The Holy Qur’an on DisBelievers & Wrong doers

A’ouzo billahi min-aash-shaitan-ir-rajeem…
Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem
(I seek refuge with Allah from Satan, the accursed…
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Ever Merciful)

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[3:61]: This is the truth from thy Lord, so be thou not of those who doubt.

THQ9: DisBelievers & Wrong doers

God says to the disbelievers of the Holy Qur’an:

[45:25] And they say, ‘There is nothing but this our present life; we die and we live here; and nothing but Time destroys us.’ But they have no knowledge of that; they do but conjecture.

[46:11] Say, ‘Tell me, if this Qur’an is from Allah and you disbelieve therein, and a witness from among the children of Israel bears witness to the advent of one like him, and he believed, but you are too proud, to believe, how should you fare?’ Verily, Allah guides not the wrongdoing people.

[46:12] And those who disbelieve say of those who believe: ‘If the Qur’an were any good, they could not have been ahead of us in attaining it.’ And since they have not been guided thereby, they will say, ‘This is an old lie.’

[46:13] And before it there was the Book of Moses, a guide and a mercy; and this is a Book in the Arabic language fulfilling previous prophecies, that it may warn those who do wrong; and as glad tidings to those who do good.

[46:14] Verily, those who say, ‘Our Lord is Allah,’ and then remain steadfast — no fear shall come upon them, nor shall they grieve.

Upon Qur’an:

[52:34] Do they [the disbelievers] say, ‘He [Muhammad] has fabricated it [Qur’an]?’ Nay, but they would not believe.

[52:33] Do their intellect and reason enjoin this upon them or are they a rebellious people?

[52:35] Let them, then, bring forth an announcement like this, if they speak the truth!

Allah says about them:

[52:36] Have they been created for nothing, or are they themselves the creators?

[52:37] Did they create the heavens and the earth? Nay, but they have no faith.

[52:38] Do they own the treasures of thy Lord, or are they the guardians thereof?

[52:39] Have they a ladder unto heaven by means of which they can overhear? Then let their listener bring a manifest authority.

[52:42] Do they possess knowledge of the unseen, so that they write it down?

[52:43] Do they intend a plot? But it is those who disbelieve that will be caught in the plot.

The case of disbelievers:

[52:44] Have they a God other than Allah? Exalted is Allah above all that which they associate with Him!

[52:45] And if they should see a piece of the cloud falling down, they would say, ‘Clouds piled up.’

[52:46] So leave them until they meet that day of theirs, on which they will be overtaken by a thunderbolt,

[52:47] The day when their plotting will not avail them aught, nor shall they be helped.

[52:48] And verily, for those who do wrong there is a punishment besides that. But most of them know not.

[52:32] Say, ‘Await ye then! I too am with you among those who are waiting.’

[52:49] So wait patiently for the judgment of thy Lord; for assuredly thou art before Our eyes;

[53:57] This Warner of Ours is a Warner like the Warners of the old.

[53:58] The Hour of Judgement that was to come has drawn nigh,

[53:59] None but Allah can avert it.

[53:60] Do you then wonder at this announcement?

[53:61] And do you laugh, and weep not?

[53:62] And will you remain proudly heedless? While you make merry?

[53:63] So prostrate yourselves before Allah, and worship Him.

The case of disbelievers is further stated:

[54:3] And if they see a Sign, they turn away and say, ‘An oft-repeated Sorcery.’

[54:4] They reject the truth and follow their own fancies. But every decree of God shall certainly come to pass.’

[54:5] And there has already come to them the great news wherein is a warning —

[54:6] Consummate wisdom; but the warnings profit them not.

[54:7] Therefore turn thou away from them. The day when the Summoner will summon them to a disagreeable thing (Humiliating punishment in the Hereafter),

[54:9] Hastening towards the Summoner. The disbelievers will say, ‘This is a hard day.’

[61:7] And call to mind when Jesus, son of Mary, said, ‘O children of Israel, surely I am Allah’s Messenger unto you, fulfilling that which is before me of the Torah, and giving glad tidings of a Messenger who will come after me. His name will be Ahmad.’ And when he came to them with clear proofs, they said, ‘This is manifest sorcery.’

