Happy New Year and What is the Muslim Times doing for You?

Epigraph: So go on reminding; surely, reminding is profitable. (Al Quran 87:10)

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By Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor

Happy and a prosperous new year to all our readers, from the whole of our Editorial Team.

The Muslim Times is promoting universal brotherhood and sisterhood in a world, which is divided by nationalism, religion, race, social class, gender and last but not the least, obfuscation created by illegitimate use of reductionism of science, taking away a wholesome understanding.

It is bringing out the urgently needed Separation of Mosque-Church and State in every country of our Global Village.

Sixty different editors of the Muslim Times are collecting the beautiful and the fragrant flowers, created by the international media, into an appealing bouquet every day.

We want to applaud the good writings of all the Muslims, the Christians, the Jews, the agnostics and the atheists and others, by sharing them with our readers.

The Muslim Times presents the peaceful image of Islam and aims to diffuse Islamophobia on one hand and Islamomania of short sighted Muslim fundamentalists, on the other. It tries to aggregate all positive activities in all the Muslim communities, irrespective of the sect, to bring out what Islam can contribute to our contemporary society, our Global Village.

What is the purpose of our universe? What is the relationship between science and religion? In addition to this and related questions, the Muslim Times frequently examines the roots of the Abrahamic and other faiths and whether they can coexist. All these and many other issues are the focus of the Muslim Times.

The Muslim Times is the place, where you want to be, for it does not indulge in hedonistic pleasures, by avoiding obscene and frivolous.

The Muslim Times is providing a forum, for open and peaceful dialogue between the Muslims and the Christians on one hand and the Muslims and the agnostics, on the other. It is also catering to a dialogue between the Ahmadi Muslims and moderate non-Ahmadi Muslims, without falling prey to human vulnerability to stereotype and lump everyone, in the opposite camp, in a group together. We want to distinguish between moderate Muslims from different sects and the extremists.

We want to remain humble and keep our voices gentle and our attitude friendly, as the Holy Quran reminds us:

Allah likes not the uttering of unseemly speech in public, except on the part of one who is being wronged. Indeed, Allah is All-Hearing, All-Knowing.  (Al Quran 4:149)

Call unto the way of thy Lord with wisdom and goodly exhortation, and argue with them in a way that is best. Surely, thy Lord knows best who has strayed from His way; and He knows those who are rightly guided.    (Al Quran 16:126)

We may not always rise to all our aspirations, but, we certainly try.

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  1. Happy new year to Chief Editor and the entire team of TMT. TMT doing the best job for loving and harmony within communities. I am non Ahmadi muslim from Islamabad but a regular reader of TMT and really enjoyed it because of its contents. I do respect the message received through TMT.

  2. Happy New Year 2014 to themuslimtimes.org’s editorial team. You guys are doing a great job. Zazakumullah.

  3. A very happy new year 2014 to the entire staff. May Allah make it most successful for you all.
    Thanks for very nice informative production.

  4. A very HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the TMT team and thank you so very much for the daily enlightening read.

    I look forward to it everyday.

    Thank you once again and God bless you all for the fantastic work you do.

  5. mohtram zia sahib: i envy your work, i feel myself dwarfed when i see your gigantic work, i wonder how you manage it all. i pray for your strength and wellbeing, and hope some day i will be fortunate enough to be included in your team.

    please, let me know how to offer myself to be included in your team. jazakmullah

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