moses, and The Promised Messiah, the founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam, Hazrath Mirza Ghulam Ahmad appeared at the beginning of Islam’s fourteenth century.

Jesus (peace be upon him) claimed that he had not come to change the law. Similarly, Hazrath Ahmad (peace be upon him) also claims that he had not come to change the law, instead he has come to revive Islam in the real essence and practice, as in the times of Prophet Mohammad (saw).

The Promised Messiah was to be born in the thirteenth century and was to appear/ to claim Messianship in the fourteenth century.

The advent of Messiah shall take place in the concluding years of the thirteenth century A.H. and in the beginning of the 14th century A.H he shall declare his mission – This is what the divines of the Ummah deduced from these traditions.

The late Khawaja Hasan Nizami, after his tour of the Islamic countries wrote: “All the divines and saintly people with whom I met during my tour of the Islamic countries, I found them anxiously waiting for the Imam Mahdi. (Ahl-Hadith, January 26, 1912)

There’s also this prophecy:

“Verily God will appoint for this people in the beginning of every century, one who will restore for it its faith.” (Abu Dawood, Kitabul Fitan)

Ummat-e-Muslema (people of Muslims) have been promised that God will appoint for it in the beginning of every century, a reformer, one who will restore its faith for it.

Consequently, this promise had been fulfilled in the past 13 centuries with the advent of Mujaddideen–regenerators, who were distinguished exemplars of Islam, and played a very important part in spreading and establishing Islam:

Century Name of the Mujaddid / Reformer Islamic Date / Hijri Christian Dates /  Era
1st Omar bin Abdul Aziz  60 to 101  717 to 720
2nd Imam Shafi’i; Ahmad bin Hanbal  164 to 241  780 to 855
3rd Abu Sharh & Abul Hasan Ashari  260 to 324  873 to 935
4th Abu Ubaidullah of Neshapur & Abu Bakr Baqlani till  403 till 1013
5th Al Ghazali  450 to 505  1058 to 1111
6th Al-Sayyid Abdul Qadir Jeelani  470 to 561  1077 to 1166
7th Imam Ibn Taimiyyah & Khwaja Mueen-ud Din Chishti  661 to 728  1263 to 1328
8th Ibn Hajar Asqalani & Saleh Bin Umar  773 to 852  1372 to1449
9th Jalal-ud-Deen Imam Sayutee  –
10th Muhammad Tahir Gujratee  –
11th Al-Sheikh Ahmad of Sirhand,  Mujaddid Alf Thani  971 to 1034  1564 to 1624
12th Shah Wali Allah Muhaddath Dehlavi  1113 to 1175  1702 to 1762
13th Ahmad Brelwi  1201 to 1246  1786 to 1831
14th Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (The Promised Messiah)  1251 to 1326  1835 to 1908

Keeping the traditions of the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him, and the statements of the Muslim divines in view, each and every sane Muslim is requested to think twice that the 14th century closed on November 7, 1980, with the appearance of the Hilal of Muharram, the first lunar month of the Muslim era, and the 15th century has ushered in on November 8, 1980; and:

The prophecies of the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him, have seen the light of the day; and at the exact time–in the beginning of the 14th century, the Founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam, The Promised Messiah by name Hazrath Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, having received knowledge from God the Exalted, made the following announcements from Qadian, as was predicted by the Holy Prophet, that:

“Mahdi will appear in a village the name of which will be called Kadi’ah.” (Jawahirul Asrar, p. 55) [Arabic: Yakhrojul Mahdiyo Min Qaryatin Yoqalo Lahaa Kadi’ah]

Maseeh-e-Maood _ Imam Al Mahdi, Hazrath Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) of Dar-ul-Aman Qadian

Maseeh-e-Maood _ Imam Al Mahdi, Hazrath Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) of Dar-ul-Aman Qadian

Announcements From Qadian [Arabic Kadi’ah]:

“When the 13th century of the Hegira drew to a close and the beginning of the 14th century approached, I was informed by God Almighty, through revelation, that I was the Mujaddid (Reformer) for the 14th century.” (The Promised messiah, Kitabul Bariyya, p. 201)

This Promised prophet is the Mujaddid (reformer of Islam) for our generation and the next 1000 years to come.

“The holy and pure revelation of God has informed me that I have been sent by Him as the Promised Messiah and the Promised Mahdi and as Arbiter for the internal and external differences.” (Arba’een)

“It was the time of Messiah and not of any other. Had I not come, another (person) would have come (claimed).” (Durre Sameen)

The truth is that Islam is in dire need of help from God. I am the reformer of the age. It is delightful that God did not leave Islam helpless in this state and sent me, according to His law, so I could revitalize it.” (Malfoozat, Vol. 9, p. 158)

It was disclosed to me through Divine revelation a few years later that the Messiah that had been promised from the earliest time to this nation and that the last Mahdi (Reformer) who was destined to appear after the deterioration of Islam and who was to be granted direct guidance from God and who was to provide once again the spiritual nourishment, as had been pre-ordained, and about whom glad tidings had also been given by the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of God be on him) himself 1300 years ago, is none other than me.” (Tadhkiratush Shahadatain, p. 1)

“O ye people: I am Muhammadi Messiah and I am the Ahmad Mahdi: God is really with me from my childhood to my grave.” (Khutba Ilhamia, p. 17)

O my dears, the man who was to come, has already come. Even the sun and the moon have disclosed this secret to you.

“Are you not afraid to deny the Hadees of the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, even though its truth has become as manifest as the bright sun? Can you present a Sign like this in any age in the past? Do you read in any book that some person claimed to be from Almighty God and then in his time in Ramazan, the lunar and solar eclipses occurred as you have now seen? If you are aware then relate it …! So prove it and I make Almighty God a witness. And if you cannot prove, and you will never be able to prove, then guard against the Fire which is prepared for those who create disorder.” [Nooral Haq Part II]

[Sign6] Place of Birth:

1. Regarding the place of the appearance of the Promised Messiah, Christ states:

“For as lightening cometh from the east and shineth unto the west, so shall the coming of the son of man be.” (Math.24:27)

Jesus was in Jerusalem when he mentioned this prophecy, and Qadian in India, the birth place of Hazrath Ahmad is due east of Jerusalem. The Bible gives special significance to the east in many places.

“And behold, the glory of God of Israel came from the way of the east.” (Ezekiel 43:2)

“there came wise men from the east” (Math 2:1)

‘And lo, the star which they saw in the east, went before them.” (Math.2:9)

“And I saw another angel ascending from the east.” (Rev7:2)

In Biblical terms the east represents the light of God, his guidance and His wisdom and this is what Hazrath Ahmad brought to mankind.

Striking similarity… isn’t it?

2. You’ll be surprised to know that even the Quetzalcoatl in Mexico has prophesied of coming of the Promised Messiah from east:

Quetzalcoatl in Mexico

In Mexico, there is a long tradition of the king known as Quetzalcoatl which means ‘Twin Brother’. Regarding the re-advent of Quetzalcoatl, the tradition states:

“A great teacher with olive skin and bearded will come from the direction of the rising sun, flying in a huge canoe with massive wings a few centuries after the coming of the white brother.”

The Mexicans anticipate that their saviour will return from the East, to restore their dignity.

3. Eskimo Messiah:

The Eskimo people live in the Arctic regions of the North America. They have a tradition of an olive-skinned messiah with a long beard who will come from the East.

In 1912, many of their shamans claimed to have had a dream of a strange and wondrous white figure ‘towering over all humanity, with special servants under him, guiding the masses of the people to God’.

‘all humanity’…. Need explanation again?   

4. There’s a similar prophecy for the Imam Mahdi of Muslims.

The Holy Prophet (saw) has said that the Messiah will be raised in the East. (Ibn Majah).

Another Hadith says: The Mahdi will descend near a white minaret in the east of Damascus. (Muslim)

“Mahdi will appear in a village the name of which will be called Kadi’ah.”(Jawahirul Asrar, p. 55) [Arabic: Yakhrojul Mahdiyo Min Qaryatin Yoqalo Lahaa Kad’ha]

Do I need to remind you that the Sun rises from the east?!

These prophecies were fulfilled with the advent of the Promised Messiah (as) from Qadian, India, a city directly east of Damascus… see the world map now and check it.

In complete accord with the above mentioned prophecies of all the scriptures Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) (who was raised by God as the Promised Messiah and Mahdi, the World Reformer of the fourteenth century and the next 1000 years to come), appeared exactly from the east of Damascus and claimed that he is a subordinate of the Holy Prophet (saw) and has no separate mission of his own, rather is working for the mission of Hadhrat Muhammad (saw).

Mention of the minaret is metamorphical because it rises above the lowly dwellings, so that the whole world may be illuminated by its light. It represents the holy, pure and resolute soul, which is given to that perfect man who is worthy of heavenly light. The loftiness of the minaret signifies the high resolve of such a man, its strength signifies the fortitude which he shows at times of trial, and its pristine whiteness represents his innocence, which must ultimately be established. And when all this has taken place i.e., when his truthfulness has been established with arguments, and his fortitude, steadfastness, patience and perseverance has become apparent like a shining minaret, the period of his first advent—which was marked by trials and tribulations—comes to an end, and the time is now ripe for him to appear in glory.

Spirituality, which is imbued with Divine glory, descends upon him who is like a minaret, and invests him with Divine powers by God’s permission.

Minaret is a metaphor for resolve, strength and purity; a prophecy about the Minaret signifies that the advent of the Promised Messiah will be a glorious one.

It is also a Divine practice that He uses physical illustrations to explain some spiritual matters. The Temple in Baitul Muqaddas [Jerusalem], and the Ka‘bah in Mecca, for example, serve as symbols of Divine manifestation. It is in this context that the Islamic Shariah speaks of the Promised Messiah’s descent on, or near a minaret, in a country which lies to the East of Damascus. The minaret will serve as a sign of the appearance of the glorious appearance of the Promised Messiah.

In Qadian itself we do have a white minaret which is called ‘Minaret-ul-Messiah’ — A physical Minaret will serve as a reflection of the spiritual one; I just wish that this Minar-tul-Masih, which is technically a white Minaret, is lighted up with white lights instead of golden as done usually… It would look wonderful, wouldn’t it? What d’u think?

And Again…

Another testimony which shows that these are the days [of the final battle], is that the sixth millennium since the birth of Adam, is which the second Adam was supposed to appear, has also passed. Since the sixth day is the day of the birth of Adam and, according to the scriptures, a day symbolizes a thousand years; we have to accept that the second Adam has already appeared in keeping with God’s promises, even though he has not yet been fully recognized. We also have to believe that the place God has appointed for his advent is in the East and not in the West. Since Adam was given an abode in a garden towards the East (Genesis 2:8), the second Adam must also appear in an Eastern country in order to maintain his similarity to the first.

Muslims and Christians are both equally obligated to accept this, unless of course they are inclined towards disbelief.

The Holy Qur’an clearly states the stand of the disbelievers:

it is a collection of clear Signs in the hearts of those who are given knowledge.

And none but the wrongdoers deny Our Signs [Ch.29. Vs. 50]

Allah is sufficient as a Witness between me and you. ….. And as for those who believe in falsehood and disbelieve in Allah, they it is who are the losers. [Ch.29. Vs. 53]

And who is more unjust than he who invents a lie concerning Allah, or rejects the truth when it comes to him? Is there not an abode in Hell for the disbelievers? [Ch.29. Vs. 69]

More Evidence from Ahadith (sayings of Prophet Mohammad (saw)):

Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) also made several statements regarding the identity of the Imam Mahdi. He said:

  1. His name would resemble that of the Holy Prophet.
    ‘Muhammad’ the name of the Holy Prophet meant ‘the most praised one’;
    While ‘Ahmad’ the name of the Promised Messiah is an Arabic elative form which means ‘highly praised’
  2. He will be of Persian descent and related to the Holy Prophet.It is a historical fact that the Promised Messiah Hazrath Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is of Persian descent. He comes from the the family of Salman, the PersianDidn’t we read the Hadees: The Holy Prophet had also said that, ‘If faith were to go up to the Pleiades, a man from among these (the family of Salman, the Persian) would surely find it. (Bukhari)…
  3. He will come from east of Damascus. The Promised Prophet (as) came from Qadian, India, a city directly east of Damascus… see the world map now and confirm it for yourselves & others.
  4. He will be of dark complexion, neither white nor black, having sharp eyes, soft hair and a very long beard.

See his picture here and you can compare.

Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) 1835-1908

Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) 1835-1908

5. He will receive divine revelation and will be supported by heavenly signs.
Innumerable heavenly signs & divine revelations given to him stand as a strong proof to his claim.

6. He will have two missions, to reform Muslims and to point out the falseness of other doctrines.

The Promised Messiah himself had said this while making his claim: The promised Messiah says:

The job for which God has appointed me is that I cleanse the dirt that has crept into the relationship between God and the mankind and establish the state of love and fidelity, and by manifesting Truth, bring an end to religious wars and thereby lay the foundation of peace and make manifest the spiritual truth that have become hidden in this world’.

7. He will re-establish Khalifat [Read this here]

All of these statements fit Hazrath Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) perfectly, Masha’Allah.

Reported by Hazrat Anas (ra) that The Holy Prophet (saw) said that a group will be in India. They will be with The Mahdi whose name will be Ahmad (Bukhari).

30 Dajjals Before the Mahdi, lets see:

The 30 Dajjals those were to come before the advent of the real Mahdi have already been recognized – they’ve come and gone already. Didn’t the Holy Prophet Mohammad (saw) say that the Mahdi would come after the 30 Dajjals?

