India will lead the world: Aftab Alam



Mosabani: Members of Ahmadiya Muslim Community from Singhbhum Celebrated Community’s 125th Anniversary with great enthusiasm.

It organized two day long programme in Mosabani in which representatives from Orissa, Bihar and other parts of Jharkhand participated in large numbers.

On this occasion Aftab Alam quoted community’s 4th caliph who said that time comes when the headquarters of UNO will be in India. He also reminded one of the great Ahmadi Muslim Abdul Salam.

A noble who was confident that India will lead the world. Alam appealed to the participants to workhard to fulfill their objectives. SK Farooq Ameer Jamaat stressed on the need for education as it is the only solution to all problems. Behind the success of the Ahmadiya Muslim Community is the almost cent percent literacy rate.

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