Qur’an lesson for today: 120. Commandment to leave off all businesses for Friday Prayer

120. Commandment to leave off all businesses for Friday Prayer

[62:10] O ye who believe! when the call is made for Prayer on Friday, hasten to the remembrance of Allah, and leave off all business. That is better for you, if you only knew.

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  1. Where does Muslim Ahmadiyah stand for in this case.
    Does Muslim Ahmadiyah agree if Government force people to close their shop,or business? If people do not listen it, they will pay fine or put them to Jail.

    All love

    • alatif: ‘There is no compulsion in religion’. In Amman, Jordan, among the larger supermarkets one closes for Jumma prayers and the others remain open. Allah will reward those who follow His guidance – Inshallah.

  2. @ Rafiq A. Tschannen. it is cool. I agree, there is no compulsion in our religion.religious Liberty..
    Lets to promote the peaceful religion over the world.
    All love

  3. The order to shun all business during Friday prayers is for the Muslims. They should observe it. The government has no need to enforce it on them. There is no compulsion in religion.

  4. لَاَاِکرَاہَ فِی الدِين
    دین میں کوئی جبر نہیں فرمانِ خدا وندی ہے
    لیکن سا تھ ہی اِھدِ نَا ا لصرا ظَ المُستقیم کی دعا بھی سکھا دی اور راستہ بھی بتا دیا اب انسا ن آ زاد ہے سیدھا راستہ چنتا ہے جو اُ سے دین و دنیا میں
    کا میا بیو ں سے ہم کنار کریگا یا دوسرا راستہ جس میں
    خدا تعا لیٰ سے دوری کا راستہ ہو گا اور سوا ئے
    نا کامیوں اور تبا ہی کے کُچھ حا صل نہیں ہو گا

  5. @ Rafiq A. Tschannen, — Ghulam Sarwar—
    I am so happy that you both,Muslim Ahmadiyah believe that there is no compulsion in Islam.We have the same faith in this case.
    So Saudi Arabia,and Iran force people to follow Allah’s laws through Government’laws. this is wrong, it is not syariah laws,but communist’s laws like China, North Korea and Cuba force people to follow what Government want to.
    It means Government force people to be a Musryik..They fear police instead of fear Allah.Right?
    With love

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