The Obama administration’s Asia pivot offers allies no security

May 01, 2014 12:11 AM By Brahma Chellaney
The Daily Star

Story Summary

The deteriorating situation in Ukraine and rising tensions between Russia and the United States threaten to bury U.S. President Barack Obama’s floundering “pivot” toward Asia – the world’s most vibrant (but also possibly its most combustible) continent.

The U.S. has largely squandered its chance, allowing China to continue to broaden its territorial claims.

Indeed, over the last two years, America’s Asian allies and partners have received three jarring wake-up calls, all of which have delivered the same clear message: the United States cannot be relied upon to manage China’s rise effectively.

The first two wake-up calls highlighted the Obama administration’s unwillingness to do anything that could disrupt its close engagement with China, a country that is now central to U.S. interests.

Likewise, as China has stepped up efforts to upend the regional status quo in Asia – both territorial and riparian – the United States has dithered, doing little to reassure its jittery Asian allies.

To this end, the United States has addressed its calls for restraint not only to China, but also to its own allies.

At the same time, a showdown with Russia will compel the United States to court China more actively.

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2 replies

  1. Rafiq,
    It is surprising that you are the one posting this article because it runs completely against your earlier position that there has been progress under Barack Obama.
    Some of the words and phrases used to describe the Obama foreign policy are not complementary in the least. It is doubtful if they had been used to describe another administration before. They include:’floundering’, ‘largely squandered chances’, ‘allies received three jarring wake up calls’, ‘the United States cannot be relied upon’, ‘unwillingness to do anything’, ‘the United States has dithered, doing little’ etc.
    What progress do those words and phrases signify?

  2. Barak HUSSAIN Obama? Well, I am Swiss – normally neutral. Personally? At least Obama did not start a new war, although it took him a long time to end the once started by his predecessors. (Clinton also did not start a war, he had other more ‘human’ interests, that kept him busy (what was the name of the intern again?). What did Obama achieve? not all that much. Probably Universal Health Care. I do not quite understand what is all the fuss about that the Republicans make opposing it. We have a compulsary medical insurance (private) in Switzerland. It seems to work somehow…

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