With regards to the appearance of thirty dajjal in the Muslim Ummah, we have the following in Ikmal- Al-lkmal, a commentary of Al-Sahi Muslim (vol. 7, pg. 258 Egyptian):

It would be evident to every student of the history of Islam that the truth of this Hadith has been fully established. The number of impostors from the time of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) till today has reached the count indicated by the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) in his prophecy.”

A top scholar of Ahle Hadith, Nawab Siddique Hassan Khan writes:

The prophecy made by the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) regarding the advent of Dajjal in this Ummah has been fulfilled and their number as foretold has been completed. (Hijaj Al-Keramah pg. 239, published 1291 A.H. / 1874 A.D.).

So readers, this indeed, is the fulfillment of a divine plan that the prophesied count of the impostors was completed before the advent of the true claimant to prophethood and it was documented in the book noted above by Muhammad Bin Yusuf Al-Sannusi Al-Hassani (died 895 A.H.).

And now that the Mahdi has come after the 30 Dajjals what thoughts are the Muslims entertaining to not accept the real Messiah? Now what reasons do the perpetrators have against the Messiah & his community?


The overwhelming majority of prophetic traditions about Imam al-Mahdi states that the name of Imam al-Mahdi must be same as the name of the Prophet i.e., Muhammad (saw). And an additional phrase concerning that his father’s name is also similar to that of the Prophet’s father i.e., Abdullah.

Now this challenges my commonsense! Wait, let’s discuss…

A question: How many in the world are aware of this prophecy?

Answer: Almost all of us, especially the Muslims & Arabs.

Then don’t you think that anybody by the name Abdullah can name his son as Mohammad and then can claim to be the Al’Mahdi?

Well, to tell you the truth: This did happen, of course! Who wouldn’t want to at least attempt to attain such spiritual status? Leme relate you a few of the many cases:

Sa’id Ibn al-Musayyib reports:

The Arabs knew from the men of scriptures and soothsayers that a Prophet named Muhammad would be raised. So anyone of the Arabs who came to know it, named his son, Muhammad, in the hope of receiving prophethood.

Qatadah Ibn al-Sakn al-Urani reports:

In the Banu Tamim there was Muhammad Ibn Sufyan Ibn Mujashi. He was an usquf (monk); his father had been told that in Arabia there would be a Prophet bearing the name, Muhammad; so he had named him Muhammad. There were Muhammad al-Jushami in Banu Suwa’ah, Muhammad al-Usaidi and Muhammad al-Fuqaimi; they were all so named in the hope of receiving prophethood.

Muhammad Ibn Ishaq reports:

Muhammad Ibn Khuza’i Ibn Huzabath, a member of Banu Dhakwan, a branch of Banu Sulaym was so named in the hope of prophethood. He went to Abrahah in Yemen and remained there with his creed till he died. When he attained some position, his brother, Qays Ibn Khuza’i recited: Our crowned Muhammad is this, I have seen his flag hoisted in death!


(Ref: Tabaqat Ibn Sa’d, Vol. 1, page 169) published in monthly Tahrik-e-Jadid Rabwah October 2009

So people, Don’t you think that it’d be just a little wiser if we hold on strongly to the Heavenly signs from the divine Lord as proof which are entirely out of human capacities, instead of these easy ones? Think about it.


“O Europe, you are not safe, O dwellers of Islands, and O Asia, you too are not immune. I see cities fall and settlements laid waste… Think not that earthquakes visited other continents but that your own country shall remain secure.

 The times of Noah shall reappear before your eyes, and your own eyes will be witnesses to the calamity that overtook the cities of Lot.

…earth-quakes such that they will shake Asia. Some of them will resemble the Day of Doom. …Havoc shall sweep the surface of the earth which shall be the greatest since the birth of man. Habitations shall be demolished as if no one had ever lived in them.

… Then mankind shall be sore distressed and wonder what is going to happen. … the world shall witness a terrible sight… I am to warn you…’

At this moment Mankind finds itself at the brink of disaster.

In this context, I am the bearer of a momentous message for you & all. I shall endeavor to make it brief. My message is of peace and harmony and of hope & happiness for all mankind for their present life and for their Hereafter. This message is especially send for all Christians, for all Muslims, for all Jews, for all Buddhists, for all Hindus and for all the other faiths of the world with all atheists included as well.

I earnestly hope that you will attempt to understand and think over this ‘Truth Message’ with an open and enlightened mind. (May God make it so, Amen)

I’m here to distribute those treasures which were buried for thousands of years.

It is important for all friends to care to read our books at least once because knowledge is power and power creates valour: He who does not pay full attention to the directions of a Commissioned one and Messenger of God and does not study his writings with care partakes in arrogance. Try, therefore, that you should not partake of arrogance in any respect so that you may escape ruin and you and your people attain salvation. Click to read all chapters of The Truth Message.


Is the Promised Messiah, the return / re-advent of Jesus (pbuh)?

Let’s look into the matter now… my dear Christians – please join me.

Jesus, the Messiah, son of Mary

Jesus, the Messiah, son of Mary

Prophecies of second coming of Jesus Christ in Bible Compared

“And as he sat upon the Mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying; tell us, when shall these things be? And what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world? And Jesus answered and said unto them. Take heed that no man deceive you…. And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in diverse places.” (Matt. 24:3-7)

My Comment: The world wars one and two of the past and the rumor of third world war today, and famines at certain locations and earthquakes at other are adequate proof that this sign has been fulfilled.

Condition of Faith in the latter day has been described in the following words:

“Thus know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, truce-breakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, high minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God: Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof.” (2 Timothy 3:1-5)

Aren’t these the mark of current age?


Another proof: ‘Only after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken.” (Math. 24:29)

We have already seen how the eclipses of the Sun & the moon proved this part of the prophecy: the sun be darkened and the moon shall not give her light

Now coming to the later part: and the stars shall fall from heaven

Wasn’t the last century rife with comets, meteor showers and eclipses? His Holiness Prophet Ahmad (as) was born in 1835 and departed from this world in 1908: All during his life time we saw ‘the stars falling from heaven’ ; leme show you the proof:

In 1832, The Bielids comet passed very close to the earth.
Haley’s comet appeared in 1835.
The Comet of 1843 had a tail of 200 million miles long.

In 1845, the Bielids comet was observed to break in two. Meteor showers observed from this comet were observed in 1830, 1838, and in 1885. 39,546 meteors were observed in 4 hours.

Another great comet appeared in 1861, which could be seen in broad daylight.

In 1866-67, Leonid Comet caused the most spectacular showers of modern times.

The Great comet of 1882, one of the brightest of modern times passed within a third million miles of the sun.

Holmes Comet appeared in 1899.

Morehouse Comet of 1908 showed the most rapid variations in appearance.

June 1908 witnessed the greatest meteorite fall in historic times took place in Siberia.

To Conclude: Yes, the prophecies match. There’s absolutely no doubt about it… but again…

Jesus very clearly knew and he very clearly described as how those who accept the Second Messiah would be treated. Bible records his prophecy about them here:

Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted and shall kill you, and ye shall be hated of all nations for my names sake.” (Math.24:9)

Jesus Christ describes the fate of those who were to accept the one who came in his name:

…but, before all these things, they shall lay their hands on you, and persecute you, delivering you up to the synagogues and into prisons, being brought before kings and rulers for my names sake. And you shall be betrayed by both parents and brethren and kinsfolk and friends, and some of you shall they cause to be put to death. And ye shall be hated of all men for my names sake. But there shall not a hair on your head perish.” (Luke 21:12, 16, 17, 18).

What a vivid and frightening description Christ presents of the time of the Messiah of the latter days. They were to be persecuted, betrayed by their own families, murdered, tortured, imprisoned and treated in the cruelest ways. Yet these atrocities will in no way affect the advancement of the movement, as Christ says, “Not a hair on your head perish.”

This is exactly the way in which the people of the Promised Messiah (the Ahmadiyya community) are being treated… yet as told we have continued to gain strength and more converts. Weren’t the followers of Jesus persecuted in the first 300 years of Christianity? Same is the fate written for the followers of the returned Messiah too!

Aye Christians! Doesn’t this string a chord in your heart yet?

Again Christ states:

“And then shall all of the tribes of the earth mourn.” (Math. 24:30)

Here Christ presents clear proof that the Promised Messiah will not agree with contemporary thought and will not support any one group, either religious or political. He, through his wisdom and call to mankind to reform or be destroyed, will cause much discern and worry among the nations.

The Promised Messiah, called everybody to abandon the violence, and to spread and defend our faith of truth by means of logic, intelligent arguments and love. Again Christ told us that the Promised One was to use this method to reach mankind.

“I will give you a mouth and wisdom and all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist.” (Luke 21:15)

Regarding the place of the appearance of the Promised Messiah, Christ states:

For as lightening cometh from the east and shineth unto the west, so shall the coming of the son of man be.” (Math.24:27)

Jesus was in Jerusalem when he mentioned this prophecy, and Qadian, the birth place of Hazrat Ahmad is due east of Jerusalem. The Bible gives special significance to the east in many places.

And behold, the glory of God of Isreal came from the way of the east.” Ezekiel 43:2)

there came wise men from the east” (Math 2:1)
And lo, the star which they saw in the east, went before them.” (Math.2:9)
“And I saw another angel ascending from the east.”(Rev7:2)

So why not join the community of the Promised Messiah, accept him and save yourself?


Ark of the Promised Messiah to save the believers of the Latter days

In addition to the warning Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Messiah also mentioned this good news:

I inform you and convey to you the glad tidings that the Sailor, Who is the Lord of the heaven and the earth, has heard the supplication of those confronted with the tempest and has fulfilled the promise He made in His Holy Word to save His vessel at the time of the tempest. He has appointed one of His servants that is to say, this humble one who is now speaking to you, and has explained to him the devices to weather the storm and that would render it unnecessary to throw overboard the boxes of valuables. The time is near when heaven will call out, as is mentioned in the Holy Quran:

‘O earth, swallow thy water, and O sky, cease raining.’ And the water was made to subside and the matter was ended. And the Ark came to rest on al-Judi. (Al Quran 11:45)

But right now the flood is at its height.

At the approach of this flood God Almighty appointed this humble one and commanded,

“…build thou the Ark under Our eyes and according to Our directions.

This Ark would be in no danger from the tempest. It would be supported by God’s hand. This then is the Ark of pure Islam to which I call the people to board. If you are awake, arise and board this Ark quickly for the flood is raging upon the earth and every life is in danger. [In Aina-e-Kamalat-e-Islam, Ruhani Khazain, Vol.5, pp.261-262, by the Promised Messiah]

There are exactly 10 conditions to accept before you can board this ARK: Click to Know them


Prophet Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (Peace Be Upon Him)

The Messiah – Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (Peace Be Upon Him)

I invite Christians of all nations to accept the Promised One who has been sent in the spirit of Jesus. Jesus told his followers to judge the tree by its fruit. So it behooves all Christians to come and taste this fruit before passing judgment.

You will find that for today’s problems, the only acceptable interpretation of religious principles is what the Promised Messiah has presented. So come and see the fruits of the tree of the second Messiah and join in the effort of bringing peace, tranquility and paradise on earth. This is the real pursuit of happiness for all mankind. If not you, your next generation or the one after that will accomplish this goal because, “It has been written and so shall be done”.

Why the Promised Messiah considered as the Re-advent of Jesus Christ (pbuh) / Isa Maseeh (as)?

Let’s see.

I’ve proved death of Jesus (the Son of Mary) from the Christian word of God – The Holy Bible, from Historical evidences, with scientific reasons, and literature from past authors / scholars from around the world… And also Wafat-e-Maseeh Isa Ibn Maryam from the Islamic Word of God – The Holy Qur’an and from Hadees-e- Nabwi (sayings of Prophet Muhammad (saw)), Past famous renowned Islamic scholars, and Mujaddids (reformers) of age and also proved how nonsensical and futile are the expectations of the return of a 2000 year old Jesus.

Jesus was to return but only in spirit… A person was to come who would perform a similar role as assigned to Jesus, the Messiah.

Dear Christians,

Please read this part of Tadhkirah [The English rendering of the divine revelations, dreams and visions vouchsafed to Hadrath Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, The Promised Messiah, Returned Jesus (pbuh)]:

Of the wonders which God has bestowed upon me, one is that I have met Jesus, the Messiah several times in a state of perfect wakefulness which is called a vision. I have talked to him and have ascertained from him the nature of his real claim and teaching. A major point, which is worth attention, is that Jesus the Messiah is so disgusted with the doctrines of Atonement, Trinity, and Sonship, as if these are the great impostures that have been fashioned against him. This evidence of vision is not without support.

[People! Haven’t we got enough proofs in the Holy Bible, the Holy Qur’an and historical and current evidences to support this point?] The Promised Messiah continues…

I have seen Hadrath ‘Isa [Jesus], on whom be peace, several times in my dreams and have met him several times in a state of vision. He has eaten with me on the same table.

Once, I asked him about the trial which had befallen his people. He was overwhelmed with awe and recalled the greatness of Allah the Almighty, and started proclaiming His Glorification and Holiness. He pointed to the earth and said: ‘I am from the earth and am innocent of the allegations attributed to me.’ In short, I found him a courteous and humble man. [Nurul-Haqq, part 1, p. 41, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 8, pp. 56–57]

The Promised Messiah adds:

I believe firmly that if a sincere seeker after truth would come and stay with me for a period and would wish to meet the Messiah in a vision, he would be able to do so through the blessings of my supplications and attention. He can also talk to him and receive his affirmation of what I have stated for I am the person in whose soul the soul of Jesus, the Messiah, resides by way of reflection. [Tuhfa-e-Qaisariyyah, p. 21, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 12, p. 273]

People of the world will not understand this matter because they lack faith in heavenly mysteries but the ones who have experienced [those mysteries] will certainly find this truth. (hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad)

Everyone has been invited to satisfy himself through signs about this claim if he desires to.

