Humanity First steps in to help flood affected people in Balkan Region.

MUCH of Serbia, Bosnia and eastern Croatia are under water. Flood maps marking the affected areas make it look as though a vast inland sea has suddenly appeared across the region. Tens of thousands of people have been evacuated. In Serbia some 300,000 do not have access to clean water or electricity. One third of Bosnia, an area that is home to 1. 2 million people, has been affected by the floods. So far the number of dead in Serbia and Bosnia is believed to be just under 50, a toll likely to rise. In Bosnia, there have been fears that some 120,000 mines left over from the war, but whose location is generally known, could now shift. Landslides are hampering the work of rescue teams.

As usual Humanity First Intentional realized the  nature of challenge and stepped in to extend all possible help to flood affected people. Under the dynamic guidance of Mr Abdullah Wagishauser, the patron in chief of Humanity First Germany as well its chairman were quick enough to assess the damages caused in the area. Local set up in Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia has been activated with the help of Mr Mufeez; Mr Wasim and Mr Zubair. Mr Tariq Karim Araf of HF Germany was fast and energetic to reach the affected area. Over all the assessment and provision of relief is in active progress in all three countries. Readers of MT will keep on getting the updates as and when made available   All are requested to make prayers for the victims as well for those engage in relief work. 

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  1. It is such a big catastrophe one just can not imagine. God may save from its bad effects. Well done Humanity First.

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