“Darood on Mirza” Ansar Newsletter

I found this article sort of intriguing knowing that we only send Darood on the Holy Prophet of Islam.

I posted my own story at the end followed by another post on the request of the editor of Ansar Newsletter, brother Rafi Malik.

Invoke Durood on Mirza

Abdul Shakoor Abro, Atlanta

I hail from a small village in District Larkana, Sindh, Pakistan called Misn Badah. In the 1920s, my great-grandfather, respected Muhammad Saleh, went to perform Hajj. He traveled on foot all the way across Balochistan, Iran, and other areas. It took him five years to return, with a long beard and swollen feet.
Upon his return, when he knocked on the door of his home and a 6-year old girl opened the door, thinking of him as a beggar, she went inside and got some rice and flour to give to him. She then went back inside to tell her mother that the “beggar” would not take the charity. Her mother then went to the door to see why the “beggar” had refused their offerings. She looked at him and told the girl that the man standing in their doorway was her husband and the little girl’s father, who had come back from Hajj.

Subsequently, my great-grandfather was guided through dreams and vision (Kashf) over a three-day period to “Invoke Durood on Mirza.” He gathered his friends and relatives and told them the details of his dreams and vision that he had been hearing for three days to invoke Durood on Mirza. No one knew who Mirza was, but they decided that it was a great blessing to recite Durood Sharif so they would indeed recite Durood Sharif on Mirza even though they did not know who he was.

In order to fulfill the dream, the whole village gathered one hundred thousand small pebbles and started reciting Durood Sharif on Hazrat Mirza Sahib. It took them 3 or 4 days to complete it one hundred thousand times, after which a silent prayer was said for its acceptance.

The morning after, a companion of the Promised Messiah (may peace be on him), Hazrat Maulawi Muhammad Ibrahim Baqapuri (may Allah be pleased with him) arrived at the train station. He could have gone to the city or to the other towns; instead, he looked eastward and decided to come to our village. Our elders were busy in their work as he arrived. He greeted them with As-Salamu ‘Alaikum. They shook his hand and took him to our mosque so that he could get some rest.

In the evening, everyone gathered at the mosque for Maghrib Prayer. Hazrat Maulawi Baqapuri stood up and addressed them: “Friends, I have come to you from Qadian, Punjab to tell you that Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad has claimed that he is the Promised Messiah and Imam Mahdi. As soon as they heard “Mirza,” they were all amazed and told Hazrat Maulawi Baqapuri about the vision of my great-grandfather and how they had all recited Durood Sharif one hundred thousand times on Hazrat Mirza Sahib. The whole village said Alhamdulillah, and three hundred souls accepted Ahmadiyyat right then and there.

Since the Promised Messiah has repeatedly referred to himself as a “Burooz” or shadow of the Holy Prophet (may peace and blessings of Allah be on him), invoking Durood on him is nothing but glorifying the excellence of the Holy Prophet. So, let us close by offering Durood on the Holy Prophet—Allahumma salli ‘ala Muhammadin wa barik wa sallim innaka Hamidun-Majid (O Allah, bless Muhammad and prosper him and grant him peace; Thou art Praiseworthy.

Sharing my story
By H. Koya

One of my relatives who went on her first Hajj was impressed with Jamaat teachings and had by that time read some Jamaat literature.

I told her let me know if she saw any dreams during her Hajj.
One morning around 2 she called me from Mecca to give ne an update. And she added that she had seen a dream and was quite puzzled. I asked tell about the dream.

She related that she was a dream of the Holy Prophet performing the Hajj but the person in the dream was actually Mirza sahib. I said ALHAMDOLILLAH and explained that Allah had guided to understand that Mirza sahib was a true reflection of the Holy Prophet and as such she was true in everything he said about himself.

On the request of Editor Ansar Newsletter brother Rafi Malik, I posted:

After the dream she saw at Khana Kaaba, the relative sought guidance to see our mosque in DC. This was several years ago when she was in the area and wished to pray for Eid celebration with Ahmadis.

I suggested her to go to Silver spring mosque and added that she might like it because of the huge lady’s section and privacy. She said it was too far and needed some thing near Baltimore. I contacted the Dr./president there and requested if he could pick up the relative for the upcoming Eid prayers. He kindly agreed.

In the remaining few days before the Eid she saw a dream and called me up. She related that in the early hours before her Tahajjud prayers she was at the Baltimore location which hadn’t seen and praying with Ahmadis.

“Strangely, in the atmosphere I heard Hanif! Hanif, Hanif ! that resounded and filled atmosphere,” she explained.

I told her that it was clear that people , the Ahmadis, she was seen praying with were nice, honest and straightforward people. She was in the company of good God-lovong people.

Come the Eid, the doctor and his wife picked her up and gives her ride to an fro the mosque which I gatherered from her description was pro a hall or a center not a full mosque,

While she was pleased about the arrangement and glad for having celebrated the Eid with Ahmadis, she complained that the place had pictures of Hazrat Mirza sahib and our Khalifas. I said it is not our practice to exhibit any pictures in the mosques, they were probably posted in the hallways or some notice broads but in the mosque.

However, she never accepted the Baiyat. As we know very well there is no compulsion in Islam. There are some who will deny and oppose and yet others who will see the signs and refuse to accept the truth. Both are losers and seldom escape punishment of Allah.

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