Some historical pictures from the past

Rare pic of Imran Khan and Javed Miandad with Nawaz Sharif taken in 1992 at the reception hosted by the Prime Minister in the honor of Cricket Team
Youngsters of Pakistani Cricket team was hosted by Indian Film Industry in #Mumbai during 1950s. Wicket Keeper Imtiaz Ahmed, Waqar Hasan and actor Dilip Kumar are prominent in the pic. — with imtiaz, Tanzeem Butt and dilip kumar
Faiz Ahmed Faiz
ajeeb hoti hay rah`e sukHan bhi dekh Naseer
wahaN bhi aa gaye akHir jahaN rasayi na thi
General (Retd.) Hameed Gul having dinner with Jawans in 1985-86
Sylvester Stallone in Peshawar for shooting a movie in Pakistan
Zinda-Dilaan-Lahore welcome Jacqueline Kennedy in 1962
What peaceful the days were that US president in open roof car in a country like Pakistan!!.
Colonel T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) in #Miranshah #Waziristan #FATA in 1928.
Sadequain at a festival at #Karachi #Pakistan in 1972, making portraits for Rs25 each
Jacqueline Kennedy meets Bashir Ahmed (The Camel Cart Driver) at #Karachi in 1962
PIA Air-Hostesses wearing uniform designed by Feroze Cowasji in 1960-66.
Imaginary pic of Pakhtoon Warrior, Scholar and Poet “Khush-hal Khan Khattak.
Those were the days when you could have flown to #Lahore in just 146 Rs. Would you believe that ?
Ad was published in the Dawn Newspaper in 1954.
Zia Meets Rajiv in New Delhi #India in 1985 upon his visit to India
The Mall, #Murree during British Raj
Mangla Dam during its construction in 1967
A foreign tourist with her driver at Shalimar Gardens #Lahore in 1966
Karachi in 1960s
Market Scene of #Murree in 1971
An Aafridi village near Zintara Station, about 27 miles from Peshawar on the Khyber Pass. Each house in the village is built like a miniature fortress. circa, 1950s
Old glimpse of Clifton #Karachi-1960s
Salim Nasir (Marhoom) as “Captain Raja Muhammad Sarwar Shaheed” in #PTV long Play “Nishan-e-Haider” in 1983.
Staff college #Quetta in 1940s
Pak ( Then India)-Afghan Border in 1930s
Tourists at Dean’s Hotel #Peshawar in mid 60s.
Former President Zia-ul-Haque (Late) meets Cuban communist revolutionary and politician Fidel Castro in mid 80s.
Quaid had ordered General Gracey the British Acting C-in-C…to attack Kashmir.” Gracey refused because Field Marshal Auchinleck, who was the Supreme Commander of both India and Pakistan, overruled British officers to take part in a war between India and Pakistan.
Field Marshal Auchinleck and General Sir D D Gracy were bound to keep from a war with India legally. Both newborn countries were bound that in case on any war between both, no Brit Officer would be ordered to take part in it. The Kashmir Ops was done by General Akbar Khan, aka Gen Tariq.

Executive Committee members of Anti TB Association (1956)

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