[61:8] But who could do greater wrong than one who forges the lie against Allah while he is called to real Islam? Allah guides not the wrongdoing people.

[61:9] They desire to extinguish the light of Allah with the breath of their mouths, but Allah will perfect His light, even if the disbelievers hate it.

[61:10] He it is Who has sent His Messenger with the guidance and the Religion of truth, that He may cause it to prevail over all religions, even if those who associate partners with God hate it.

[61:14] And He will bestow another favour which you love: help from Allah and a near victory. So give glad tidings to the believers.

[61:15] O ye who believe! Be helpers of Allah, as said Jesus, son of Mary, to his disciples, ‘Who are my helpers in the cause of Allah.’ The disciples said, ‘We are helpers of Allah.’ So a party of the children of Israel believed, while a party disbelieved. Then We gave power to those who believed against their enemy, and they became victorious.

25:78 Say to the disbelievers: ‘But for your prayer to Him my Lord would not care for you, you have indeed rejected the truth and the punishment of your rejection will now cleave to you.’

[64:8] Those who disbelieve assert that they will not be raised up. Say, ‘Yea, by my Lord, you shall surely be raised up; then shall you surely be informed of what you did. And that is easy for Allah.’

[64:9] Believe, therefore, in Allah and His Messenger, and in the Light which We have sent down. And Allah is Well-Aware of all that you do.


Dear Reader: Peace be with you & the mercy and blessings of Allah

May God help you my dear with His special help in understanding these divine concepts, Ameen

Say, “Glory be to Allah and Praise to Allah, and there is none worthy of worship but Allah, and Allah is the Greatest. And there is no might or power except with Allah, the Exalted, the Great One.”


Qur’an continues on the disbelievers…

This suits to all those who disbelieve in Allah, Islam & Qur’an.

Certain verses suits wholly well to the disbelievers of Pakistan, India, Indonesia and rest of the world who reject the God-sent Imam Mahdi & Maseeh-e-Maood (as) of Muslims – Hazrath Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian (as), all according to the said prophecies from Qur’an & Hadees-e-Nabwi (saw)

[45:8] Woe to every sinful liar,

[45:9] Who hears the Signs of Allah recited unto him, and then proudly persists in his disbelief, as though he heard them not. So give him the tidings of a painful punishment.

[45:10] And when he learns something of Our Signs, he makes a jest of them. For such there is an humiliating punishment.

[45:11] Before them is Hell; and that which they have earned shall not avail them aught, nor shall those whom they have taken for protectors beside Allah. And they will have a dreadful punishment.

[45:12] This is guidance. And for those who disbelieve in the Signs of their Lord is the torture of a painful punishment.

[45:7] These are the Signs of Allah which We rehearse unto thee with truth. In what word, then, after rejecting the Word of Allah and His Signs, will they believe?

[33:58] Verily, those who malign Allah and His Messenger — Allah has cursed them in this world and in the Hereafter, and has prepared for them an abasing punishment.

[33:59] And those who malign believing men and believing women for what they have not earned shall bear the guilt of a calumny and a manifest sin.

[33:68] And they will say, ‘Our Lord, we obeyed our chiefs and our great ones and they led us astray from the way.

[33:69] ‘Our Lord, give them double punishment and curse them with a very Mighty curse.’

[34:39] And as to those who strive to frustrate the purpose of Our Signs, it is they who will be brought to face punishment.

[34:44] And when Our manifest Signs are recited to them, they say, ‘This is but a man who seeks to turn you away…’ And they say, ‘This is but a forged lie.’

[35:45] Have they not travelled in the earth and seen how evil was the end of those who were before them? And they were stronger than they in power. And Allah is not such that anything in the heavens or the earth should frustrate His plans; verily, He is All-Knowing, All-Powerful.

[47:4] That is because those who disbelieve follow falsehood while those who believe follow the truth from their Lord. Thus does Allah set forth for men their lessons by similitudes.

[47:8] O ye who believe! if you help the cause of Allah, He will help you and will make your steps firm.

[47:9] But as for those who disbelieve, perdition is their lot; and He will make their works vain.

[47:10] That is because they hate what Allah has revealed; so He has made their works futile.

[47:11] Have they not travelled in the earth and seen what was the end of those who were before them? Allah utterly destroyed them, and for the disbelievers there will be the like thereof.

