Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up? William Lane Craig vs. John Dominic Crossan

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  1. Taking Jesus to be a noble prophet of God, makes Muslim’s position so much simpler and rational and saves us from so many unnecessary debates and arguments.

    It may seem that John Dominic Crossan appeared vulnerable during the 40 minutes of conversation, in this debate, but, he was pitched against two people at the same time. The moderator was also a conservative Christian. He would have done better if he had considered physical resuscitation as the real possibility rather than an ambiguous and metaphorical explanation for resurrection.

    At any rate, I think real loser in this debate was Prof. William Lane Craig, as he was going against naturalism, which has been clearly established by the last five hundred year history of scientific tradition. Craig seems to suggest that miracles violate the laws of nature and their cannot be be a claim in this age of enlightenment, more absurd than this.

    For additional details read:

    Religion and Science: The Indispensable God-hypothesis

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