I have gathered courage to write this much because of the true love and true respect I have for Jesus, the Messiah, in my heart—along with the statements which I heard from the tongue of Jesus, the Messiah, and the message he gave me.

My body trembles with this thought and every particle of my being becomes restless. How can the word ‘curse of God’ be imagined to apply to the pure heart of the Messiah even for a second!!! Woe! A thousand woes, that such a belief be harboured for a beloved of God like Jesus, the Messiah, that his heart deserved the implication of the meaning of curse at any time.

This grave error was committed at a time when people did not ponder over the meaning of curse.


Some background to the story:

Christians subscribe to the doctrine that God so loved the world that, to bestow salvation upon mankind, He placed the burden of the sins of the whole of mankind upon His son Jesus, and made him accursed by bringing about his death upon the cross. According to some, Jesus (as) passed three days and three nights in hell, as atonement for the sins of mankind, and was then restored to life, and thus provided the means of salvation for those who might believe in him.

Gods don’t die and Prophets can’t die an accursed death

The Holy Bible says, `Death on the Cross’ means an ‘accursed death’. Did we not read, ‘for he that is hanged is accursed of God’ (Deut. 21:23)?

To explain:

The concept of curse is related to the heart, and a person can be called accursed only if in truth his heart turns away from God, and becomes black, and is bereft of God’s mercy, and is deprived altogether of the love of God and is emptied of all recognition of God and, becoming blind and bereft like Satan, is filled with the poison of misguidance, and retains not a ray of the light of the love and recognition of God, and cuts asunder from all relationship with God, and is filled with rancor and hatred and disgust and enmity towards God, so that God becomes his enemy and is disgusted with him, and he is disgusted with God – It is thus clear that the concept of curse is vicious and unholy.

Now you tell me, can it apply to anyone like Jesus?

I cant’ stand to wait for your answer and can tell you right away that: It cannot apply to any righteous one who entertains the love of God in his heart. Then, how can we even think of using this expression for a holy soul like Jesus?

Tell me! Can it even be imagined that the heart of Jesus (as) had, in truth, turned away from God? And had denied God? And was disgusted with God? And had become Satan and had become the enemy of God and was plunged into the darkness of disbelief and denial?

Tell me now! Answer me.

Well, I can confirm it to you that: Such a concept is not only inconsistent with the station of prophethood and messengership of Jesus (peace be upon him), but is also inconsistent with his claim of excellence and holiness, and love, and recognition of the Divine, mentioned repeatedly in the Gospels.

This is just plain nonsense! Anybody who loves Jesus, the Messiah will never entertain this thought of Atonement — can’t agree. Not sure about you but I am rejecting to whatever nonsense beliefs you have about His Holiness Prophet Jesus: Peace be upon him!

It could never apply to any righteous person who entertains love of God in his heart. Alas! Christians did not ponder over the significance of a curse when they invented this belief; else, it was impossible for them to have used such a cursed word for a righteous man like Jesus.

Jesus was a great holy prophet and I want to prove it to you that such a great blessed soul can’t be accursed to die on a cross or burn in the hell!

A study of the Gospels reveals that Jesus (as) affirmed that he was the light of the world, was a guide, and had an exalted relationship of love with God, and had been bestowed a holy birth by God. Then how can the unholy concept of curse be applied to the heart of Jesus (as) in view of his permanent and holy relationship with God?

Think about it my dear, please. May peace be upon you.

To conclude:

Jesus (peace be upon him) was a Divine Messenger, a favored and a Holy Prophet of God… It is heights of injustice to conceive, even for a moment, that such a chosen one was hanged upon the cross and, by dying on it, became accursed, for whatever reason it might be.

Prophets may be nailed to the cross, but if death by crucifixion is truly an accursed death, it becomes necessary that such chosen servants of God should be delivered from such a death, and should be safeguarded against its stain. Agree? I bet you agree with me, don’t you?

And, we have already seen how Jesus surivived Crucifixion, all thanks to the Gracious God, and then lived on to complete his mission and later died … Read more here “Jesus is dead


Now it is the call of decency that this mistake be corrected very soon and the honour of this elite beloved of God and His chosen one be restored. How out of place is it that, to create a fictional basis for our own salvation, we put a mark of disobedience on such a beloved of God and believe that at a certain time he rebelled against and digressed from God.

Hebrew in particular, and take the experts’ testimony of all the lexicons to ascertain that someone is called accursed only on the condition that his heart has moved away from the recognition, love and nearness of God; and rather, the enmity of God, instead of His love, has been created in his heart. That is the reason that in the Arabic lexicon accursed is the name of Satan.

How can this ignoble name, that has become a part of Satan, be attributed to a pure heart? The Messiah has cleared himself from this in my vision. Common sense also dictates that the status of the Messiah is above and beyond such an allegation. The implication of curse always relates to the heart, and this is a clear matter that we cannot name a near one and a beloved of God to be cursed or accursed in any sense of the word. This is the message of Jesus, the Messiah, which I am delivering. It is enough proof of my truth that the signs shown at my hands are beyond human power.

Please reflect with your bright cognizance, if there can be any greater disrespect in the world than to name someone renegade from God and the enemy of God, which is the implication of a curse. Therefore, how grave an insult it is that the one [ Jesus] whom the angels proclaim as ‘loved one of God’, and who emanated from the light of God, be termed as the one distanced from God and regarded as the enemy of God!! Woe that this disrespect of Jesus is embraced by 400 million people during this age!

Dear Christians!

Make an effort to exonerate Jesus.

I dare to submit to you—with the purest of intentions filled with the fear of God and truth—to clear Jesus the Messiah, with courageous resolve, of this stigma placed upon his honour.

Christians, please: It is time to give up the convolutions of the doctrine of Trinity and its complicated and unreasonable history. It is time to try the simple yet elegant creed of Islam, ‘There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is a prophet of God!’

For Muslims, it is time to extend a cordial invitation to each and every Christian in the world, whether in the East or the West, in the words of the Holy Quran:

Say, ‘O People of the Book! come to a word equal between us and you — that we worship none but Allah, and that we associate no partner with Him, and that some of us take not others for Lords beside Allah.’ But if they turn away, then say, ‘Bear witness that we have submitted to God.’ (Al Quran 3:65)

It is time! It is time to remedy the mistakes made at Nicaea 1685 years ago!

To Continue…

The Promised Messiah adds:

“It has been disclosed to me through a vision that Hadrat ‘Isa (as) [Jesus] was apprised of the poisonous doctrines which have spread in the world through the Christians and thereby his soul was moved towards his spiritual descent upon the earth and, being deeply affected by the determination of his followers upon self-ruin, he desired a substitute who should resemble him and should be possessed of the same nature as himself as if he was the same.

The soul of Jesus was in restless on account more of the falsehoods that had been attributed to him in this age: Jews insisted more than ever that he was an impostor and a liar and that his birth was illegitimate and that is why he died on the cross. On the other hand, the Christians proclaimed that he was the son of God and even God himself, and that he had laid down his life on the cross for the salvation of mankind.

It was then that the soul of the Maseeh [Messiah] was moved and so he fervently desired the descent to the earth of one spiritually his like, in accordance with Allah’s will, and demanded to be exonerated from all these charges and beseeched God for a substitute.

So God Almighty responded to his agitation and sent his like into the world so that the promise, already made, should be fulfilled.

God, according to His promise, bestowed upon him one who resembled him and upon this one descended the resolve and qualities and spirituality of Maseeh [Messiah]. He and Messiah (as) were firmly bonded together as if the two were fashioned from the same essence and the attention of Maseeh made the heart of the other his own resting place so that he might fulfill his urge through him. In this manner the Promised Messiah took on the identity of Maseeh and the fervent designs of Messiah (as) descended upon him by virtue of which his coming was metaphorically described in the revelations as the coming of Maseeh. [A’ina-e-Kamalat-e-Islam, pp. 254–255, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 5, pp. 254–255]

This spiritual reflection, by coming in the likeness of the Messiah (as) Jesus, is called the Promised Messiah.

On account of the current troubles, it was only the advent of the Maseeh that was called for. It was his people who had been corrupted and among whom the qualities of the Antichrist had spread.

Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) claimed to be a spiritual representative of Jesus Christ (pbuh) following the same attitude in life which denounced the use of force and coercion in the name of religion, that is the spirit of Christianity or rather, should be the spirit of Christianity that was taught by Jesus (pbuh). This teaching was that in the face of coercion or oppression in the name of God, one should try to show patience and ‘if struck on one cheek, offer the other one as well’.

This form of sacrifice would eventually win more hearts than would be the case with the use of sword. This is exactly what the followers of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian (as) do and so we believe that he was true in his claim that he is a true representative of the spiritual Jesus Christ(as).

The prophecies related to the re-advent of Jesus, the son of Mary, have seen the light of day, and Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, received the following revelation from God

Ja’alnaaka al Masih Ibn Maryam


“We have made thee the Messiah, son of Maryam”

“For shedding the light of Islam in the Christian world he is called Messiah, the son of Mary;

For illuminating the hearts of Muslims with the light of Islam he is called Mahdi.”

And this is the very interpretation given by the person who was raised in the fulfillment of these prophecies, when he says:

Choon Mera Hukm Az Paey Quame Maseehee Dadah And

Maslahat Ra Ibn Maryam Name Man Binhadah And

i.e., As I have been given the light for the Christian people, the name of the son of Mary has been given to me for this reason.

Fortunate Is He Who Takes Lessons From The Plight Of Others (Hadithun Nabi)

The Promised Messiah says:

God Almighty has disclosed to me in a clear vision that the [second] advent of Ibn-e-Maryam (as), [the son of Mary] is indicated metaphorically in the Holy Qur’an. [Izala-e-Auham, p. 667, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 3, p. 460] See verse meaning: And when the son of Mary is mentioned as a parable, lo! Your People raise a clamour there at; (al-Zukhruf, 43:58).

My Lord informed me that the descent of Messiah Jesus in its true meaning is a reality but neither Muslims nor the Christians have not understood the reality that the descent is spiritual and not physical!

God said, “We have made you Isa Ibn-e-Maryam [Jesus, son of Mary] and Allah has power to do all that He wills.” [A’ina-e-Kamalat-e-Islam, p. 426, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 5, p. 426]

Maseeh Ibn-e-Maryam [Messiah, son of Mary], Messenger of Allah, has died and you have come in his spirit according to promise. [Arabic] [God’s promise will certainly be fulfilled. [Izala-e-Auham, pp. 561–562, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 3, p. 402]

Tell them: I have come in the footsteps of Jesus.

They will say: ‘We have not heard any such thing from our ancestors’

Respond to them that: Your knowledge is limited; God knows best. You are content with the letter and obscurity. The true reality has not been disclosed to you.

Then the Merciful Lord referred me and said, “You will pass through different periods with different companions and will behold distant progeny. We shall bestow upon you a good life; eighty years or thereabouts.” [Izala-e-Auham, pp. 632–635, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 3, pp. 441–443]

O People! This is the truth from your Lord. Then be not one among the disbelievers.

God said to the Promised Messiah: “I shall exhibit My flash and shall exalt you as a demonstration of My Power. I shall make you famous with honour to the ends of the earth and shall exalt your name and shall put your love in the hearts of the people.” [Tadhkirah]

Tell them: O ye disbelievers I am of the truthful ones; and you will see my Signs after a while.

We shall show them Our Signs all around them as well as in their own lives. Proof will be established and victory will be clear.

The person who has appeared in the name of Jesus, the Messiah, has come to rid the world of diverse innovations in faith. His purpose is to establish truth in the world with peace and tenderness, teach people the way of true love and obeisance to their Creator, He is also to instruct mankind in true mutual sympathy and to remove selfish malice and passions among them, and establish pure harmony—unadulterated by hypocrisy—among the good natured servants of God.

Message to the Christians from the re-advent of Christ:

As my community knows, God’s real purpose in sending me is to remove all the misconceptions and misleading teachings of Christianity and to bring people from all over the world to the true religion.

The fulfillment of thousands of prophecies published before hand is such a proof of my truth that it can not fail to convince an unprejudiced mind. (Vol. II E. R. 1903).

Hear! Ye Christians of Europe and America! And Ye Seekers after truth!

Know it for certain that the Messiah who was to come has come and it is he who is speaking to you at this moment.

Heaven and earth have shown signs and the prophecies of the holy prophets of God have seen their fulfillment. Almighty God has shown through me thousands of signs and has furnished arguments of my truth in every way. I say to you truly that if the heavenly signs, which have been shown on my hands, had been shown by Jesus (as), son of Mary, the Jews would have been saved from destruction, except such as were the sons of perdition. Who is not aware of the effect of Jesus (as)’ signs on the mind of the Jews?

Only one instance is sufficient to illustrate it: The case of Judas Iscariot, the favorite apostle for whom a throne had been promised in Heaven, but who apostatized even in the presence of the master. Not only did he by his apostasy deprive himself of the promised throne but he also threw Jesus (as) into innumerable difficulties.

All ye that are desirous of perpetual happiness and eternal salvation fly to me, for here is the fountain which will purge you of all impurities, and here you will find the salvation which is the fruit of certainty and a strong faith and perfect knowledge.