[47:12] That is because Allah is the Protector of those who believe, and as for the disbelievers, there is no protector for them.

[47:19] They wait not but for the Hour, that it should come upon them suddenly. The signs thereof have already come. But of what avail will their admonition be to them when it has actually come upon them?

[47:26] Surely, those who turn their backs after guidance has become manifest to them, Satan has seduced them, and holds out to them false hopes.

[47:28] But how will they fare when the angels will cause them to die, smiting their faces and their backs?

[47:29] This is because they followed that which displeased Allah, and hated that which pleased Him. So He rendered their works vain.

[47:33] Those who disbelieve and hinder men from the way of Allah and oppose the Messenger after guidance has become manifest to them, shall not harm Allah in the least; and He will make their works fruitless.

[47:34] O ye who believe! obey Allah and obey the Messenger and let not your works go vain.

[47:35] Verily, those who disbelieve and hinder men from the way of Allah, and then die while they are disbelievers — Allah certainly will not forgive them.

[48:24] Such has ever been the law of Allah; and thou shalt not find any change in the law of Allah.

[49:7] O ye who believe! if an unrighteous person brings you any news, ascertain the correctness of the report fully, lest you harm a people in ignorance, and then become repentant for what you have done.

[49:11] Surely all believers are brothers. So make peace between brothers, and fear Allah that mercy may be shown to you.

49:13] O ye who believe! avoid most of suspicions; for suspicion in some cases is a sin. And spy not, nor back-bite one another. Would any of you like to eat the flesh of his brother who is dead? Certainly you would loathe it. And fear Allah, surely, Allah is Oft-Returning with compassion and is Merciful.

[50:3] But they wonder that there has come to them a Warner from among themselves. And the disbelievers say, ‘This is a strange thing!

[50:6] Nay, they rejected the truth when it came to them, and so they are in a state of confusion.

[50:37] And how many a generation who were mightier than they in prowess have We destroyed before them! But when the punishment came, they went about the lands, devising plans to escape it. Was there any place of refuge for them?

[50:38] Therein, verily, is a reminder for him who has a heart, or who gives ear, and is attentive.

[50:46] We know best what they say; and thou hast not been appointed to compel them in any way. So admonish, by means of the Qur’an, him who fears My warning.

[51:21] And in the earth are Signs for those who have certainty of faith,

[51:22] And also in your own selves. Will you not then see?

[51:60] So the fate of those who do wrong shall, surely, be like the fate of their fellows of old; so let them no challenge Me to hasten on the punishment.

[51:61] Woe, then, to those who disbelieve, because of that day of theirs which they have been promised!

[58:6] Those who oppose Allah and His Messenger will surely be abased even as those before them were abased; and We have already sent down clear Signs. And the disbelievers will have an humiliating punishment.

[58:7] On the day when Allah will raise them all together, He will inform them of what they did. Allah has kept account of it, while they forgot it. And Allah is Witness over all things.

[58:10] O ye who believe! when you confer together in secret, confer not for the commission of sin and transgression and disobedience to the Messenger, but confer for the attainment of virtue and righteousness, and fear Allah unto Whom you shall all be gathered.

[58:11] Holding of secret counsels for evil purposes is only of Satan, that he may cause grief to those who believe; but it cannot harm them in the least…

[58:20] Satan has gained mastery over them, and has made them forget the remembrance of Allah. They are Satan’s party. Now surely it is Satan’s party that are the losers.

[58:16] Allah has prepared for them a severe punishment. Evil indeed is that which they used to do.

[58:21] Certainly those who oppose Allah and His Messenger will be among the most abject.

[58:22] Allah has decreed: ‘Most surely I will prevail, I and My Messengers.’ Verily, Allah is Powerful, Mighty.

[64:6] Has not the news reached you of those who disbelieved before? They tasted the evil consequences of their conduct, and for them is decreed a painful punishment.

[64:7] That was because their Messengers came to them with manifest Signs, but they said, ‘Shall mere mortals guide us?’ So they disbelieved and turned away, but Allah had no need of them; and Allah is Self- Sufficient, Worthy of all praise.

[65:9] How many a city rebelled against the command of its Lord and His Messengers, and We called it to severe account, and punished it with dire punishment!

