On Islam and Feminism

Huff Post: by Sami H. Elmansouri —

For those who may use this piece to attempt to demonize over one billion Muslims, know this: I am not your ally. Although there are other communities which have indeed had more advanced conversations on this issue to date, statistically, this is not a matter that is simply endemic in Muslim men nor limited to followers of Islam — with the problem of misogyny and sexism manifesting itself in Hindu, Jewish, Christian, and other communities worldwide. 

This week saw a vast social media firestorm stemming from an Islamic scholar in the United Kingdom, one who was taken to task by Muslims and Non-Muslims alike for mocking the purpose of International Women’s Day. Those who defended him argued that his numerous statements were satirical. Yet his defense of himself suggested otherwise, and made benefit of the doubt a tremendous challenge.

Regardless of station or position within any community, we are accountable for what we say and do. I frequently give public remarks. I write. I engage. Irrespective of whether individuals know me on a personal level, they will often pass judgment based upon my online and public presence. Fair? Perhaps not.

But this is the reality of the social media world, and I am cognizant to be as consistent as possible in my sincere messaging, and in trying hard to honor that others may agree or disagree. There are times when I have also had to apologize.

More:   http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sami-h-elmansoury/on-islam-and-feminism_b_4945430.html?utm_hp_ref=religion

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