If judged by the numbers, Ukraine’s military loses war with Russia

Source: CNN

(CNN) — If a full-fledged war erupts, Ukraine’s military would be dwarfed by its neighbor to the north.

In 2012, Russian active armed forces numbered 845,000 versus 130,000 for Ukraine, according to Europa World, an online reference source.

And Russia’s defense budget — $78 billion in 2012 — dwarfs that of Ukraine — $1.6 billion in 2012, according to Jane’s Defence Weekly.

An article published in June 2011 cited a military expert’s prediction that Ukraine would find itself in a “defensive vacuum” for a decade if investment were to remain unchanged.


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  1. To me it is topi drama. Both bigs have understanding of each other. Nothing will come out. All have strategic interest in the region due to black and caspion see reservoirs. Bigs will reach soon to agreeable solution. Masses are being fooled so will continue as it is the way politicians survive.

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