Day: February 20, 2014

Islamic Roots of America

Summary of book al’America by J. Curiel Islamic Roots of America, Zakaria Virk, Toronto, Canada Sometime ago I had the pleasure of reading a book al’America by Jonathan Curiel. The book is fascinating, jam-packed with astonishing facts about Islam in America.  Columbus knew that without Arab knowledge, his discovery of […]

‘Religious Understandings Of Science’ Study Reveals Surprising Statistics

Huff Post —   The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) recently released a large-scale study on the “Religious Understandings of Science,” and it’s findings might surprise you. The survey of 10,241 respondents investigated views on religion, science and faith and took particular interest in the responses from evangelicals and people working […]

Militarisation of the subcontinent

ET: Militarisation of the subcontinent continues unabated — and this trend has been further fed by India’s latest increase in its defence spending. The Indian government has announced a 10 per cent increase in its military budget — pushing spending in this sector to a whopping 36 billion dollars. This increase […]