Muslims in China’s Xinjiang told to ignore Ramadan customs

(Reuters) – Officials in China‘s restive western region of Xinjiang have told Muslims to ignore religious customs during the holy month of Ramadan, an indication of what rights groups say is discrimination targeting the Uighur minority group.

The fasting month follows a series of attacks around China, centred on Xinjiang, that Beijing has blamed on Islamists they say are seeking to establish an independent state called East Turkestan.

State media reports of official notices have emerged in recent days, demanding that party members, civil servants, students and teachers not to observe Ramadan.


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  1. Totally silly move by the Chinese Government officials: If they do not want that the Muslim Minorities strive for an independent state than this is exactly what they should avoid. In other words they are fueling the independence movement.

  2. In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious Ever Merciful
    It really a sad and bad news and could not be said a vise decision on the part of Chinese Government and it is direct intervention into Religious beliefs and deeds of Muslims, that has nothing to do with the State. It may provied more ground to extremist for their nafarious design for separation. The Government of China should rethink about her decesion and to fix it, it is necessary for the peace of the State.
    It is also a time to pounder for the Muslims Nations, that what projections of the Islam they have given to the world, are they doing service or dis-service to Islam with extremist activites, which are, unfortunately, going on by maney clerks of Muslims, by doing so they are loosing their ligitimate liberty or freedome jn the world, More so Allah is not pleased with such acts as Allah has very clearly said in the Holy Quran that Allah does not like disorder in the land and also Allah says do not create disorder in the land after peace has been established.
    Again I will appeal to Chinies Government to reconsider her decision and fix it as keeping fast of Ramdhn is the personal matter of the Muslims and it has nothing to do with the business of the State.
    Zarif Ahmad

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