Day: February 3, 2014

Vladimir Putin’s remarkable comeback

Source: CNN As Russian President Vladimir Putin opens the Winter Olympics in Sochi on February 7, there will be relief hidden behind his characteristically guarded smile. For Putin, the past two years have witnessed a remarkable recovery. Two years ago, Putin seemed to be on the ropes. Tens of thousands […]

The Pakistani Taliban’s P.R. Offensive

Source: NY Times  via Wasim Sr LONDON — A joke has been circulating among Pakistanis on Twitter: “How to negotiate with the Taliban: Blast. Condemn. Blast. Condemn. Blast. Condemn. #Fail.” It mocks the government’s swiftness at denouncing terrorist attacks while doing too little to stop them. In 2013 alone, the […]

A Conversation with Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan

The Muslim Times’ Editor’s comment: The title has been changed by the Muslim Times. Source: Pakistan Today By Humayun Gauhar The Taliban will extract a huge dowry from the government without giving anything in return When almost everyone was expecting Nawaz Sharif to announce a military operation against the Taliban, […]

How Goldman Sachs Rescued Libya

If a new lawsuit by the Libyan sovereign investment fund is to be believed, Wall Street bankers were able to accomplish what decades of sanctions could not—Gaddafi’s downfall. “Geopolitics is now a game best played with financial and commercial weapons. The new geoeconomic game may be more efficient and subtle […]

Book Review: Roza Bal The Tomb of Jesus

by Fida M. Hassnain (Author) , Suzanne Olsson  (Author) An amazing first-hand journey to Kashmir-a look into the evidence that Jesus survived crucifixion-proof that he lived and died in Kashmir and is buried in the famous tomb known as Roza Bal. Meet the family who claim that Yuzu Asaph, Jesus, is their ancestral grandfather. Learn […]

Mosque–Cathedral of Córdoba

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Mosque–Cathedral of Córdoba Mezquita de Córdoba, a World Heritage Site. Basic information Location Historic centre, Córdoba, Andalusia,Spain Geographic coordinates Coordinates: 37°52′45.1″N 04°46′47″W Affiliation Visigothic Catholic Church from ≈600; divided into Muslim and Christian halves after the Islamic conquest[1] Islam (784–1236) Catholic Church (1236–present) Region Iberian Peninsula District Diocese of Córdoba Ecclesiastical or organizational status Active […]