Know it for certain that your trust in the blood of Jesus (as) is a vain trust. Had he been crucified not once but a thousand times, even then he could not have saved you. For Salvation is in faith and love and certainty, not in the blood of a man.

Time is giving you the warning that the theory of a blood bath is false theory; therefore, repent of such beliefs while there is time, before you are called to stand before the throne of God. Almighty God has sent me in this age that I might bear witness that all faiths have become corrupt, and have been tainted with falsehood.

The truth of my testimony is sealed by the Divine authority; the witness I bear is confirmed by the Divine seal being impressed upon it. I’m afraid you might bring yourselves under the judgment of God by rejecting truth.

To me is given the spirit against which no one can stand. If you know that there is none among you who with the assistance of the spirit can withstand the Holy Spirit that has been given to me, be sure that your silence would bring you under the judgment of God. And peace be unto those who follow the truth.

And peace be unto those who follow the truth. . (Vol. II B. R. 1903).

The Promised Messiah’s Message to all Mankind

I proclaim to all Muslims, Christians, Hindus and Aryas that I have no enemy in the world. I love mankind with the love that a compassionate mother has for her children; even more so. I am only the enemy of false doctrines which kill the truth (Ref: Roohani Khazain, Vol.17, Arbaeen, Pt.1, p.344)

It was revealed to him that he was the promised Reformer not only for the Muslims, Christians and Jews, but also for the Hindus, Buddhists, Confucians and Zoroastrians as predicted in their scripts.

He addressed the anticipation of the Messiah in the Christians & Muslims and all other world religions in the following words:

Remember very well that no one shall ever come down (after me) from heaven. All my opponents shall die and none shall ever see Jesus (as) coming down from heaven. Then God shall cause great consternation in their minds and they shall then say that the period of the dominance of the cross has also passed away and the way of life has changed completely, yet the son of Mary has not come down. Then in dismay the wise among them shall forsake this belief and three centuries from now shall not have passed when those who still await the coming shall relinquish altogether this conception. Then shall prevail only one religion over the whole world and there shall be only one religious leader. I came only to sow the seed which has been planted by my hand. It shall now grow and flourish and there is none who can hinder it. (Roohani Khazain, Vol. 20: Tazkiratush Shahadatain p.67 by the Promsised Messiah)

We had noted down earlier at the end of the crucifixion case of Jesus that…

NOTABLE NOTE: Neither the Jews, nor the Christians, have a firm belief that Jesus had died on the cross… And if take into consideration the Muslims of today, they have joined the Christians to agree that Jesus was taken up alive by God to be sent back at a later time.

God Almighty, to test the belief of the righteous, had created such circumstances wherefrom confusion arose and people assumed that Jesus (as) did die on the cross, but they had no clear proof available to satisfy them, however. The evidence was always clearly proved through Qur’an, which has now at the time of the Promised Messiah, become available as was expected.

Reasons to keep the secret till this day (I know you’re thinking this, surely): Tell me then, Isn’t there a time for everything?

God Almighty has caused the proofs and the reasons to be remained hidden, only to be manifested in the days of the Promised Messiah and only by himself were they shown out in the light. The Promised Messiah is none other than the returned Messiah Jesus. He himself has established, as clearly as the bright day, that Jesus did not die the cursed death on the cross.

The Promised Messiah, called for Muslims to abandon the sword and violence, and to spread and defend Islam by means of logic, intelligent arguments and love. Again Christ told us that the Promised One was to use this method to reach mankind.

“I will give you a mouth and wisdom and all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist.” (Luke 21:15)

What a clear description of the method used by Hazrath Ahmad to propagate Islam. In his life time, he wrote 84 books, and issued an open challenge to all his opponents to produce writings as good as his. His opponents avoided these challenges.


Why is the Promised Messiah sent from among the Muslims? I know you are thinking this…

“I had never any desire to claim to be the Promised Messiah on the other hand I loved to remain in solitude and to be quite unknown to the world abroad. But Divine wisdom ordained it otherwise and God enjoined me to come out of the corner of solitude which I loved. Almighty God doesnot love that greater honor and dignity should be attributed to a man than that to which he is entitled, for this is against His Unity. Hence because Jesus whom God sent as a Messiah to the Israelites was taken for a God, Divine jealousy ordained that another man should be sent as a Messiah so that the world may know that the first Messiah was nothing more than a weak mortal. Almighty God has, by raising one of the followers of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace and the blessings of God be upon him, to the dignity of the Messiah, not only corrected the error of the Christians in unduly exalting Jesus, but also revealed the true dignity, of him whose servant appears as the- Messiah of the last’ ages.

Another reason why the last Messiah is raised from among the Muslims is that Islam is a living’ religion whose blessings shall not be intercepted to the day of Judgment It shows how great is the sanctifying power of our Holy Prophet that his spirituality has not ceased to cast its wholesome influence upon his followers even after thirteen hundred years.” (Vol. TV R. R. 1905)

One God one Prophet and one Faith.

It (Quran) says:

There is no people among whom a warner has not been sent;” and again

the Holy Quran contains all the true and sacred scriptures that were revealed before it.

These verses show that in the earlier ages Almighty God gave a separate revelation to every nation which had settled in a different country because the circumstances then necessitated such a course, but that now He wills to make them all one as He is one. To gather all into one fold, He sent the Holy Quran and revealed therein that a time shall come when He shall make all people one nation, and all countries one land and all languages one language. …The communication of messages has been rendered easy to a degree which passes belief. From this it appears that it is the will of God to make all people one nation as they were one in the beginning, so that the circle of creation may be complete, and there may be one God, one Prophet and one Faith. The principle commends itself to every reasonable being that when different nations lived in different countries and had no means of easy communication and easy intercourse, Almighty God sent His prophets among all the people and did not keep back His favours and grace from any people, but when their union was rendered possible, He comprised all truths and all the rules of guidance in one heavenly Book and revealed it in a language which is the mother of languages, i. e., in Arabic (Vol. II K. R. 1903).


Another Proof: Muhammad (peace be upon him), also predicted that his people in the days of Messiah would be in the same condition as the Jews were at the time of the coming of their messiah. He said the similarity will be as complete as the similarity between ones right and left shoes. They would suffer from the same diseases and hardened hearts. Thus, if they were to suffer from the same diseases, the remedy must be the same, Messiah. A Messiah must appear to bring them back from rituals to spirituality, from aggression to defenseless sacrifice.

The concept of the redemption of mankind revolves around the concept of the Promised Messiah. For example, the Christians believe that the golden era of mankind will not dawn unless the Christ returns. They expect a new era, where mankind will be brought under one banner, and will gather around the call of Christ as one single community. This has been their expectation for nineteen centuries. Likewise, Muslims hold the same belief. They also believe the redemption of mankind revolves around the reappearance of Jesus (as Messiah & Mahdi).

Both believe that Christ physically ascended to heaven, and is to descend from the skies majestically in the latter days. The only difference between these two groups’ lies is the fact that Christians believe in Christ’s divinity, and Muslims accept him as a prophet and a messenger.

Christ did re-appear, but in a different way.

The prophecy of the return of a Prophet is a common aspect among many religions. Buddha, Krishna, Confucius etc., predicted their own return. Whenever such prophecies are made, they are always misunderstood by the people among whom the reappearance is to take place. Resulting in the fact that people are looking in a very different direction from which he will appear, and they will keep missing his arrival.

Did this not happen in the time of Jesus Christ? Weren’t the Jews expecting both Elijah & him, the messiah to reappear from heaven? Jesus did appear as the Messiah with Elijah but not in the way expected and so the prophecy remained unfilled in their eyes till today.

Sorry dear Muslims who wish to see the literal fulfillment of the prophecies… It is something never happened before; nor will it happen in the future. Unfortunately, mankind is making the same mistake, and the religious phenomenon is unfolding again, exactly as it happened the first time. Messengers are always to come from among the common lot of people, not from heavens or skies – Please understand!

The Holy Qur’an says:

[16:44] And We sent not as Messengers before thee but men to whom We sent revelation, so ask those who possess the Reminder (the Qur’an), if you know not.

‘O company of jinn and men! Did not Messengers come to you from among yourselves who related to you My Signs and who warned you of the meeting of this your day?’(Ch6:V131)

‘Proofs have indeed come to you from your Lord; so whoever sees, it is for his own good; and whoever becomes blind, it is to his own loss. And I am not a guardian over you.’ (Ch6:V105)

‘The messengers are sent because thy Lord would not destroy the towns unjustly while their people were unwarned.’ (Ch6:V133)

If the generation of today accepts this phenomenon, their lot is saved, if they don’t, they may be destroyed. Many past civilizations are illustrations of this phenomenon.

What would happen if we reject the Messiah?

And those who reject Our Signs, punishment will touch them, because they disobeyed. (Ch6:V50)

‘Those who have rejected Our Signs are deaf and dumb, in utter darkness. Whom Allah wills He lets go astray and whom He wills He places on the right path. (Ch6:V40)

The people of Noah, and Pharaoh were shown no mercy when they rejected the Messengers.

To look back in history it becomes so easy and common place to see how wrong these were to ignore the obvious.

However, when you project yourself back in time to those periods you’ll begin to understand what happens to people when a messenger appears. The people want a messenger from God to conform to their values, views and doctrines. They don’t expect the Messenger to come from among them and dismiss the society as completely lost and useless. They are not expecting the messenger to tell them that they must change.

Surely, you must know this:

The Promised Messiah (as) was once asked: ‘What will be the fate of the Muslims or others who oppose the Promised Messiah Mirza Sahib of Qadian? — will they ever progress in the world or would they be destroyed?’

The Promised Messiah (as) of Qadian replied: As stated in the Ahadith, at the time of the Messiah only those will be saved who follow the Promised Messiah. Those who reject and oppose him will slowly be wiped out

The Holy Qur’an adds to it:

Most surely We help Our Messengers and those who believe, both in the present life and on the day when the witnesses will stand forth. (Ch.40:V.52)

This verse holds out a promise to all Divine messengers that God’s help, comfort and support will always be with them and the evil designs and plans of their disbelieving opponents will all ultimately fail. The truth of this great promise has been demonstrated again and again throughout the history of prophet-hood.

This is confirmed by the Promised Messiah (as) where he states that this work is being done by God and it has been decided in the heavens that the Community of the Promised Messiah will spread and no one can halt its progress.

[8:60] And let not those who disbelieve think that they have outstripped Us. Surely, they cannot frustrate God’s purpose.

He says:

Unfortunate are those who have stayed away from our Jama’at. Within three hundred years it will come to pass that the Ahmadi Muslims will replace [the nations of] non-Ahmadi Muslims and the remaining non-Ahmadi Muslims will be of no consequence’, being so small in number.

[Copied from Comments – Acceptance of the Promised Messiah (as) Review of Religions – March 2002]

[20:127] God will say, ‘Thus it was to be; Our Signs came to thee and thou didst disregard them; and in like manner wilt thou be disregarded this day.’ [20:128] And thus do We recompense him who is extravagant and believes not in the Signs of his Lord; and the punishment of the Hereafter is surely severer and more lasting.

[20:129] Does it not afford guidance to them how many generations We destroyed before them, in whose dwellings they now walk? Therein verily are Signs for those who are endued with reason.

[20:130] And had it not been for a word already gone forth from thy Lord, and a term already fixed, immediate punishment would have been inevitable.

Only a microscopic bacterium is more than enough to wipe out the entire human kind: just refer to history and see how a small microscopic bacterium was able to kill millions just in a while… and you thought God needs to put high waves of Tsunami, terrible Tornadoes, and earthquakes [Read: Plague in Punjab below]? Well, think again how easy would it be to wipe you out if you are one among the disbelievers.


Hints from History in the Holy Qur’an:

[Ch.23: V.45] Then We sent Our Messengers one after another. Every time there came to a people their Messenger, they treated him as a liar. So We made them follow one another to destruction and We made them mere tales. Cursed, then, be the people who believe not! 

In the first place, God Almighty never allows His Divine purpose to be thwarted, or have His chosen Messengers disgraced and He prevents them from achieving their God-given mandate. The Qur’an says:

Never sent We a Messenger or a Prophet before thee, but when he sought to attain what he aimed at, Satan put obstacles in the way of what he sought after. But Allah removes the obstacles that are placed by Satan. Then Allah firmly establishes His Signs. And Allah is All-Knowing, Wise. (Ch.22: V.53)

Therefore, opposition to Prophets was doomed to fail.

The people of Noah (as), Hud (as), Salih (as), Shu‘aib (as), etc, one after the other, met a disastrous end while those who believed among them were saved.

The disbelievers among the people of Noah (as) were drowned (Ch.7:V.65; Ch.10:V.74),
while those of the people of Hud (as) were eradicated by an earthquake (Ch.7:V.73; Ch.11:V.61).

They were followed by the tribe of Thamud who were also destroyed by an earthquake while they slept (Ch.11:V.68).

Another quake which rained stones and clay destroyed Lot’s people. For the Midians who rejected Shu‘aib (as) met exactly the same fate as the people of Thamud had.

What’s your choice now?

Allah clearly says in the Holy Qur’an @ [20:100] Thus do We relate to thee the tidings of what has happened before. And We have given thee from Us a Reminder. 


We’ll talk on this topic in details in a while for now let’s go back to our question of Is Promised Messiah the re-advent of Isa, Ibn Maryam (Jesus, Son of Mary) of Muslims?

Let’s look into the matter, come Muslims.

Weren’t we told that the Promised Messiah is the re-advent of Jesus (pbuh) as well?

