Nigeria: Ahmadiyya warns Federal Government: Don’t negotiate with Boko Haram!


The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at, Nigeria has warned the Federal Government against negotiating with the Boko Haram insurgents, explaining that this will be against the national interest as well as Islamic principles.

The Head of the society, Dr. Mashhud Fashola, gave this warning on Tuesday at a press conference in Lagos to discuss the state of the country.

Fashola, who described the sect as criminals and people serving the devil, urged the government not to negotiate with them.

He said, “Boko Haram uses religion to perpetrate evil. They have nothing to do with the true teachings of Islam. They are criminals and they are serving the devil. So, government should not negotiate with insurgents.

“There are religious leaders who indoctrinate people to deceive them. The problem in the North is inadequate spread of education. Secondly in fighting this menace, adequate equipment and logistics must be deployed. Our security outfits need better facilities for this task.

“Nigeria has 70 per cent of her people living below the poverty line and over 60 million adults are jobless and cannot ensure any meaningful livelihood. So, the problem of insurgency is closely connected with under-development.”

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  1. This is very very difficult problem to solve it.
    If you have a abducted kid of your, you may ask government to negotiate till your kid is safe. But if you do have one there, you can say, do not negotiate with Rebels.
    All love

  2. I agree with Dr Fashola that there should be no negotiation with boko haram because it will set a very dangerous precedent. However, about a year ago, there was a lot of clamor from the muslim community that the only way to deal with the situation was to dialogue with the murderous group. The President set up a committee to do just that. Boko haram came up with a flat rejection of any negotiation. Those who advocated dialogue saw the effort by the government to squash boko haram as being a fight against islam.
    At that time Dr Fashola said nothing.
    Blaming poverty for the evil of boko haram is a negation of reality and ties in with the popular myth held by a section of the Nigerian nation and their international collaborators. There is poverty among other segments of the nation whose sufferers have not resorted to killings and destruction.
    The founder of boko haram died a very rich man and it is believed that the group has rich sponsors who are pursuing a religious/political agenda. It is not poverty that makes boko haram call for the President converting to islam as a condition to end the bloodshed.

  3. Extremist Muslim only know to destroy as many as building and kill innocent people and children, BUT they do not know how to build. They are terrorist and evil.

    They root of this violence came from the book of Hadits, NOT from Al Quran. They believe in IDOLS, not Allah only.They become Musryik…Their idols are Scholars Muslim —Bukhar—Ayyu Gutb–Yusuf al Qardawi—Osma bin laden–al Zawahri–i,,,Their idols incite violent and kill innocent people, gay-lesbian, blasphemy, apostasy ect. through the book of Hadits.
    Allah commanded His people do not obey idols, will deceive you to disaster.
    They have taken their priests and their scholars (idols) for their Lords besides God Q S . 9:31.
    We, educated Muslim have to speak up loudly to REJECT all violent Hadits written in the book of Hadits, otherwise, this violence will NOT stop from one generation to the next generation.
    with all love

  4. It is a traumatic experience for parents of the school girls. One can understand if they favour negotion with boko haramists who in no way represent Islam or its interest. Any hadith contrary to the teachings of the Holy Quran is fake; the Prophet himself said that much. Poverty may not necessarily make insurgency inevitable but certainly part of the reasons i.e. speaking within general context.

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