[65:10] So it tasted the evil consequences of its conduct, and the end of its affair was ruin.

[65:11] Allah has prepared for them a severe punishment; so fear Allah, O ye men of understanding, who have believed. Allah has indeed sent down to you a Reminder —

[65:12] A Messenger, who recites unto you the clear Signs of Allah, that he may bring those who believe and do good deeds out of every kind of darkness into light. And whoso believes in Allah and does righteous deeds — He will make him enter Gardens, through which rivers flow, to abide therein for ever. Allah has indeed made excellent provision for him.

[67:19] And indeed those before them also treated My Messengers as liars; then how grievous was My punishment!

[71:11] …‘Seek forgiveness of your Lord; for He is the Great Forgiver.

A clear warning from the LORD to these disbelievers:

[32:27] Does it not guide them how many a generation We have destroyed before them, amid whose dwellings they now walk about? In that surely are Signs. Will they not then listen?

[31:34] O men, seek protection with your Lord and fear the day when the father will not be of any avail to his son, nor will the son at all be of any avail to his father. Allah’s promise is surely true. So let not worldly life beguile you, nor let the Deceiver deceive you concerning Allah.

[31:35] Verily, with Allah alone is the knowledge of the Hour. And He sends down the rain, and He knows what is in the wombs. And no soul knows what it will earn tomorrow, and no soul knows in what land it will die. Surely, Allah is All-Knowing, All-Aware.

[32:23] And who does greater wrong than he who is reminded of the Signs of his Lord and then turns away from them? We will surely punish the guilty.

[35:46] And if Allah were to punish people for what they do, He would not leave a living creature on the surface of the earth; but He grants them respite until an appointed term; and when their appointed time comes, then they will know that Allah has all His servants under His eyes.


Dear Reader: Peace be upon you & the mercy and blessings of Allah

May God help you my dear with His special help in understanding these divine concepts, Ameen

Say, “I bear witness that none is worthy of worship but Allah, the One alone, without partner, and I bear witness that Muhammad [peace be upon him] is His Messenger.”



[2:7] Those who have disbelieved — it being alike to them whether thou warn them or warn them not — they will not believe.

[2:12] And when it is said to them: ‘Create not disorder in the earth,’ they say: ‘We are only promoters of peace.’

[2:13] Beware! it is surely they who create disorder, but they do not perceive it.

[2:14] And when it is said to them, ‘Believe as other people have believed,’ they say: ‘Shall we believe as the foolish have believed?’ Beware! it is surely they that are foolish, but they do not know.

[2:19] They are deaf, dumb and blind; so they will not return.

[18:56] And nothing hinders people from believing when the guidance comes to them, and from asking forgiveness of their Lord, except that they wait that there should happen to them the precedent of the ancients or that punishment should come upon them face to face.

[18:57] And We send not the Messengers but as bearers of glad tidings and as Warners. And those who disbelieve contend by means of falsehood so that they may rebut the truth thereby. And they take My Signs and what they are warned of only as a jest.

[18:58] And who is more unjust than he who is reminded of the Signs of his Lord, but turns away from them, and forgets what his hands have sent forward? Verily, We have placed veils over their hearts that they understand it not, and in their ears a deafness. And if thou call them to guidance, they will never accept it.

[19:40] And warn them of the day of grief when the matter will be decided. But now they are in a state of carelessness, so they do not believe.

[19:67] And says man, ‘What! when I am dead, shall I be brought forth alive?’

[19:75] And how many generations have We destroyed before them, who were better off in wealth and better in outward show!

[19:99] And how many a generation have We destroyed before them! Canst thou see a single one of them, or hear even a whisper of them?

[21:24] He cannot be questioned as to what He does, but they will be questioned.

[10:61] What think those who invent lies against Allah of the Day of Resurrection? Surely, Allah is gracious towards mankind, but most of them are not thankful.


[8:51] And if thou couldst see, when the angels take away the souls of those who disbelieve, smiting their faces and their backs, saying: ‘Taste ye the punishment of burning!

[8:52] ‘That is because of that which your hands have sent on before yourselves, and know that Allah is not at all unjust to His servants.’

