New Year Poem

Author: Atif Munawar Mir

How bittersweet the time of New Year’s
The scope of celebration beyond a mere digit’s change
‘Tis a time when:
New hopes are born.  Old dreams fade away.
Fresh resolutions are made.  Old ones pass away.
The magic of possibility imbues the mundane.

The power to rewrite destiny brews all around.
Anxieties of future are tamed.
Demons of past slip away.
Afflictions of mind escape from memory’s cage.

But Then:

The angels of morning descend and once again:
Anxieties tamed begin to roar.
Demons subdued cast their shadows.
The curtain finally falls to reveal the mundane.

In a world where sadness simmers silently
Where joys and sorrows are trapped in an ever revolving door
How bittersweet the time of New Year’s:
When we can mould our sorrows into Hope.

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