Holy Prophet himself had said:

“And I swear by the Lord who holds my life in His hands that the son of Mary shall surely appear among you as just arbiter and shall break the cross, annihilate the swine and abolish Jazia / stop war” (Sahih Bukhari, Kitab Bad’ul Khalq, Bab Nazooli Isa Bin Maryam)

Beware; there will be no prophet or messenger between Jesus, the son of Mary, and me. Remember, he shall be my Caliph after me to my people. (Translated from Tabrani al-Ausat was-Sagheer 6. Al-Baqarah, 190)

And, the Holy Prophet had again said:

“… Ummah (My people) can never die which has me (Mohammad) at one end, and the Messiah, son of Mary, at the other.” (Ibn Maja, Bab Al-I’atisam Bis-Sunnat)

“What will be your condition when the son of Mary will descend among you and he will be your Imam from among yourselves?” (Sahih Bukhari, Kitabul Anbiya, Bab Nazool Isa)

It is just possible that he who lives of you might meet Jesus the son of Mary who is the Mahdi and a just judge. He will break the cross and kill the swine…” (Masnad Ahmad Bin Hanbal, Vol. 2, p. 411)

Remember, whoever meets him should convey my greetings of peace (Salaam) to him. (Translated from Tabrani al-Ausat was-Sagheer 6. Al-Baqarah, 190)

Hadhrat Ali (ra), one of the great Caliphs of Islam is reported to have said: ‘The Mahdi shall resemble the Holy Prophet in character and not in personal appearance. The Promised Messiah will point out the errors of Christianity and it is on this count that he is called Jesus son of Mary. He will restore Islam to its pristine glory and lustre and is called Ahmad.’ (Hadithul Ghasia)

Earlier we have seen The orthodoxy Muslim’s expectations from the re-advent of Jesus: Now Allow me to Put down The Correct Interpretation According to Ahmadi Muslims, followers of the re-advent of Jesus (pbuh).

He will break the cross, kill the swine and he will stop war / Abolish Jazia.”

In this context the following pronouncement of the Promised Messiah (as) has great significance:

‘It was God’s design that the shining weapon, and the truth-disclosing reasoning, that should put an end to the doctrine of the cross, should be made manifest to the world by the Promised Messiah (who himself is the re-advent of Jesus), inasmuch as the Holy Prophet (saw) had prophesied that the religion of the cross would not enter upon its decline, nor would its progress be restrained, till the Promised Messiah appears in the world. It is he, the promised messiah who would achieve the breaking of the cross (meaning breaking of the false stories about Jesus, the blessed prophet) thus cleansing him of the allegation of dying of crucifixion).

Re-Advent of Jesus Prophesized …”By the One who owns my soul, it is nigh, of a certainty that the son of Mary will appear among you. He will be a judge, he will be just; so he will break the cross, kill the swine and he will stop war.” (Bukhari, Vol. 1, Babo Nozooli Isa)

With a slight variation at another place we read:

Remember, he shall be my Caliph after me to my people. Remember, he will vanquish Anti-Christ, break the Cross (with argument), abolish the taking of Jizya (tax collected from defeated people), as there would no longer be any war.

This prophecy indicated that under God’s design, in the time of the Promised Messiah, means would become available whereby the reality of the event of the crucifixion would become manifest. That will be the end of this doctrine.

1.”He will break the cross, …”

You might remember the orthodoxy’s vision of this expression – now allow me to put down the correct meaning before you: Logically speaking breaking the cross refers to removing of the stain of ‘Death by Crucifixion’ from the name of great Prophet Jesus (pbuh) because ‘Christ on the Cross’ is a symbol of Christianity… correct?

Bible, Qur’an & our History have ample testimonies available to prove that Jesus was saved from the cursed death on the cross by crucifixion, he was delivered and later-on after successful completion of mission he died a natural death. This truth was destined to come forth only in time and through The Promised Messiah, the re-advent of Jesus, and then the soul of Jesus will be freed, cleansed from a cursed death.

The Promised Messiah was come to bring forth the false understandings of Christian faith with truth from strong reasoning and powerful arguments and the fact will be established that Jesus was a great prophet, but not God and so the Christians will stop worshipping a man and henceforth the term ‘break the Cross’ comes true… understand?

The destruction of the Cross, therefore, stands for the ideological rout of Christianity.

2.”…, kill the swine ….”

The Traditions most assuredly did not convey that the Messiah would hunt down herds of wild boar or domesticated pigs.

Logically speaking: The word ‘swine’ is not to be taken in the literal sense rather it connotes the cultural filth of the world which has turned men into swininsh characters! The real task assigned to the returned Christ in this prophecy was to purify the human society from the inhumane behavior and some evil habits which the swine symbolizes. E.g.: The sexual anarchy sweeping across the world and many other such sinful characters. Evidently therefore, the message implied in this prophecy has to be to wage a Holy War against the perverted habit of humans which is swinish in character… clear?

3.”…he will vanquish Dajjal, the Anti-Christ…”

The Dajjal of Muslims which is the Antichrist of Christians, too, like the prophecy of coming Messiah, the Cross and the Swine is symbolic in nature.

Dajjal or the Antichrist symbolizes a great and powerful nation which rules not only the earth but also space. The Cross and the Swine are in fact symbols pertaining to this very nation. The traditions say that the Antichrist’s right eye will be sightless but his left eye will be large and bright clearly gives us the description of the fact that though this nation would be devoid of spiritual light, the right eye, yet its material insight and attainments would be great.

The Promised Messiah explained that the Antichrist’s donkey mentioned by the Holy Prophet in the prophecy to be a symbol too: a symbol that was used to describe the means of transportation of the days to come. All the features describing this ass are, without exception, identifiable with the fuel-powered vehicles invented. Consider the salient features of the ass as described in the traditions…

…it will eat fire, it will travel over land, over sea and above the air; its speed will be so great that it will cover a journey of months within the space of a few hours; the passengers will travel not on its back but in its belly which would be lit up; it will announce its departure and ask passengers to take their seats…

The fulfillment of these things with such wondrous exactness is a glorious testimony of the truth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw), peace be on him.

To enlighten further the Promised Messiah explains the prophecies relating to the advent of the Imam Mahdi are also symbolic. The wealth that he is supposed to distribute amongst Muslims is the wealth of spiritual knowledge and wisdom, and not the material wealth weighable in mass or money. The refusal of some to accept it further indicates what kind of wealth it was to be; for man is never satiated with material wealth: it is only the spiritual treasures that he spurns.

Thus the Promised Messiah, His Holiness Hazrath Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani, rejects the philosophy of Islamic renaissance as explained and propagated by the other sects of Islam as explained above. It visibly holds that this philosophy is at variance with the real intent of the Quranic teachings, at variance with the history of the prophets and most of all at variance with the demonstrated actions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Islam Ahmadiyyat shuns this ideological opiate which lulls nations into inaction and leads them into the world of make-believe and fantasy.

Few excerpts from the writings of the Promised Messiah:

In his book “Masih Hindustaan Mein”, Roohaani Khazaa’in [vol. 15. p. 12], He says:

As Islam does not permit the use of force or coercion for the purpose of its propagation, it is altogether vain and absurd to wait for a bloody Mahdi or a bloody Messiah; for it is not possible that anyone should appear who should convert people to Islam by the sword contrary to the clear teaching of the Quran.

It is worthy of reflection that if a person does not accept the true faith because he is not yet aware of its truth, holy teaching and inherent good qualities, then should he be immediately put to the sword? Indeed such a person deserves to be treated mercifully and should be informed gently and courteously of the truth and excellences and spiritual beneficence of the faith, and not that his denial should be repelled by the sword or the gun. Therefore, the commonly held doctrine of Jehad put forward by certain Muslim sects—and their teaching that the time is approaching when a fighting Mahdi will appear whose name will be Imam Muhammad, and that Jesus will descend from heaven to join him and help him and that the two together will slaughter all the people who refuse to accept Islam—is most un-ethical. Is this not a doctrine which stultifies all the pure faculties of man and generates emotions like those of wild beasts? People who hold such doctrines have to behave hypocritically towards everyone else.” [Masih Hindustaan Mein, Roohaani Khazaa’in vol. 15, p. 8]

In [Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Roohaani Khazaa’in vol. 22,p. 521], he says:

God named me Maseeh-e-Qaa’im (the firmly entrenched Messiah) for the purpose of breaking the Cross—so that the Messiah, in his second coming, should break the Cross which had once broken the earlier Messiah and had injured him. But (sic. this was to be accomplished) with the Heavenly Signs, and not with human hands. Since God’s Prophets cannot remain vanquished therefore, in the Twentieth Century of the Christian calendar, God intended again to vanquish the Cross at the hands of the Messiah.” [Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Roohaani Khazaa’in vol. 22,p. 521]

“A God fearing person can understand that in the beginning of this fourteenth century when thousands of attacks were mounted against Islam, a Mujaddid (revivalist of the faith) was needed so that he could demonstrate the truth of Islam. But, of course, this Mujaddid was named as ‘Messiah son of Mary’ because he has come to demolish the Cross. And God intends that just as He had previously delivered the Messiah from the Jewish Cross, so also He will now deliver him, at the present time, from the Christian Cross. Since the Christians have gone to the extreme of fabricating for the purpose of making a man into God, therefore God’s Dignity and Honour intended to appoint another man under the name of Messiah, and thereby eliminate these fabrications. This is God’s doing, although it may appear surprising in the eyes of human beings.” [Anjaam-e-Aatham, Roohaani Khazaa’in vol. 11, p. 321]


For Muslims: The son of Mary had died long before and it is an established fact that the dead never return to this world, (The Quran, 21:95), so it is obvious that the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of God be on him, could not mean the coming of the same son of Mary who was put on the cross. Moreover, the Holy Prophet has further made his meaning clear by saying that he would be”from among yourselves,” that is, he would neither descend from the heavens nor would be the same son of Mary born 2000 years back! Moreover, he would appear from among the Muslims of the age itself by saying…

“What will be your condition when the son of Mary will descend among you and he will be your Imam from among yourselves?” (Sahih Bukhari, Kitabul Anbiya, Bab Nazool Isa)

“ …FROM YOURSELVES”. Please people, understand it.

It is just possible that he who lives of you might meet Jesus the son of Mary who is the Mahdi and a just judge. He will break the cross and kill the swine…” (Masnad Ahmad Bin Hanbal, Vol. 2, p. 411)

In pondering over the above traditions one is bound to come to the veritable conclusion that the Mahdi is no other than the Messiah promised to Muslims.

Going back to history, towards the end of 1890 C.E Almighty Allah revealed to this promised Messiah that Prophet Jesus, peace be on him, had died and the prophecy of his second advent was to be fulfilled by a person like Jesus, and that he himself. Among the revelations, which he received to this effect, was the following:

“The Messiah, son of Mary, prophet of Allah, had died and in his attribute thou hast come in accordance with the promise. And the promise of Allah was bound to be fulfilled.” [Tazkirah, revelations of the Promised Messiah, peace be on him]

After receiving this explanation from Almighty God, Hazrat Ahmad, peace be on him, claimed in 1891 to be the promised Messiah as prophesied. Hazrat Ahmad, peace be on him, also gave arguments in support of his claim and wrote books, Fatah-Islam (Victory of Islam), Tauzih-Maram (Explanation of Objectives) and Izalai-Auham (Removal of Suspicions). He asserted that Almighty God had sent him to give spiritual life to the people.

The Promised Messiah stated that God has appointed me, in the name of Christ, to call the entire world to that unity of which both Muslims and Christians have been awaiting for many centuries.

His advent was in fulfillment of all of the various prophecies regarding the promised reformer of the latter days. In short all the prophecies were fulfilled with great accuracy in a most elegant manner.

Explaining the Purposes of his Advent he said:

“When Almighty God saw that the world was steeped in iniquities, transgressions and errors He raised me to draw it from this state of degradation and commanded me to preach the truth and claim the world from the evils into which it had fallen.

So exactly at the time when the thirteenth- century of Hijra had come to a close and the world had entered upon the fourteenth century, I announced my mission in obedience to the Divine Commandments and made it known to the people through my words and writings that I was the Reformer promised to appear at the commencement of the fourteenth century for the reformation of the faith, so that I should re-establish upon the earth the faith which had vanished from its face, and that being strengthened by God, I might draw the world by the powerful attraction of His hand to true virtue, piety and righteousness and remove the prevailing errors in doctrine and practice.”‘ (Vol.1 Review of Religions 1903)

He proclaimed, there is only one God and all human beings are His creation. Religion of Islam is submission to God. It does not impose compulsion on any one. All people are free to choose whatever pleases them. It not only does not condone racism & violence rather condemns all forms of violence and terrorism in any form and for any purpose. It promotes tolerance & enjoins respect for all others, repelling of evil with good and even foregoing of one’s legitimate rights for the establishment of peace & harmony and makes a complete truce between all religions and people.

It teaches that all religions of the World have emanated from God alone. Their teachings at the source were all true but being limited for specific people and time and after fulfilling their purpose were replaced by God with better teachings, which were in accordance with the developed human needs throughout the ages around the globe. On the complete maturity of humanity and means of communications the Wise God had raised Hadhrat Muhammad (saw) as Universal Prophet and after upgrading & finalizing all previous revelations in to a perfect form had revealed His perfect, universal and final law in the form of Holy Quran for the unification of all religions and mankind into one single universal fold.

My Lord has informed me that I am like the Ark of Nuh [Noah (pbuh)] for mankind; whoever comes to me and enters into the covenant will be safeguarded from being lost. [A’ina-e-Kamalat-e-Islam, p. 486, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 5, p. 486]

Today the earth is covered with the flood of error. You should get into this ark because whoever boards this ark would be delivered from being drowned and whoever will persist in denial will face death & failure.

In 1893 My Lord has commanded me from heaven that: Construct the ark under Our supervision and according to Our revelation. Stand up and warn [people about the impending calamities] for you have been commissioned to warn people whose ancestors have not been warned and so that the way of the guilty ones might be fully exposed. When He determines upon a thing He directs it to ‘Be’; and it is.

Do you wonder at what God does?

Say: Allah is the Most Wonderful of all who are wonderful. He exalts whom He wills and abases whom He wills; He bestows honour on whom He wills and humiliates whom He wills and chooses for Himself whom He wills. He is not called to account concerning that which He does and they will be called to account. Say: All praise belongs to Allah Who has removed from me all matter of grief and has bestowed upon me that which He has not bestowed upon anyone in the world.

God said:

“Call My servants to the truth and give them good tidings of the days of [the manifestation of the Glory of] Allah and call them to the clear book. Those who enter into a covenant with you enter into a covenant [not with you, but] with Allah. Allah’s hand is above their hands. Allah will be with them wherever they might be, if they are faithful to their covenant. Say: If you love Allah, then follow me, Allah will then love you and will furnish you with [His special] light and will bestow upon you a distinction and will include you among those who are helped. Allah is with those who are righteous and Allah is with those who do good. [A’ina-e-Kamalat-e-Islam, pp. 373–375, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 5, pp. 373–375]


Remember, I had asked you to note down two points earlier… Now let me elaborate as why did I want you to note down those two references:

Points noted earlier:

1. Jesus (as) appeared thirteen centuries after Moses (pbuh).

2. The followers of Moses (pbuh) were divided into 12 tribes or to count in sects, they were seventy-two sects at that time.

First: Thirteenth century after the death of Moses, Jesus, the messiah was the Restorer of the Israelite law.

The story: Though the Jews were looking out in this Thirteenth century for the Promised Messiah, and the prophecies of the previous prophets also pointed to this very time for his appearance, yet, alas! The unworthy priests of the Jews did not recognize the messiah (Jesus) and rejected him as an impostor! Not only this: they declared him an apostate, charged him of blasphemy, called him an unbeliever and finally pronounced the decree of death against him, and dragged him into court.

This showed that God had assembled in the Thirteenth century the influences which made the people’s hearts callous, the priests worldly, blind, and enemies of truth.

Is the first case clear? I hope, yes.

Now see the second case: History was to be repeated.

Have you heard of this Biblical prophecy where God says to Moses,”I will raise them up a Prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee, and will put My word in his mouth; and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command… (Deut. Ch. 18:18, 19)

Right; So that prophet among their brethren was none other than Prophet Mohammad (saw)

And when that Prophet had come, this was revealed (addressing the people):

“Verily, We have sent to you a Messenger who is a witness over you, even as We sent a Messenger to Pharaoh”. (Ch. 73:16)

The clear reference above confirms our point. Did you understand it?

Now moving on…

Holy Prophet Mohammad (May peace and the blessings of God be upon him) had come approximately 1400 years before today.

Prophet Mohammad (saw) had prophesied that Jesus would return as in his first life as the Messiah but only after 1300 years have passed! Jesus was to come after him not only as a Messiah but also as the Mahdi and again he was to shoulder the responsibility of the reformer expected & prophesized by all religions of this world.

Things did repeat.

Naturally then, as expected the priests & the people did not recognize the messiah and rejected him as an impostor again! Not only this:

As happened in the past they declared him as an apostate, charged him of blasphemy, called him an unbeliever and finally pronounced the decree of death against him, and dragged him into court.

— a Roman court was in the first one case and in the second it was a British court.

Ultimately, both were rescued; and the priests of the Jews and the Muslims were foiled in their designs. God had intended to raise great communities for both the Messiahs, and to defeat the designs of their enemies, In short, the fourteenth century after Moses and the fourteenth century after our Holy Prophet (peace and the blessings of God be upon him) are for their respective Messiahs trying, as well as — in the long run — blessed.

To put it all point wise:

Let us see Similarities between Jesus Christ and Mirza Ghulam Ahmad [This is a sub-part of the above title]

1. Jesus (as) came as the Messiah for the Ummah (people) of Moses (as) 1300 years after the death of Moses.

1. Hazrath Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) came as the Messiah for the Ummah (people) of Mohammad (saw) 1300 years after the death of Mohammad (saw).

2. Jews of Israel were under the foreign occupation of Romans where Jesus (as) Came: Muslims of India were under the foreign occupation of British when Hazrath Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) Came

3. Jews at the time of Jesus (as) were expecting a Bloody Messiah who would bring victory to them through physical warfare: Muslims at the time of re-advent of Jesus (as) were also expecting a Bloody Messiah who would bring victory to Islam through physical warfare.

4. Jesus came with the message of Love, Peace & Forgiveness: Returned Jesus in the person of Hadhrath Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) again came with the same message of Love, Peace & Forgiveness:

5. Jews were expecting a literal descent of Elijah before the coming of the Messiah: Muslims were expecting the literal descent of a Bloody warrior Messiah in the name of Jesus before the coming of their Mahdi

6. Jews falsely claimed that Jesus died an accursed death: Similarly Muslims falsely claimed that Hadhrath Ahmad (as) died an accursed death

Were these similarities between Jesus & Hadhrat Ahmad a mere co-incidence? Think with a pure heart then, my dear, and you might understand.

These serve as a proof of the truth of the Promised Messiah, but yes: It only serves God-fearing people who ponder over it.


Another Sign: Plague in Punjab

God Almighty demonstrated many heavenly signs in support of the Promised Messiah (AS). One of the many signs He manifested was the sudden appearance of plague in the province of Punjab.

Plague, was just one of the many punitive signs which he, the Promised Messiah prophesied as well.

On February 6th, 1898 Hadhrat Ahmad (AS), the Promised Messiah saw in a vision:

“Angels of God are planting black trees in different places of Punjab. These plants are very ugly, black, frightening and stunted. I asked the person planting these trees, what kind of trees are these? He replied that these were plague trees, which would spread in the country very shortly.” (Ayyam al-Sulh, page 121)

But this was so great a sign of extraordinary import because this is not just a sign of the truth of the Promised Messiah (as), but also a sign of the truth of the Quran and its Bearer Prophet Mohammad (saw) of the Quran.

Vision of the Promised Messiah matches with the words of Allah in the Holy Qur’an [27:83]:

And when the sentence is passed against them, We shall bring forth for them an insect out of the earth, which shall wound them because people did not believe in Our Signs.

Many a past Muslim scholar and commentator of the Quran has related this prophecy to the age when the Mahdi and the Messiah would appear.

Coming back to the story…

The Promised Messiah immediately published this important warning through newspapers and pamphlets to the world at large. He explained that the plague of which he had foretold was the same calamity implied in the verse of the Holy Qur’an.

After this initial warning, many others followed, further elaborating the nature of the impending plague and the manner in which it would strike. The Promised Messiah (as) was told in no uncertain terms that this plague would devastate large areas in the Punjab, and village after village would be emptied of life. Death would knock at every door and strike the townships from end to end leaving a trail of horror behind as it went. Qadian, the township where he himself dwelled, would be no exception, he declared, but the plague there would be employed to further enhance the sign of his truth. It would strike all around his house but would not be permitted to step within its four walls.

He received a revelation from the Almighty Allah:

‘I will save all who dwell in the House.’

(Tazkirah—Collection of the Revelations and Dreams of the Promised Messiah—HAZRAT MIRZA GHULAM AHMAD OF QADIAN)

For those who sought and cared for his shelter, he made it clear that this promise of security would not be confined only to such as occupy his house physically but would also cover those who dwell in his spiritual home—the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Thus he delivered manifest warnings to all who rejected him and gave glad tidings of miraculous protection to all who believed.

It is noteworthy that this virulent disease was unheard of in the history of Punjab.

His opponents ridiculed him. However, when finally the hour struck, it struck to toll the bell over the funeral of his sworn enemies. In fulfillment of this revelation, bubonic plague broke out in various cities of Punjab. The havoc created by this scourge was surely a stern reminder of the Day of Judgment. With an average of thirty to forty thousand people dying every week, thousands of villages, towns, and cities were deserted overnight.

Many among them had publicly vowed that it would be Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) himself who would die of the plague. But it was they themselves who were stricken by the plague along with their families, one after the other, until none were left to mourn their death. Many of his adversaries began to die one after the other and the remaining waited in suspense and fear. But the plague touched him not [The Promised Messiah]. It touched neither him nor his wife, none of his sons or daughters were afflicted by the plague either. Nothing happened to him and to those who lived within the boundaries of his physical and spiritual abode of peace and security.

This strange fact could not be explained away by any factor-of-chance or accident.

No earthly logic could account for the distinct partiality with which the plague treated the Ahmadi Muslims in hundreds of villages of mixed population. This miracle repeated itself everywhere with such brilliance as even the blind could see. And many blind did see and rushed towards the safe haven of Ahmadiyyat in such numbers as had never happened before. And lo, they were saved!

There were villages where no one was left to carry the coffins of the victims of the plague to the nearby graveyards, except the followers of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as). They carried the corpses of the disbelievers on their shoulders to the burial ground without the least fear of contracting the plague, Subhan’Allah!

This protection was in no way accidental.

The Promised Messiah (as) says:

1902 (A) In those days God Almighty addressed me and gave me the assurance: You and those who dwell inside your house and those who become identified with you through perfect obedience and complete righteousness shall all be safeguarded against the plague. This will be a Sign from God in these latter days so that He might demonstrate a distinction between people [Kashti-e-Nuh, p. 2, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 19, p. 2]

Also, I have been told that the members of my Jama‘at, however large in number they might be, will be safeguarded against the plague as compared with those who are opposed to me. [Kashti-e-Nuh, p. 2, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 19, p. 2]

I say repeatedly that God will so demonstrate this prophecy that no seeker after truth will remain in doubt and every sincere person will realize that God has dealt with this Jama‘at [Community] in a miraculous way. It will be a divine Sign that in consequence of the plague this Jama‘at will grow in a supernormal way which will be looked upon with wonder. [Kashti-e-Nuh, p. 5, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 19, pp. 5–6]

THE TALE OF THE PLAGUE in the Punjab is an amazing tale indeed.

It testifies to the truth of the Promised Messiah (as) in letter and spirit.

How could a man claim protection even from the common cold as a sign of his truth?

To speak of the plague to show distinct partiality to his followers was too tall a claim to be made by an ordinary mortal if God Himself had not vouchsafed it to him. It was an exceptionally tall claim indeed that all who would sincerely submit to his authority as the divinely appointed Imam of the age would be spared the agony of the plague.

HOW COULD the plague differentiate between people who believed in the Promised Messiah and those who did not will always remain a mystery, but not for those who believe in the limitless attributes of the Omnipotent God.

The prophecy had a positive impact on right-minded people; a lot of them joined the Community.

As Allah says in the Holy Qur’an:

In that surely are Signs for a people who reflect. [The Holy Qur’an 30:22]

Concerning the verse of the Quran upon which this entire prophecy is based, let us draw the reader’s attention to the fact that this verse in itself is a miracle.

We humbly invite the attention of naturalists to this unique example and beg them to search their minds and hearts. Can they really dismiss this exception as a mere accident?


To Conclude:

Anybody who is prepared to deliberate upon them with the intention of finding out the truth will not only perceive the truth but will be convinced of it. Hazrat Mirza Sahib is the Messiah promised and commissioned by God for our time; he is His Messenger.

To wait for anyone else is pointless.

A person who gains this conviction will hasten to declare his belief, as one who is thirsty will run to a spring. He will not hang back for a moment, but will at once enter the Messiah’s fold and will think it his salvation.

And for Muslims, I wonder! What can be more convincing for a Muslim than the testimony of God and His Prophet? For Hazrath Sahib (as) we have the testimony of both, and furthermore, the testimony of other prophets as well.

Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) declared that he is the Promised Messiah and Mahdi of the Muslim world, the re-advent of Jesus, and the promised messiah awaited by all of the true faiths of the world; He, as believed, proved to be the world unifier with a message of love and peace and truth for all.

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Promised Messiah and Mahdi says:

The signs fulfilled so far are so numerous that there is no room left for an honest mind to deny them. All the earthly and heavenly signs of the appearance of the Promised Messiah have been manifested in my time. The eclipse of the sun and the moon in the month of Ramadhan happened some time ago, the comet has appeared; earthquakes have occurred; epidemics became rampant; Christianity has forcefully spread in the world and as was written, opposition to me has been very intense. All these signs have been fulfilled. (Kitabul Bariyya, p. 259-260)

Blessed are those who recognize the Imam of the age and join the fold of the Promised Messiah and Mahdi as was commanded by the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of God be on him):

Man Maata Wa Lam Ya’Arif Imam Zamanihee Faqad Maata Meetatal Jahiliyyata, i.e.,”He who dies in a condition that he has not recognized the Imam of the age dies a death of ignorance.” (Musnad Ahmad Bin Hanbal, Vol. 4, p. 96)

Fa Iza Ra’aitomooho Fa Bayiooho Wa Lau Habwan Alas Salji Fa Innahoo Khalifatullahul Mahdi, i.e.,

When you hear the advent of Mahdi then enter into his fold even if you have to walk on snow by crawling and creeping to reach him.” (Kanzul Ummal; also footnotes to Musnad Ahmad Bin Hanbal, Vol. 6, p. 29-30)

One who obeyed Imam Mahdi obeyed me, one who disobeyed him disobeyed me.” [Biharul Anwaar ].

