That thing India and Pakistan do

Mohammed Hanif, NYTimes KARACHI, Pakistan — Four years ago when India elected the right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party (B.J.P.) to power, Pakistan’s iconic feminist poet and peace activist Fahmida Riaz recited a poem of despair, comparing new India to old Pakistan: Turns out you were just like us, Where were you hiding all […]

Who are we to label ISIL members non-Muslims?

Source: Aljazeera By Christa Blackmon A media analyst and digital anthropologist. “ISIS is not Islam!” declared many Muslims on social media after the attack on the mosque holding the final resting place of the Prophet Muhammad in Medina during the holy month of Ramadan. Popular social justice figure and New York […]

As a Muslim finds harmony in Om

Source. Dawn ANYONE who can see beyond the obvious would be able to scan the invisible manufacturer’s seal embossed on the chassis of the lorry that killed too many in Nice on a day they were celebrating a great milestone in the history of human freedom. Looking closely, one could […]

A Muslim Gandhi

Source: Huffington Post By Adriana Aristizábal Journalist,best-selling author, former war reporter from Latin America   The ISIS terrorist attack in Paris has left the world reeling. ISIS’s brutality in their acts of barbarism have repeatedly shown the contempt these individuals have for life, proving the danger they pose to humanity. But […]