The Daily Quran Lesson: All Intercession Rests with Allah

All intercession rests with Allah

[39:45] Say, ‘All intercession rests with Allah. To Him belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. And to Him then shall you be brought back.’

[43:87] And those on whom they call beside Him possess no power of intercession but he who bears witness to the truth, and they know him.

[34:24] No intercession avails with Him, except for him about whom He permits it, until when their hearts are relieved of fright they would say, ‘What is it that your Lord said?’ They (the Messengers) will answer, ‘The truth.’ And He is the High, the Great.

[53:27] And how many an angel is there in the heavens, but their intercession shall be of no avail, except after Allah has given permission to whomsoever He wills and pleases.

[74:43] ‘What has brought you into the Fire of Hell?’ [74:44] They will say, ‘We were not of those who offered Prayers, [74:45] ‘Nor did we feed the poor. [74:46] ‘And we indulged in objectionable talk with those who indulge therein. [74:47] ‘And we used to deny the Day of Judgment, [74:48] ‘Until death overtook us.’ [74:49] So the intercession of intercessors will not avail them.

[4:86] Whoso makes a righteous intercession shall have a share thereof, and whoso makes an evil intercession, shall have a like portion thereof; and Allah is Powerful over everything.

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