[8:54] This is because Allah would never change a favour that He has conferred upon a people until they change their own condition, and know that Allah is All-Hearing, All-Knowing.

[9:53] Say, ‘Spend willingly or unwillingly, it shall not be accepted from you. You are indeed a disobedient people.’

[9:63] Have they not known that whoso opposes Allah and His Messenger, for him is the fire of Hell, wherein he shall abide? That is the great humiliation.

[9:64] The hypocrites fear lest a Surah should be revealed against them, informing them of what is in their hearts. Say, ‘Mock ye! surely, Allah will bring to light what you fear.’

[9:67] The hypocrites, men and women, are all connected one with another. They enjoin evil and forbid good, and keep their hands closed. They neglected Allah, so He has neglected them. Surely, it is the hypocrites who are the disobedient.

[9:69] Even as those before you. They were mightier than you in power and richer in possessions and children. They enjoyed their lot for a short time, so have you enjoyed your lot as those before you enjoyed their lot. And you indulged in idle talk as they indulged in idle talk. It is they whose works shall be of no avail in this world and the Hereafter. And it is they who are the losers.

[9:70] Has not the story reached them of those before them — the people of Noah, ‘Ad, and Thamud, and the people of Abraham, and the dwellers of Midian, and the cities which were overthrown? Their Messengers came to them with clear Signs. So Allah would not wrong them, but they wronged themselves.

[9:78] Know they not that Allah knows their secrets as well as their private counsels and that Allah is the Best Knower of all unseen things?

[9:79] Those who find fault with such of the believers as give alms of their own free will and with such as find nothing to give save the earnings of their toil. They thus deride them. Allah shall requite them for their derision, and for them is a grievous punishment.

[10:13] And when trouble befalls a man, he calls on Us, lying on his side, or sitting, or standing; but when We have removed his trouble from him, he goes his way as though he had never called on Us for the removal of the trouble that befell him. Thus it is that the doings of the extravagant are given a fair appearance in their eyes.

[10:14] And We destroyed the generations before you when they did wrong; and there came to them their Messengers with clear Signs, but they would not believe. Thus do We requite the guilty people.

[10:15] Then, We made you their successors in the earth after them, that We might see how you would act.

[10:16] And when Our clear Signs are recited unto them, those who look not for the meeting with Us say, ‘Bring a Qur’an other than this or change it.’ Say, ‘It is not for me to change it of my own accord. I only follow what is revealed to me. Indeed, I fear, if I disobey my Lord, the punishment of an awful day.’

[10:18] Who is then more unjust than he who forges a lie against Allah or he who treats His Signs as lies? Surely, the guilty shall never prosper.



[10:28] And as for those who do evil deeds, the punishment of an evil shall be the like thereof, and ignominy shall cover them. They shall have none to protect them against Allah. And they shall look as if their faces had been covered with dark patches of night. It is these who are the inmates of the Fire; therein shall they abide.

[10:41] And of them there are some who believe therein, and of them there are others who do not believe therein, and thy Lord well knows those who act corruptly.

[10:45] Certainly, Allah wrongs not men at all, but men wrong their own souls.

[10:55] And if every soul that does wrong possessed all that is in the earth, it would surely offer to ransom itself therewith. And they will conceal their remorse when they see the punishment. And judgment shall be passed between them with equity, and they shall not be wronged.

[13:33] And surely, Messengers have been mocked at before thee; but I granted respite to those who disbelieved. Then I seized them, and how was then My punishment!

[14:19] The case of those who disbelieve in their Lord is that their works are like ashes on which the wind blows violently on a stormy day. They shall have no power over what they earned. That, indeed, is extreme ruin.

[14:23] And when the matter is decided, Satan will say, ‘Allah promised you a promise of truth, but I promised you and failed you. And I had no power over you except that I called you and you obeyed me. So blame me not, but blame your own selves. I cannot succour you nor can you succour me. I have already disclaimed your associating me with God. For the wrongdoers there shall, surely, be a grievous punishment.’

[14:43] And think not that Allah is unaware of what the wrongdoers do. He only gives them respite till the day on which the eyes will fixedly stare,

[14:44] Hurrying on in fright, raising up their heads, their gaze not returning to them, and their minds utterly void.

