Peace talks: TTP panel not against army involvement

Source ET

The army’s participation in peace talks is not our demand, but if the govt wants to make the army part of the process, we have no objection,” committee member Prof Ibrahim Khan told reporters following a workers convention in Charsadda.

At the same time, Professor Muhammad Ibrahim took a gentle swipe at the government committee. “They realised that they have no decision-making power when they demanded formation of a new powerful committee,” he said.

Yet, he said, some people think that the induction of such powerful institutions will make the talks fruitful.

Professor Ibrahim added that the government peace committee would not be dissolved but would just be expanded.


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2 replies

  1. Known fact Pak army brass all the power. True.

    Terrorists cannot dictate. Prof. Ibraheem had no need to pass any remarks. It was primarily the interest of the TTP that they would like to meet the Army head and head of ISI and the Prime minister. There was no need to demand that. The government party could also say that the Mulla Fadhlullah to be in the committee.
    We see that Mulla Sami is again threatening the government by saying that if there is any action in North, it will not succeed.
    It is still unknown what Nawaz Sharif wants to achieve. He may be after implementation of a few more harsh laws of Mulla Sharia in the country. He is trying to co-operate with TTP and make some deal (trading) with Mullas.

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