Indonesia: Hardliners Halt Salana Ijtema of Lajnah Imaillah

By Iin Qurrotul Ain. Source: Sultanul Qalam Group

Ijteema (Annual Convention) of Lajnah Imaillah (Ladies of Ahmadiyya Muslim) in Wanasigra Village Tasikmalaya-West Java, Indonesia was revoked because of terror.


The number of 50s police personnels from Brimob (police division) guarded 3 points of area in Wanasigra and they carried out the peak vigilance at night (30 April, 2014).


The arrangment of the event has been proceeded well, but it had to be halted due to issue that hardline group called FPI (Front of Islamic defender) would have assaulted the village if the event had been still performed.

The last situation after the event annulment showed conducive.

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  1. Please do not delete my respond to this Topic even you do not like my respond, Love and respect the different idea, thought and interpretation. This is the core of Islamic teaching. May Allah bless us all, Ameen.

    The Hardline group called FPI (Front of Islamic defender)take a order or commandment from their idols ancient Arab scholars nemely Muslim, Bukhari,Hurrairah this violent Hadits below;
    Anyone of you who saw heresy, apostasy, let is changing with your HANDS, if not able, let the verbal, if not able to let the heart. However, such is weak as weak faith.HR.Muslim

    (By hand interpreted to prohibit other group implement a different Islam with them, and even with their hands they damage poverty, and kill his opponent.).

    This Hadits is against Allahs laws in Al Quran as Allah and prophet said;.
    Surely, those who have made divisions in their religion and turned into factions, you have nothing to do with them. Their case rests with Allah alone; then He will tell them what they have been doing. QS 6:(159)
    PFI or MUi do not have responsibility if some one want to divide Muslim communities with different beliefs, like Muslim Shia, Sufi, Ahmadiyah, and Muslim pro-democracy secular etc..
    I urge Muslim Ahmadiyah, Sufi and Shia to reject this violent Hadits from the book of Hadits Muslim and Bukhari..
    Those who believe Allah and also believe in ancient scholars, they will fall into sinful Syrik.
    If you all do not speak up loudly to reject the Hadits, PFI, extremist Muslim, will not stop terrorizing and killing Muslim Ahmadiyah and Shian in Indonesia, Pakistan, Nigeria, and other Muslim countries.
    Fear Allah only, do not be afraid with extremist such as Muslim (FPI).
    May Allah gives strength to the leaders Muslim Ahmadiyah and Shia. Ameen

    With all my Love

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