[14:45] And warn men of the day when the promised chastisement will come upon them, and the wrongdoers will say, ‘Our Lord, grant us respite for a short term. We will respond to Thy call and will follow the Messengers.’ ‘Did you not swear before this that you would have no fall?

[15:19] But if any one hears stealthily, there pursues him a bright flame.

[15:91] Because We have decided to send down punishment on those who have formed themselves into groups against thee;

[15:92] Who have pronounced the Qur’an to be so many lies;
[15:93] So by thy Lord, We will, surely, question them all
[15:94] Concerning that which they used to do.

[16:62] And if Allah were to punish men for their wrongdoing, He would not leave thereon a living creature, but He gives them respite till an appointed term; and when their term is come, they cannot remain behind a single hour, nor can they go ahead of it.

[16:63] And they attribute to Allah what they dislike for themselves and their tongues utter the lie that they will have the best of everything. Undoubtedly, theirs shall be the Fire, and therein shall they be abandoned.

[16:89] As for those who disbelieve and turn men away from the way of Allah, We will add punishment to their punishment because they acted corruptly.


[16:102] And when We bring one Sign in place of another — and Allah knows best what He reveals — they say, ‘Thou art but a fabricator.’ Nay, but most of them know not.

[16:105] As for those who do not believe in the Signs of Allah, surely, Allah will not guide them, and they shall have a grievous punishment.

[17:17] And when We intend to destroy a township, We address Our commandment to its rebellious people, but they transgress therein; so the sentence of punishment becomes due against it, and We destroy it with utter destruction.

[17:54] And say to My servants that they should speak that which is best. Surely, Satan stirs up discord among them. Surely, Satan is an open enemy to man.

[17:61] And remember the time when We said to thee: ‘Surely, thy Lord has encompassed the people.’ And We made not the vision which We showed thee but as a trial for men, as also the tree cursed in the Qur’an. And We warn them, but it only increases them in great transgression.

[17:69] Do you then feel secure that He will not cause you to sink in the side of the land or send against you a violent sandstorm and then you will find no guardian for yourselves?

[17:70] Or, do you feel secure that He will not send you back therein a second time, and then send against you as a storm-blast, and drown you because of your disbelief? You will then find therein no helper for yourselves against Us.

[17:71] Indeed, We have honoured the children of Adam, and carried them by land and sea, and given them of good things and exalted them far above many of those whom We have created.

[20:83] ‘But surely I am forgiving to those who repent and believe and do good deeds, and then stick to guidance.

[20:134] And they say, ‘Why does he not bring us a Sign from his Lord?’ Has there not come to them the clear evidence in what is contained in the former Books?

[20:135] And if We had destroyed them with a punishment before it they would have surely said, ‘Our Lord, wherefore didst Thou not send to us a Messenger that we might have followed Thy commandments before we were humbled and disgraced?’

[21:19] Nay, We hurl the truth at falsehood, and it breaks its head, and lo, it perishes. And woe be to you for that which you ascribe to God.

[21:40] If only the disbelievers knew the time when they will not be able to keep off the fire from their faces nor from their backs, and they will not be helped!

[21:41] Nay, it will come upon them unawares so that it will utterly confound them; and they will not be able to repel it, nor will they be given respite.

[21:46] Say, ‘I warn you not but according to divine revelation.’ But the deaf cannot hear the call when they are warned.


Dear Reader: Peace be upon you and the mercy and blessings of Allah
May God help you my dear with His special help in understanding these divine concepts, Ameen

Say, “La ilaha il Allah, Muhammad-ur-Rasool-Allah” meaning “There is none worthy of worship but Allah, Muhammad [peace be upon him] is the messenger of Allah.”


My Dear Reader:

‘Proofs have indeed come to you from your Lord; so whoever sees, it is for his own good; and whoever becomes blind (ignores it, rejects it), it is to his own loss. And I am not a guardian over you.’ (Ch6:V105)

‘… And if thou couldst only see, when the wrongdoers are in the agonies of death…. …This day shall you be awarded the punishment of disgrace because of that which you spoke against God falsely and because you turned away from His Signs with disdain.’ (Ch6:V94)

‘O company of men! Did not Messengers come to you from among yourselves who related to you My Signs and who warned you of the meeting of this your day?’(Ch6:V131)

‘The messengers are sent because thy Lord would not destroy the towns unjustly while their people were unwarned.’ (Ch6:V132)

[17:16] He who follows the right way follows it only for the good of his own soul: and he who goes astray, goes astray only to his own loss. And no bearer of burden shall bear the burden of another. We never punish until We have sent a Messenger.

