Australia: Flag-raising honour


BERWICK-BASED president of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association (AMA) of Victoria played a key role in advocating the Ahmadiyya community’s internationally renowned gathering in Sydney last month.


A number of members from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association (AMA) of Victoria travelled to Sydney to attend the 30th annual Jalsa Salana (annual gathering) convention from 18 to 20 April, that coincided with the 125th anniversary of the worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.
More than 2000 people from 12 countries participated in the three-day convention, with more than 100 Victorian families attending.

Jalsa Salana is a century-long tradition in the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community that was first practised in 1891. The annual conventions are held throughout the world by Ahmadiyya Muslims to promote peace and tolerance and to educate community members.
President of AMA Victoria Javed Safdar Choudhary from …read more at

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