India: Members of Jama’at-e-Ahmadiyya Bangalore take part in “Clothes to the Needy” Drive in Karnataka

Courtesy: Shahid Parvez, Bangalore

“Clothes to the Needy” Drive in Karnataka: A Joint Effort by Dubai and Bangalore !!!


Inspired from the reports of cloth distribution programs conducted earlier in the year 2013 by MKA South Karnataka, friends from Dubai conducted a massive cloth collection drive in which they have collected 1250 Kgs of clothes in 70 Cartons. This program was a part of the Platinum Jubilee celebration of MKA.

This was a Joint Program between Dubai friends and MKA South Karnataka in which brothers from Dubai collected the entire clothes, shipped from Dubai to Bangalore and the distribution process was taken care by the Majlises in South Karnataka under the supervision of the Ameer/Sadrs, Qaids and Muballighs of various Jamaats in the state.


Dubai friends sent circulars to all their sub associations to start a dress collection drive. The response to the initiative has been overwhelming. Men, women and especially the youth responded to this call alike. The women also supported the youth by organizing “Dress Sorting Exercises”.  They took turns and came to various places and sorted the dresses as per age and gender. The boys did the final packing and transportation.

Alhamdulillah, within 3 weeks, Brothers of Dubai, with the support and co-operation of all the members, were able to collect, sort, pack and ship close to 1250 Kg of dresses in around 70 cartons !!!

It took about 2-3 week for the consignment to reach Bangalore via Kerala. Once it reached Bangalore the same ware sorted out by khuddams of Bangalore and sent to various Jamaats in Karnataka based on the requirement of each Jamaat and was distributed among those who are in need, among the members of the Jamaat, waqife zindagi, Nau-Mubaeens and non-Ahmadi needy and homeless.

In total the clothes have been distributed in 31 Jamaats all over Karnataka in the following Districts: Bangalore, Yadgir, Raichur, Bijapur, Koppal, Gadag, Hubli, Chitradurga, Karwar, and Davengere.

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