Early Jesus Depiction May Have Been Discovered In Ancient Egyptian Tomb

Huff Post:A team of Catalan archaeologists have discovered what they believe to among theoldest depictions of Jesus made by the earliest Coptic Christians in Egypt.

The researchers uncovered an underground structure in a series of buried tombs that date to the 6th and 7th centuries. Among the Coptic, or early Christian, images painted on the walls was what lead researcher Josep Padró described as “the figure of a young man, with curly hair, dressed in a short tunic and with his hand raised as if giving a blessing.”

early painting jesus

Photo courtesy of the University of Barcelona.

“We could be dealing with a very early image of Jesus Christ,” Padró told La Vanguardia.

The researchers removed 45 tons of rock to access walls where the painting was found, which are situated among several sites Padró has been excavating for the last 20 years.

The drawing is under lockdown while researchers begin to translate the inscriptions surrounding it.


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