"The Ahmadiyya in Germany " Wins Photo Competition

Source: Spiegel via Edeela Mahmood

In the third place , it managed the photographer Benjamin Kilb with his series of paintings “ray of light and shadow stature – the Ahmadiyya in Germany.”  The photo gallery provides this “Islamic Reform congregation” in the center, which is in Germany for 90 years. Kilb wants to show “how Islam can co-exist in symbiosis with the German society,” he writes in concept to his photo gallery.

The “Zenith” Photo Prize was first announced in 2012 and awarded by the magazine “Zenith.”  The focus of the magazine is on the Middle East, the Maghreb and the Muslim world. Last year, Kai Löffelbein occupied with his photo series ” Home Away From Home ” the first place.


Note by the Editor.  Actual news is in German Language.  Pertinent portion has google translation.  Any one can improve.

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