Pathway to an Authentic, Real-World Faith

Huff Post: by Steve McSwain — 

“What’s the point of human existence?”

“Why did people actually show up on earth?”

“What is the point of your life?”

These are big questions and they are not easily answered. Anyone who answers them quickly is only admitting they have not explored them deeply.

I was told as a child in Sunday School that God created the world and that humans were the crown of God’s creation.

Well, if that’s true, why did it take God so long to get around to creating humans…modern humans? If he was so lonely, which was another reason I was given for the human creation, why would God not speed up the evolutionary cycle so he could actually interact with a self-conscious being, a human being?

This universe, my friend, is more than 13 billion years old and modern humans showed up only about 200,000 to 250,000 years ago. Now, if you’d like to put that into perspective, and, frankly, some of you might not — consider that, on a geological time clock of 12-hours duration, what this means is that humans have only been around for the last minute or so in the great expanse of time.

Clearly, humans are not the point or necessarily the purpose of creation. It is the ultimate ego-trip to imagine we are. Which makes the reading of our sacred literature all the more interesting to me.


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