Anti-Islam sticker was posted in parliamentary envelope: Volkskrant

Geert Wilders distributed an anti-Islam sticker to supporters in parliamentary envelopes, which is a ‘highly unusual’ action to take, the Volkskrant reports on Friday.

Foreign minister Frans Timmermans is to visit Saudi Arabia soon in an effort to calm Saudi anger about the anti-Islam sticker which reads, in Arabic, ‘Islam is a lie, Mohammed is a criminal, the Koran is poison.’

The sticker is a deliberate take-off of the Saudi Arabian flag and was distributed to supporters at the end of last year.


‘One of the things the Saudis are angry about is that the sticker and the accompanying letter were sent in the parliamentary envelope,’ Timmermans told the paper.

This might suggest the sticker has the approval of the Dutch parliament, although he did not think the Saudis believed this to be the case, Timmermans said.

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