Quran Exhibition – Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Mauritius (05/22/2014)


The Mauritian Jamaat has organised its 9th Quran Exhibition at the SSR Gallery in Quatre Bornes, one of the largest cities within Mauritius. The 10 day long exhibition was formally opened on Thursday the 22nd of May 2014 .The National Secretary of Tabligh, Mr Mubarak Boodhun , presided over the opening ceremony which started with the recitation of the Holy Quran followed by a speech by the Honourable Mayor of the city, Mr Daren Beemadoo.


 In his address he thanked the Jamaat for choosing this city to organise such an auspicious event-He added that    information always gets distorted , but holding this kind of exhibition helps to redress the balance. He wished the Jamaat well and hopes this initiative will continue throughout the island.

The Respected Ameer Saheb of Mauritius, Mr Moussa Taujoo, was pleased that the Jamaat had organised its 9th exhibition. He discussed in his address that the aim of the Quran exhibition is to get the Mauritian society to understand more about the Holy Book. This Quran contains all aspects of life within its covers. He reiterated the Jamaat’s slogan Love for all Hatred for None, and how we should all work towards promoting and maintaining peace, and brotherhood . He continued by stating that he hopes this exhibition will be used as a platform to remove all misguided prejudices and promote peace and understanding within our Mauritian community. He thanked the Honourable Mayor for his support and finished off by reading the translation of Surah Fatiha followed by doa.

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