[18:30] And say, ‘It is the truth from your Lord; wherefore let him who will, believe, and let him who will, disbelieve.’ Verily, We have prepared for the wrongdoers a fire whose flaming canopy shall enclose them. And if they cry for help, they will be helped with water like molten lead which will burn the faces. How dreadful the drink, and how evil is the Fire as a resting place!



41:34. And who is better in speech than he who invites men to Allah and does righteous deeds and says, `I am, surely, of those who submit?’

16:126. Call unto the way of thy Lord with wisdom and goodly exhortation and argue with them in a way that is best. Surely, thy Lord knows best who has strayed from HIS way; and HE also knows those who are rightly guided.

16:129. Verily, ALLAH is with those who are righteous and those who do good.


Dear reader,

Assalamalaikum Warahmatullah-e-Wabarakatuhu (Peace be on you and the mercy and blessings of Allah)

‘… I do not say to you: ‘I possess the treasures of Allah, nor do I know the unseen; nor do I say to you: ‘I am an angel; I follow only that which is revealed to me….’ (Ch.6:V51)

‘… so whoever follows guidance, follows it for the good of his own soul; and as to him who goes astray, say, I’m am only a warner’. [27:93]

‘ … I am not a guardian over you.’ (Ch.6:V.67) ‘I am only a plain warner.’ (Ch. 26:V. 116)

‘… All praise belongs to Allah; He will soon show you His signs, and you will know them.’… [27:94]

May God help you my dear with His special help in understanding these divine concepts, Ameen

Our Motto is: ‘Love for all, Hatred for None’

P.S.: This work is done entirely for the pleasure of Allah, who says (in the Holy Qur’an, Aal-e-`Imran: 105), “And let there be among you a few who should invite (humanity) towards goodness.”

Introducing ‘Truth’ to the world: [3:61] This is the truth from thy Lord, so be thou not of those who doubt.


For those who are checking the verses of Quran from this message, please subtract 1 from all verse count stated, as I count ‘Bismillah’ occurring before the start of every Surah (Chapter) as the first aayat (verse) of every Surah so my number will be +1 to yours.

Reason being… God, in the prophecy of Deuteronomy 20:18-19, had said to Moses (pbuh) that: “I will raise them up a Prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee, and will put my words in his mouth; and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him. And it shall come to pass, that whosoever will not hearken unto my words which he shall speak in my name, I will require it of him.

So it clearly meant that all whatever is recorded in the Quran are God’s words and not Mohammad (pbuh)’s! And so all the chapters in The Holy Quran start with ‘In the Name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful’ or ‘Bismillah-Hir-Rahman-Nir-Raheem’ except Surah 9 Al’Tauba (alone) which doesn’t start with it ONLY because is not a separate Surah in-itself but a part of Surah Al’Anfal.

Ahmadi Muslims believe that ‘Bismillah… Raheem’ is the first verse of each surah, and we believe (and this is true), that Bismillah was revealed with each Surah like other verses and so it is the start of each Surah, that is why we count Bismillah as verse number One while the other Muslim unfortunately don’t.


Spread light, spread this message and all details as much as you can and to as many as you ever can, in as many languages as you can, in all the ways you can… Because there are many out there who are on the wrong path. All of us have to turn to the almighty, the only one Lord of the worlds. And remember: The ink of scholar is more valuable than blood of martyr.

Even God says in the Qur’an-e-Kareem:

[9:122] …Why, then, does not a party from every section of them [believers] go forth that they may become well versed in religion, and that they may warn their people when they return to them, so that they may guard against evil?

All praise belongs to Allah, Lord of all the worlds

Say, “La ilaha il Allah, Muhammad-ur-Rasool-Allah” meaning “There is none worthy of worship but Allah, Muhammad [peace be upon him] is the messenger of Allah.”

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    • There are two different ways of counting the verses, because some count ‘Bismillah’ as verse Nr. 1 and some do not.

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