Very Unfortunate but Very Much True, Pakistan a Lost Cause?

Source: via Wasim Sr.

It is very unfortunate but very much true that Pakistan is a lost cause. On 14, August 1947 at the stroke of mid-night , a new independent state appeared on the map of the world. Pakistan with meager resources and defunct treasury did not have an auspicious beginning with the top leadership in Bharat( the official name of India) confident that it would not survive beyond a couple of months. With all the odds stacked high against it Pakistan has been able to with-stand one political and social storm after another and in the process with its limited resources also become a nuclear power. Pakistan has been able to celebrated 66 years of existence, but at what cost?


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  1. Bhutto also was not allowed to rule Pakistan as he was implicated in a murder case of an opposition leader and sentenced to be hanged. This episode in the history of Pakistan is referred to as the judicial murder of its most popular leader.
    This could be your view point. Agreed it was one of the causes but the most prime and important was his pivotal role in declaring a peaceful community as non Muslims thus interfering in matter which is exclusive domain between man and God.

  2. in Pakistan constitution will decide and define the faiths and religions of people, a constitution made by drinkers, adulterers, corrupt, hypocrites, liars and kaafirs according to Taliban. According to same constitution Taliban mass murderers and subhumans are Muslims. They are yet religious brothers to very true Muslim in Pakistan such as Parvez or Bashy Qureshy etc.
    this constitution defines the most peculiar definition of a Muslim……..that is whosoever rejects Mirza Ghulam Ahmed AS as promised Messiah and Mahdi is a Muslim. Wow………..what a definition!
    Now pay what you did. Taliban have called same constitution as non-Islamic and kafirana system. That is called Allah’s judgement.

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