One who rejected Imam Mahdi he did kufr” [Hajj Al-Kiramah ].

The Promised Messiah has rightly remarked when he said:

Had my claim been put forward on my own, you would have been free to reject me, but if God’s Holy Prophet bears witness for me in his prophecies and God manifests His signs in my support, then do not wrong yourselves by rejecting me. Say not that you are Muslims and have no need of accepting any Messiah. (Ayyamus Sulah, p. 93)

And who is more unjust than he who invents a lie concerning Allah, or rejects the truth when it comes to him? Is there not an abode in Hell for the disbelievers? [Ch.29. Vs. 69]

But who does greater wrong than he who forges a lie against Allah while he is invited to Islam? Allah guides not the wrongdoing people.

And as for the disbelievers:

They desire to extinguish the light of Allah with the breath of their mouths, but Allah will perfect His light, however much the disbelievers may dislike it. He it is Who has sent His Messenger with the guidance and the Religion of truth, that He may cause it to prevail over all religions, however much those who associate partners with Allah may dislike it.” [Quran: Ch. 61: V. 7-10]

Let us now proceed on to discuss the…

Life of the expected Promised Prophet Prophesized:

There is a saying of the Holy Prophet (saw) in which he said:

He [The Messiah], in the beginning, will be like poor stranger unknown and uncared for, and Islam then will be in the hopeless and helpless plight of an exhausted camel who has laid down its head and is wagging its tail. With such a start he will establish an empire of God in this world. He will be the final demonstration and proof of God’s merciful Wish to acquaint man with the right ways of life. (Sorry, I forgot copying the reference  …can anybody help? please)

Phew! Did you see that: He will be the final demonstration and proof of God’s merciful Wish to acquaint man with the right ways of life? Don’t loose this chance my dears, you’ll not have another.

According to this saying then, the Messiah would appear to have a small and powerless community, but will try to bring the world together under the banner of truth and justice, i.e. Islam

Promised Messiah Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was mocked at having been born in a simple, small, rejected village, twelve miles from the nearest seed of civilization, with no railway or telegraph.

In one of his revelations Allah, the Almighty vouchsafed him the following revelation:

“Alay sallahu bi’Kaafin Abdahoo”[Al Zumaar 39:37]

Is not God sufficient for His servant?

This revelation gave him mental comfort and abundant solace. Future incidents demonstrated that God Almighty indeed assisted him in every situation… certainly God is sufficient for every of his servant.

These words of revelation were later carved in a stone and made into a signet ring which he wore all his life. Copying the messiah, all Ahmadi Muslims wear silver rings with this ayat [verse] from Qur’an-e-Kareem which constantly reminds them that Allah is with us and enough for us.

Most Ahmadi Muslims wear it always.

Magnificence of this Messiah

Once He [The Promised Messiah] fasted for six months and met with many past saints and prophets including the Holy Prophet while fully awake.

To illustrate the holiness of this prophet, leme present before you: A divine vision of His in his own words:

In a vision I saw that I had drawn up with my own hand certain divine decrees which relate the future and then presented the paper to God Almighty for His signature. It should be borne in mind that it often happens in visions and true dreams that some Divine attributes of beauty or glory appear in human form to the person seeing the vision and he imagines the form to be God Almighty. This experience is well known to those who are favoured with visions and cannot be denied. On my presenting that document to God Almighty Who appeared in the form of a ruler, He dipped His pen in red ink and to remove the excessive, sprinkled it away and with the ink that remained at the point of the pen He signed the document. Thereupon the vision came to an end.

When I opened my eyes I saw several drops of red ink fall on my clothes and two or three of them fell on one Abdullah of Sannaur who was sitting near me at the time. That red ink which was part of the vision became materialized and became visible externally, Subhan’Allah!

[The above vision happened in The Hujrah Room that is now open for visitors to pray; This room is a part of the House of The Promised Messiah and called Dar-ul-Messiah in the Dar-ul-amaan Qadian, which also has many other rooms which are sacred in nature because The Promised Messiah of all world faiths was born & lived here and also because the future of this planet was decided in them.]

The Promised Prophet says: I have seen several other visions of the type which it would take too long to set down, but whereby my own experience confirmed that sometimes a matter that is observed in a vision assumes external form by the command of Allah. These matters cannot be appreciated through reason alone.

Indeed a person who is afflicted with the pride of his reason hears these things and affirms arrogantly that they are impossible and false and that the person who claims to have had such experience is either a liar or is mad or is self-deceived and for lack of proper research has not been able to penetrate to the reality. Such a one does not reflect that those matters which are testified to by thousands of the righteous from their personal experiences and of which they undertake a demonstration to those who might keep company with them, are not to be lightly set aside. Apart from the wonders of the world of visions, reason has not been able to comprehend fully that which pertains to the world of reason and there are millions of mysteries which are still hidden beyond the reach of reason (Surma Chashm Arya (Qadian, 1886), Now published in Ruhani Khazain, Volume 2 (London, 1984), pp. 127-133, footnote).

And He adds: Very often the wonders of the Holy Qur’an are revealed to me and are such that they are not to be found in any of the commentaries written. For instance, it has been revealed to me that the period that elapsed between the creation of Adam and the advent of the Holy Prophet [peace and blessings of Allah be on him] is mentioned in Surah al-‘Asr in the value of its letters and amounts to 4,740 lunar years.” [Izala-e-Auham, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 3, pp. 255-262]

On one occasion I was shown in a vision some books of expert physicians which contained a discussion of the principles of physical medicine, among which was included the book of the expert Physician Qarshi, and it was indicated to me that these Books contained a commentary on the Holy Qur’an. This shows that there is a deep relationship between the science of bodies and the science of religion and that they confirm each other. When I looked at the Holy Qur’an, keeping in mind the books that dealt with physical medicine, I discovered that the Holy Qur’an sets out in an excellent manner the principles of physical medicine.” [Chashma-e-Ma‘rifat, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 23, pp. 102-103]

Throughout his life, the Promised Prophet, enjoyed the help and love of God, as prophets and favourites of God have always done.

He was granted victory after victory.

He was protected from intrigues and attacks.

His enemies suffered disgrace and death, as enemies of the prophets and the messengers of God suffered in the past.

The processes of nature pressed themselves into the service of his cause and heaven and earth moved in his favour. A special knowledge of the Holy Quran was bestowed on him, also special means for its diffusion.

He invited all and sundry, including the most learned, to test his claim to miraculous and intellectual gifts, but nobody dared to do so.

His miraculous Arabic works and his special knowledge of the meaning of the Holy Quran remained unchallenged. And why, Had not God Himself promised that ‘only the pure in heart will have access to the Holy Book’ (56:80)?

He was granted also the knowledge of the unseen. Several thousand examples of this knowledge were shown by him with the special help of God. His prophecies came true and afforded visible evidence of the Might and Power of God. This accorded with God’s own law, for God only grants an abundance of such knowledge to His chosen Messengers. Throughout his life he remained a devotee of God and His Prophet. He left behind his followers who are sincere in word and deed. A number of them enjoy special contact with God, including me – the writer of this message, Masha’Allah, Subhan’Allah, Al’humdulillah and this is a blessing beyond compare.

The believers of this prophet are able to quicken the spiritually dead and to resolve spiritual difficulties. They are devoted to caring for religion, indifferent to worldly interests and worldly contacts. They long for the glory and triumph of Islam and care about nothing else. These facts bear witness to the authenticity of Hazrat Mirza Sahib (as).

Books of the Promised Messiah

Hadrath Ahmad (as) had established himself as a respected writer; God illumined The Promised Messiah’s mind with His own light and blessed him with the mastery of the pen and with beauty and sweetness of expression and helped him write scores of books of unsurpassed brilliance and to deliver discourses which are rich repositories of learning and spiritual knowledge.

He had written over 90 books – one of his greatest scholarly works was The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam, which was prepared as a paper and read out at the Conference of Great Religions in 1896. He also wrote a fascinating treatise in 1899 entitled Jesus in India, a book that uncovered remarkable evidence of Jesus’ (as) journey to India.

All his books are available online: Read them. It is important that you refer our literature ONLY from – refer NO other website please for there is much nonsense posted online and offline in his name and with the title of his books by the mischief-makers, the disbelievers!

Prophet Ahmad (as)’s love for God, his devotion to the Holy Prophet and his complete immersion in the Holy Quran were simply matchless and unparalleled. His love for Islam prompted the unceasing flow of powerful writings that set leaders of diverse faiths on the defensive. God had blessed him with two special gifts, the gift of knowledge and the gift of the power to communicate that knowledge. The miracle of the pen, whether in Urdu or Arabic, with which he was divinely blessed, remains unchallenged for all times.

Prophet Ahmad (as)’s pen produced a magic, cast a spell, exercised a fascination and hypnotized the reader in a way that no writer could ever claim. His cold logic, his power of reasoning, his marshalling of arguments, his method of induction and deduction, his dynamism in style and expression left his friends and foes dumbfounded and speechless.

Hadhrat Ahmad (as), deservingly called ‘Sultan-ul-Qalam’, had established himself as a respected writer and had written over 90 books and tens of thousands of letters, delivered hundreds of lectures, and engaged in scores of public debates. His rigorous and rational defenses of Islam unsettled conventional Muslim thinking. As part of its effort to revive Islam, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community continues to spread Prophet Ahmad’s (as) teachings of moderation and restraint in the face of bitter opposition from parts of the Muslim world and not to mention we’ve been re-defining success since his times, Al’humdulillah.

His writings contain all the truths based on the principles of the knowledge of religion and answers to the allegations, accusations, objections and whimsical views of the opponents of Islam like Jews, Christians, Magians, Aryas, Brahmins, other idol worshippers, atheists, naturalists and non-religious people.

A discussion on the basic religious beliefs of the followers of other religions and a comparison between the Holy Qur’an and other religions are also presented. They also contain the explanation of the secrets of the word of God. The wisdom of the Holy Qur’an becomes manifest throughout.

All the discussions have been penned with great coolness and fineness and in perfect accordance with the rules of discussion; everything has been said in a lucid manner and understanding has been made easy. His writings have been translated into more than 60 languages and continue to inspire readers to this day.

All his books are available online: It is important that you refer our literature ONLY from alislam . org (refer NO other website)

Here’s the list of Books written by Him:

These were originally written in Arabic, Urdu & Persian, however, successful English Translation of many were done and many are yet in progress…

You would want to search and download and read as many of His books possible for all the above are treasure troves of knowledge – Each is so full of astonishingly miraculous spiritual knowledge that will make you stick to it till the end and you’ll left with a desire of wanting to know more.

These will serve as ‘Elixir of Life’ to you.

All of those books are available online for free at – download them all or can have hard copies of those delivered to you if you contact the concerned department.

Ruhani Khazain: Collection of the Books of Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, The Promised Messiah and Mahdi (peace be on him)

Click to read books of the Promised Messiah

It discusses all the essentials of faith and comprises all the verities upon which these principles are based, and all the lofty truths that are collectively described as ‘Islam.’ Readers will acquire a comprehensive understanding of the essentials of Islam and become immune to the ploys of impostors and deceivers. Rather, they will become excellent teachers and astute guides for others.

His books contain 300+ strong and compelling arguments in support of the truth and principles of Islam. The truth of this faith will become evident to every seeker after truth, except, of course, those who are completely blinded by prejudice and dwell in its darkness.

His books respond to all the doubts and misgivings caused by the Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians, Aryah Samajists, Brahmu Samajists, idol worshippers, atheists, naturalists, freethinkers or agnostics. The principles of other faiths have also been thoroughly and rationally scrutinized and all their false doctrines and creeds have been shown in stark contrast to the true principles of the Holy Quran. The beauty of a precious gem, after all, is all the more appreciated when set in contrast.

Those who read this book will become cognizant of the truths and subtleties of the Holy Quran. Furthermore, the wisdom and deep insight of the Holy Book [Quran]—whose illuminating radiance is the source of Islam’s light—shall become evident to all.

This book argues its points in a very solid, reasoned and balanced fashion, but without compromising the requirements of grace and lucidity. This manner of argumentation will prove to be an excellent means of fostering knowledge and lending maturity to thought and perception. The study and use of sound rational arguments sharpens the intellect, the understanding of subtle points helps enhance the power of comprehension, and the exercise of proper argumentation establishes one’s mind squarely upon the truth. It also helps to develop and perfect the ability to discern the basis and real truth of every point of contention—which is essential for the perfect development of our intellectual faculties and on which depends the honour and prestige of the human self.

Promises of the Lord to the Promised Prophet:

I shall bestow honour upon you and shall foster you. I shall bless all your affairs so much so that kings will seek blessings from your garments. [Asmani Faisalah, third edition, p. 37, November 1901, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 4, p. 342]

The opponents, who are destined to be forgiven, will fall into prostration and will supplicate: Lord forgive us, for we were in error.

There shall be no blame upon you this day. Allah will forgive you; and He is the Most Merciful of all those who show mercy.

It has been revealed to the Promised Messiah by the Gracious God saying:”I shall humiliate him who designs to humiliate you.” [A’ina-e-Kamalat-e-Islam, p. 382, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 5, p. 382]

Come, let us call all our people and pray fervently for the triumph of the truth.


Click to read truth and bring into light the least known secrets of life, crucifixion and death of Jesus.

All information is supported by historical & scientific proofs leaving no shred of doubt on any matter – I urge all of you to please please please – Read them.

Read them and know the truths; please let go of the stupid stories you been made to believe in till today… Come out of the darkness now – walk into brightness and change your lives.


