Swedish Archbishop Abused for Her Tolerance of Islam

loonwatch.com: The first female archbishop of the Church of Sweden has upset anti-Muslim bigots who believe she’s too tolerant of Islam and perhaps even prefers Muhammad to Jesus:

Swedish Archbishop Prefers Allah

Like kings, all bishops have their own motto and Jackelén chose ”God is greater”. If that sounds familiar, it may be due to the fact that an Arabic translation renders it as ”Allahu akbar”. There are those who believe that her choice is far from random – but very deliberate.

Many have been taken aback by the theological opinions Jackelén revealed during a questioning in Uppsala on October 1. The candidates for the highest position in the Swedish church were asked if they thought Jesus presented a truer picture of God than Muhammed. With her evasive answer Jackelén suddenly emerged as the bishop who couldn’t choose between Jesus and Muhammed. This provoked strong reactions on some editorial pages.

Kyrkans Tidning thought that the bishop’s answer might indicate that Christ is being relegated to the margins of the Church of Sweden and Dagens Nyheter encouraged the candidates to show some theological backbone. The editorial writer at the newspaper Dagen wrote that it is time to accept the idea of a split within the church – between Christians and those who think all religions are equally good…

Archbishop speaks out after anti-Islam attacks

via The Local

(H/T: zanqa)

Jackelén became the first female archbishop of the Church of Sweden in October and is known for her views on religious tolerance and arguments in favour of a multi-faith Sweden.

She will take up the post next year but has already been the target of abuse by users on xenophobic online forums and Twitter who have slammed Jackelén for her beliefs and even her hairstyle.

“Choose Muhammed instead so we can be spared from your ugly old man’s haircut,” posted one user on a message board while another asked for her to be burned at the stake.


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  1. Jackelén, the first female archbishop of the Church of Sweden, is far ahead of her country-folk. If She said “God is Great”, it was true. God is indeed Great. Otherwise, do the people want her to say, “God is not Great” or “God is Small”.

    It is good that she believes in equal treatment to all faiths. That will make a peaceful world. Otherwise, the religion, which teaches complete peace, will not help to foster (make) peace among nations. The Lady should take a bold stand against the bigots who want to defame their religion. Nobody can prove her wrong.

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