New definition of a ‘Pakistani’

Source: | Obaidullah Khan

If you are living in a wooden cottage and see someone setting the very next wooden cottage on fire, what would you do?

If you sit quietly and watch silently, thinking that a very next cottage on fire will cause no harm to my wooden cottage then you certainly are none other than a Pakistani.


Believe it or not, we Pakistanis have the very same mindset as a whole. We damn care what is happening to our neighbors or companions or citizens until it is done to ourselves.


Terrorism that emanates from the religious extremism and radicalization and nurtured with sectarianism has become the matter of life and death for us today. Even then we never pay any heed to such activities if they are being committed around us and amongst us, as far as these are not against our own sect.


Our state, media and other institutions also adopt the same policy. When we see signs of a potential threat that can lead to severe outcomes, we keep turning a blind eye towards them until some untoward incident happens.

A Hindu temple burns after it was attacked in Larkana, southern Pakistan's Sindh province, March 15, 2014.  REUTERS/Faheem Soormro/Files

A Hindu temple burns after it was attacked in Larkana, southern Pakistan’s Sindh province, March 15, 2014. REUTERS/Faheem Soormro/Files

For example, just consider the recent tragic incident of Larkana where a Hindu temple was burnt. Our media suddenly got up from a deep slumber and came to know what happened in Larkana is of ‘some’ importance. More painful was the behavior of the ruling party of Sindh whose hometown and political base is Larkana. There were clear and vivid signs of the radicalization and religious extremism in Larkana before this unfortunate incident—But who cares?



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  1. The reason for all this idiotic work is that the common Muslims stopped reading the Quran. The Kings and princes used to enjoy with ladies in palaces. The religious heads were sleeping.
    There was a vacuum created in the teachings of Islam.
    During that time, during vacuum, few persons learnt a few words of Arabic. They knew that people love Islam. So those few who learnt Arabic words jumped into the field and took over Islam. It was a bad reward for the poor Muslims who discarded self study of Quran.
    To be brief, I suggest every one to understand the meaning of few words of Arabic used in the Quran. They are necessary to be propagated to possibly defeat the ignorant Mullas and terrorists.
    1. The word Momin: He/she is the one who believes in the prophet and the messenger. It is just the belief that the prophet is right. It is a first great step. He/she recites the Kalimah.
    2. Muslim is the one who recites the Kalimah and is a Momin and he/she peforms salaat and zakat and fast during the month of Ramadhan….. He/she tries to do all things advised in the Quran and is a practical person and obedient to Allah and submits himself/herself to Allah……

    3. The Kafir: He/she is the one who does not believe and does not recite the Kalimah. He/she punishes those who recite the kalimah and even goes to war and kills the innocent believers. A good example is Abu Jehl.
    But lately, it has occurred to me that some believers can be worst type of Kafirs. I will prove it here very soon with verses from Quran.
    (Please read the last section of Para 3 of Quran few times. We will find two types of beleieving Kaafirs there. One type is the gentle Kaafir who do not recognise the messenger (Imam).(Verse 3:86/87)
    The Other type of Kaafir are those hardened believing criminals who are advanced in their Kufr. (Verse 3:90/91) Please read carefully.
    4. There are other words, many which need some understanding. A word “Aakhar” means OTHER. The word “Aakhir” means LAST. Allah did not use the words “Aakhirunn Nabiyyeen” for the prophet s.a.w.s. Aakhir is an Arabic word. Allah did not use that. Allah used the word “Khaatam”.

    The word Kaafir” needs to be understood because the maulvis and common people call Ahmadis as Kaafir. If the meaning of Kaafir is well explained that open abuse and enmity of Islam and war mongering is essential part of a kaafir, then it will become clear who is behaving in a harsh way.
    Also in the present translations of Quran, the word Kaafir is being translated as disbeliever. That gives wrong signal to non-Muslims and muslims alike. That is a gentle translation. It should be translated as fanatic disbeliever or hostile disbeliever.
    Any one who is not peaceful has no Islam in him/her and he/she is not a Muslim. It is the duty of every Muslim to protect all places of worship, of all faiths, Churches, synagogues, temples, mosques etc. (Wassalam).

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