Truth of the Promised Messiah – His Holiness Hazrath Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian:

Severe punishment of false claimants of being a Mahdi had caused many to die in disgrace. But we all know very well that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s claim is approved by the lord. Any wise and intelligent person could ponder over the fact that God never allowed any impostor, ill-natured and insolent person who continued, audaciously, to fabricate revelations for twenty-three years, every day and every night claiming the same to have come from God; and instead of inflicting upon him punishment, granted him, day after day, and night after night, countless Signs in his support, such as causing the sun and the moon to be eclipsed during the same Ramadhan and thus fulfilling the predictions mentioned in the earlier Scriptures, the Holy Quran and the Ahadeeth, as well as fulfilling the prediction mentioned in his own book, Braheeni Ahmadiyya; and granted him popularity in the earth by causing the fulfillment of the appointed Signs mentioned in the old Scriptures and by the earlier Prophets in connection with the coming of the Promised Messiah; and causing his talks and exhortations to be fruitful and effective, and granting him His aid by accepting all his prayers. Does He grant all these favours knowing fully that he is false and is telling deliberate lies? Can you point out even one instance in the past where He had ever dealt so beneficently with any lying impostor?

The last and final war between the Messenger of Allah and Satan which Prophet Daniel had referred to has commenced.

The promised Messiah says,

Had these misleading Mullahs not been present, the entire Muslim population would have accepted me by now. The sin, therefore, of those who reject my claim, lies at the door of these Muslim clergy. Neither do these Ulema wish to enter the abode of righteousness themselves nor do they wish to let the less intelligent enter the same.

What pretence do they employ and what chicanery and subterfuge do they use secretly in misleading the simple artless people. But can they ever prevail over God?

Would they frustrate the will of God, the Omnipotent?

They rely on the support of the vile rich and the unfortunate men of affluence who hanker after worldly gains.

Warning from the Promised Messiah to the disbelievers:

O ye people, hearken to my call!

Remember that this is a prophecy from Him Who created every bit of this vast universe. He will cause this, His Own Movement, to spread in all countries and shall cause them to triumph over all others through reasoning and argument. The days are approaching; nay they are near at hand, when only this religion shall be spoken of with honour and respect. God shall grant this religion and this Movement His choicest blessings and unprecedented success and frustrate the designs of all those who seek to destroy them and shall perpetuate their ascendancy till the time the world comes to its end.

Man’s fatal error is hankering after this material world. This base and wretched world very often ensnares men either through fear or through false hopes and flimsy allurements and thus causes their total ruin. The stupid and the ignorant say: What! Shall we give up these delightful attractions? Now, this is the blunder of which a man rarely gets rid and continues to persist in this error and is ultimately ruined.

O ye unenlightened ones!

You are not asked completely to disregard all worldly means: but you must cut yourself from their misguiding attractions so that you may not be ruined. You do not realize that you are sowing evil for your children and the members of your families for whom you strive excessively, so much so that you completely ignore all the Commandments of God and turn yourselves into veritable demons. You are paving the way of destruction of not only yourself but for them as well. This is because you lack divine protection as you are not righteous. God observes the bottoms of your hearts. You will die an untimely death and push your family into the pit of destruction. But he who turns towards God shall cause his people to share his prosperity and God’s blessings and he shall not face ruin after his death.

Allah says in the Holy Qur’an [24:64]:

Treat not the calling of the Messenger among you like the calling of one of you to another. Allah does know those of you who steal away covertly. So let those who go against His command beware lest a trial afflict them or a grievous punishment overtake them.

Addressing the Promised Messiah God Almighty had said:

Thou art a Warner from Myself. Indeed I sent you so that the sinners may be separated from the righteous.

Revelations to the Promised Messiah:

‘A Warner came to this world and the world did not accept him. But God will accept him and God will establish the truth of his claims with mighty onslaught. And I shall bless you to the extent that Kings will seek blessings from your garments.’

Soon a great kingdom will be bestowed upon him (meaning that, he will be granted acceptance and the hearts of a large number will be inclined towards him…) and treasures will be opened to him. Meaning wealth and in fact pure wealth is the wisdom that has been referred to in the hadith. This is the wealth which is a Sign among the Signs of the Promised Messiah.)

Allah, the Almighty had given the Divine assurance to Hadhrat Ahmad:

I shall cause thy message to reach the corners of the earth.

Factually, in the beginning of his mission, The Promised Messiah was all alone, lacking all worldly resources, and only a few responded to this call. But with the promise of The Lord, today, the Ahmadiyya Muslim community stands strong as an organized and dynamic Muslim community with a population of tens of millions (with hundreds joining in daily) from more than 206 countries in the world. We are now led by his fifth successor (Caliph) Hazrath Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Amir al-Mu’minin, (ayyadahullahu ta‘ala bi nasrihil ‘aziz meaning May Allah assist him with His Mighty help and Allah grant him a long life).

It is certainly fortunate that through the Promised Messiah, peace be on him, the grand spiritual revolution of the latter days, as foretold by the Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH) is gaining momentum throughout the nations of the world. This is a Divine mission that is bound to succeed and no power on earth will ever be able to block its onward march, Insha’Allah (God willing).


Surely, you must know this:

The Promised Messiah (as) was once asked by a non-Ahmadi Muslim: ‘What will be the fate of the Muslims or others who oppose the Promised Messiah? — will they ever progress in the world or would they be destroyed?’

The Promised Messiah (as) of Qadian replied: As stated in the Ahadith, at the time of the Messiah only those will be saved who follow the Promised Messiah. Those who reject and oppose him will slowly be wiped out.

It is the practice of God Almighty, and since He created man on this earth, He has been demonstrating this practice, that He helps His messengers and grants them ascendancy. He has said: kataballahu la’aghlebanna ana wa rusulee – meaning – Allah has decreed: Most surely I will prevail, I and My Messengers. Verily, Allah is Powerful, Mighty. (58:22)

And at other place we read:

Most surely We help Our Messengers and those who believe, both in the present life and on the day when the witnesses will stand forth. (Ch.40:V.52)

This verse holds out a promise to all Divine messengers that God’s help, comfort and support will always be with them and the evil designs and plans of their disbelieving opponents will all ultimately fail. The truth of this great promise has been demonstrated again and again throughout the history of prophet-hood.

This is confirmed by the Promised Messiah (as) where he states that this work is being done by God and it has been decided in the heavens that the Community of the Promised Messiah will spread and triumph and no one can halt its progress.

[8:60] And let not those who disbelieve think that they have outstripped Us. Surely, they cannot frustrate God’s purpose.

He says: ‘Unfortunate are those who have stayed away from our Jama’at. Within three hundred years it will come to pass that the Ahmadi Muslims will replace [the nations of] non-Ahmadi Muslims and the remaining non-Ahmadi Muslims will be of no consequence’, being so small in number.

[Copied from Comments – Acceptance of the Promised Messiah (as) Review of Religions – March 2002]

[20:127] God will say, ‘Thus it was to be; Our Signs came to thee and thou didst disregard them; and in like manner wilt thou be disregarded this day.’ [20:128] And thus do We recompense him who is extravagant and believes not in the Signs of his Lord; and the punishment of the Hereafter is surely severer and more lasting.

Allah says:

[20:129] Does it not afford guidance to them how many generations We destroyed before them, in whose dwellings they now walk? Therein verily are Signs for those who are endued with reason.

[20:130] And had it not been for a word already gone forth from thy Lord, and a term already fixed, immediate punishment would have been inevitable.

Only a microscopic bacterium is more than enough to wipe out the entire human kind: just refer to history and see how even small bacteria could kill millions of humans just in a while… and you thought God needs to put high tides of Tsunami, terrible Tornadoes, earthquakes, etc? Well, think again how easy would it be to wipe you out if you are one among the disbelievers.

The fact that the Jamaat had now spread to 206 countries across the world, with millions of members all united at the hand of Khilafat was in itself a great proof of the truth of Ahmadiyyat and a fulfillment of that grand revelation. Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad said:

The strength, the spread and the success of our Community can never be stopped by our opponents. But our opponents should remember that when the Divine Power is forced to take action then they will not be able to escape His Wrath. At such a time no Mullah or cleric and not even the white-papered law will ever come to their aid. Indeed the so-called religious scholars, who cruelly justify their acts in the name of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) will stand at the front of the queue amongst those against whom God’s Sentence will pass.

Revelation of the Promised Messih (as): The opponents will be totally crushed with the defeat and on that day the believers, both the first group and the last group, will be pleased. So he says to his community: Be sure, therefore, that the days are coming when all will be fulfilled according to the revelation. The enemy will be frustrated, the opponents will be humiliated, and victory will be demonstrated on every side. Be certain that this is in itself a victory and is a presage of the victory to come. [Anwarul-Islam, pp. 15–16, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 9, pp. 16–17]


Divine Witnesses

The Holy Qur’an:

Raising of the Holy Prophet [a reflection] in Latter Days: And He will raise him among others of them who have not yet joined them. He is the Mighty, the Wise. [62:4]

This verse is from Sura Juma which is very next chapter after Sura Saff wherein the prophecy about a prophet named Ahmad is mentioned. Now in this chapter it is mentioned that first appearance of that prophet has taken place in Makka amongst the unlettered people and his second appearance shall be in latter days amongst another people who haven’t so far met him. At the revelation of this verse Hadhrat Abu Huraira (RA) asked the holy Prophet (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) that who shall be these people amongst whom this second appearance of the prophet shall take place, upon which he put his hand on the shoulder of Hadhrat Salman of Persia, one of his companions, and said that if faith ascends to the highest star, one man or some men from his people shall bring it back to the earth.

As the Promised Messiah (peace be upon him) was from the Persian people, this prophecy is fulfilled in his person.


Can he, then, who stands upon a clear proof from his Lord, and to testify to whose truth a witness from Him shall follow him, and who was preceded by the Book of Moses, a guide and a mercy, be an impostor? Those who are the true followers of Moses believe therein, and whoever of the opposing parties disbelieves in it, the Fire shall be his promised place. So be not thou, O reader, in doubt about it. Surely, it is the truth from thy Lord; but most men believe not. [11:18]

This verse is heralding the advent of a testifier who shall be amongst the followers of the holy Prophet (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) and he shall witness the truthfulness of the holy Prophet (Peace and Blessings of Allah upon him) at such time when it is made suspicious and doubtful. It is obvious that only that witness can be accepted who has pure character and has observed the incidence to be witnessed with his own eyes.

The Promised Messiah (Peace be upon him) was raised in such age when Islam was forsaken & corrupted. He challenged the followers and scholars of all religions to present such irrefutable evidence as he claimed to have presented for Islam, i.e., heavenly signs and live communication with God. Nobody dared to accept this challenge and thus proved the authenticity of Islam.


The Ahmadiyya Gazette, March 1997

He it is Who has sent His Messenger with the guidance and the Religion of truth, that He May cause it to prevail over all religions, even if those who associate partners with God hate it.” (Al Qur’an Ch. 61:Vs. 10)

In the Qartabi Commentary it is stated: The predominance of the True Religion will be in the time of the Messiah. A time will come that there will be no religion left in the world except Islam.

In the Qami Commentary, the explanation of this verse is thus: The True Religion will prevail over all other religions in the time of the Imam of the Last Days. He will fill the earth with justice while the earth would have been full of injustice and violence before his advent. The True Law (Islamic Law) will be enforced only after his advent.


Ahmadiyya Beliefs

The official views of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community are the original teachings of Islam bought by His Holiness Mohammad (saw), His mighty book and the word of the Lord – the Holy Qur’an, the teachings (Hadeeth) & Sunnah of His Holiness Mohammad (saw), teachings of the Promised Messiah and His Khalifas (Successors).

Every Ahmadi Muslim, by the grace of Allah, believes in all the original concepts of Islam and we reject every new innovation (Bidda’t) so as to stay and strive along the right path, the Sirat-Ul-Mustaqeem – the way towards our lovely lord, Allah.


Those people who falsely accuse Jamaat Ahmadiyya and its Holy Founder, Hazrat Promised Messiah, alaihissalaam, to be disrespectful to Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa, Khatamal-Anbiya, peace and blessings be upon him, do so without any fear of Allah in their hearts. For them it would be sufficient to quote the following verse of the Holy Quran:

Beware of the Day of Judgment when We shall call people along with their leaders. Then who so shall be given his book (recorded with his deeds) in his right hand – Such will read their book eagerly and find that they will not be wronged a whit. But whoever remained spiritually blind in this world shall also be blind in the Hereafter and will be even farther removed from the path leading to Allah. (17:72-73)

And know:

And follow not that of which you have no knowledge. Verily, the ear and the eye and the heart – all these shall be called to account. (Ch.17:V.37)


Join me to say:

Naraa-e-Takbeer: Allahuakbar (God is the Greatest)
Hazrath Mohammad Mustafa: Sallallaho Alaihi Wasallam (Peace & Blessings of Allah be upon him)

Islam Ahmadiyya: Zindabaad (Long-live)
Maseeh-e-Maood wa Mahdi-e-Maood Alaihis’salaam: Zindabaad
Khulfa-e-Rashideen: Zindabaad
Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya: Zindabaad
Khulfa-e-Ahmadiyyat: Zindabaad
Hazrath Ameer-ul-Momineen: Zindabaad
Dar-ul-Amaan Qadian: Zindabaad
Khalifatul Maseeh Khamis: Zindabaad

Hazrath Mohammad Mustafa: Sallal’laho Alaihi Wasallam
Nara-e-Takbeer: Allahuakbar (God is the Greatest)


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I am a Prophet and a Messenger—His Holiness Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as)

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