Day: December 3, 2013

Ancient Manuscripts to go Online

Huff Post — VATICAN CITY (AP) — The Vatican Library and Oxford University’s Bodleian Library have put the first of 1.5 million pages of ancient manuscripts online. The two libraries in 2012 announced a four-year project to digitize some of the most important works of their collections of Hebrew manuscripts, […]

The Mystery of God and the Brain

Huff Post: by Deepak Chopra — To summarize the situation, we have three mysteries that we do not understand: the unpredictable movements of atoms, the existence of our own consciousness, and the friendliness of the universe to life and mind. I am only saying that the three mysteries are probably […]

Tip for Jesus!

Source: daily dot com´: Since September, one person has left more than $54,000 worth of gratuity at restaurants around the country—crazy tips, like $1,000 on a $152 tab. Who is this good Samaritan? All we know is that he or she goes by tipsforjesus on Instagram. More: