India: Members of Jama’at-e-Ahmadiyya Bangalore take part in Nirankari Peace Program

Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Representatives take part in Program of Peace organized by Sant Nirankari Mission at Bangalore

Courtesy: Shahid Parvez, Bangalore

Representatives of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Bangalore took part in the “Nirankari Sant Samagam” organized by the Sant Nirankari Mission – A Mission of Universal Brotherhood.

This mission originated in Peshawar Pakistan in the 1920s and later on shifted headquarters to Delhi. It has over 100 branches outside of India and the entire organization is headed by a Spiritual Guide titles Satguru who resides in Delhi India. Read this for more info:


On the 6th of Feb Guru ji came down to Bangalore to attend a massive function organized at a big ground in the heart of Bangalore City.

Jama’at members used this opportunity to meet him and to introduce ourselves (our community) to them. Not only did Guruji happily welcomed our representatives but also agreed to allow our Mubaligue sahab to speak at the function.

About 15 members of the Jamaat (khuddam and Ansar) lead by Musaddiq Ahmad Sb (Amir Jam’at-e-Ahmaiyya Bangalore) along with Mubaligue incharge Moulvi Kaleem Khan Sb reached the venue. We received a warm welcome and were made to sit very near to the stage.


There were many devotional songs, poems, speeches and chanting during the program. The Satguru then entered the Marquee with a lot of cheers from his devotees.

unnamed (1)

The vice President of the Mission himself met us and took 4 of us to meet the Satguru. Moulvi Sb gifted the guru a copy of the Holy Quran in Hindi and Amir Sb gifted the guru with a copy of Huzoor (atba)’s book “World Crisis and Pathway to Peace”.


unnamed (2)

Then a nice announcement was made that the representatives of the Ahmadiyya Community have come to take part in the function and Moulvi Sb was asked to speak for a few mins.

Watch the 8 mins speech here:


His speech received a lot of cheers and claps from the crowd gathered.

Alhumdullilah, we made good use of the opportunity to spread the message of True Islam Ahmadiyyat i.e.

Love for all Hatred for None”.

2 replies

  1. Alhamdulillah – Bangalore Jama’at has done wonderfull Job. May Allah be always with us and guide us in spreading True Islam Ahmadiyyat….

  2. MashaAllah
    Keep up the good work…
    India is the land of the Promised Messiah, lot of effort are needed to convey the peaceful message of Island and Ahmadiyya Jama’at to the people of India.

    May Allah Help you all. aamin

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