Day: December 14, 2013

Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws Religious blasphemy laws can be a touchy subject, especially in Pakistan, where just bringing up the subject of the blasphemy laws and whether they are right or wrong is considered, well …blasphemous. This wasn’t always the case. The sentiment behind most blasphemy laws is easy to understand. No person […]

UPS to deliver more parcels in China

Source: China Daily By ZHONG NAN (China Daily) United Parcel Service Inc, the world’s largest package delivery company by revenue, is looking to keep an upper hand in the Chinese market by adding 14 inner-city express services next year. UPS began domestic courier services in 2012, when it was granted […]

It is time to reflect

The Muslim Times’ Editor’s comments: This article does not represent the sentiment of the Muslim Times’ Editorial team and is being shared for the sake of information to tell readers the opinions of Harun Yahya, who is a fairly well known author, in many parts of the world. By Harun […]