Senior Most Pioneer Darwesh Lajna of Qadian Passed away

Respected Razia Begum Sahiba was the daughter of Hazrat Chaudhary Maula Bakhash Sahib (ra), the companion of the Promised Messiah (as)

Hazrat Chaudhary Maula Bakhash Sahib (ra), the companion of the Promised Messiah (as) (1880- March 14, 1936)


Following official announcement have been circulated across worldwide Ahmadiyya missions from Qadian:

Hazrat Khalifa tul Masih 3rd (ra) with Maulana Hafeez Baqapuri Sahib (who was husband of Respected Razia Begum Sahiba)

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  1. I know personally Mohtarma Razia Begum Sahiba. She was the wife the Derwaish who was very noble, kind,simple, honest who spent her whole life in Qadian for Islam and Ahmadiyyat. She was living with her elder son Dr.Rasheed Ahmad sahib. We pray Allah give her a place in Heaven. Ameen Ch.Maqbool Ahmad Journalist Qadian

  2. The Darweshan-e-Qadian has very special status and place in the History of Islam-Ahmadiyyat. Their sacrifices for the Markaze Ahmadiyyat Qadian are so great that we do not find any words to describe. Let us pray and Salute all Darwesh men and Women who lived in Qadian and devoted entire life for the propagation of Islam-Ahmadiyyat. May Allah shower His blessings on such a pious Darwesh Lajna Respected Razia Begum Sahiba who set an an exemplary path to sacrifice her entire life in the cause of Allah and remain steadfast through out her life. May Allah bless her noble soul. May Allah bless her entire progeny. Ameen. Khifat-e-Ahmadiyyat Zindabad !! Qadian Zindabad !! Daweshane Qadian Zindabad

  3. Hazrat Ch Maula Bakhsh (rza) (1880- March 14,1936) belonged to Kot Ghumman of Moosa-pur near Pasroor district Sialkot. He accepted Ahmadiyyat in 1905 in Qadian at the hand of the Promised Messiah(as). He also lived in close company of Hazrat Khalifa tul Masih 1 (ra)
    Few years later he along with his family migrated to District Sargodah where he was appointed ‘Numberdar’ of Chak 35 South, a position he held till his death in 1936.
    Although his was the only Ahmadi family, he single handed fought and won many battles in this village. War against girl’s illiteracy, establishment of a private free girl’s school against all oppositions which now stands as a government sponsored Intermediate College and an amazing crusade against centuries long traditions of ‘Peeri Faqeeri’, Graves worship, superstitions and drinking & Gambling in the community.
    His biography written by his son Ch. Hidayatullah Sahib (1908-2002) has been published from Rabwah and is available from his great grandson Hamid Ahmad. Tel:92 333 670 2553

  4. JazakAllah everyone for remembering my dear mother with good & kind words. She had been a daily blessing for me to live with me in last 17 years of her life when I returned from abroad to permanently settle in this blessed town of the promised Messiah. She lived a relatively active life, doing all her work herself, living neat & clean, even at such elderly days till a few minutes before her sudden demise. She had sharp memory & clear thinking of an adorable ideal for us. Please continue praying for us, we are all prayers for you.-DR Abdul Rashid Badr, MBBS MS FMAS Surgeon Noor Hospital Qadian, India.

  5. She was great a great bazurg lady of Qadian. During the time when Maulana Hafeez Baqapuri Sahib was Principal of Jamia Qadian, most of the students were from remote areas of india leaving behind their mother father. They used to often feel homesickness and sickness from food. Khalajan (Mrs. Razia Begum Sahiba0 was a mother to all jamia students and had taken care like her own children. She was very affectionate and always pray for us.. We feel we lost a mother in Qadian who always prays for us.May Allah grant her highest station in the heaven.

  6. Allah kay fazal say aap mein Mehmaan Nawazi ka azeem khulq buhut numaeya tha. 1991 mein jab Huzur Khalifa Rabay rehmahullah Qadian tashreef lae to buhut log ae. Qafle kay Qafle pakistan india say ae thay. Uswaqat aapka ghar Khalifa Awwal ka Makan tha. Har koee Ziarat kay liye us babarkat Makan mein ata jaata.. Aap nay har ek ki mehmaan Nawazi ka haq ada kiya.. aap har kisi ko tareekhi mukam dikhati aur tawazuh kartein… Allah aapko karvat karvat jannat ata karey. aapkay darajat bulund hoon. Ameem Neez hum lajanat ko aapkay aala aur buland ikhlaq ko apnanay ki tufeeq ata farmae. Summa Ameen

  7. Please away from Qadiani, They are Kafer, as proclaim as Prophets (Noajubillah), Gulam Qadiani proclaimed as Prophet (Noajubillah), The Qadiani are requested to Say Kalima “La ilaha illalahu muhammadur rasullullah (S) by heart and be in the path of Sirat-un-Mustaqim. Allah loves towba, you are welcome to Allah Path and Prophet Muhammad (PUH) tarika and leave the path of Gumrah

  8. Men and Women Darweshan of Qadian sacrificed their lives for protecting Flag of Islam and Kalima Tayyaba La ‘ilaa-ha ‘il-lal-laa-hu mu-ham-ma-dur ra-soo-lul-laah. Allah the Almighty listened their prayers and protected them for every atrocity. Otherwise it was impossible for Muslims to survive in those unfavorable conditions. Darweshan Qadian are one of big sign for the Truth of the Promised Messiah (as). If they would have false, then Allah would have wiped them. But on the other hand on every moment of their life Help came from Angels. Men, women and children of Darweshan had seen with their own eyes Help descending from Heaven for them.

  9. How lucky and chosen one Darweshan Qadian who safeguarded our Markaz and Holy Places!! They will remembered for ever for the generations to come. May Allah elevate the status of Muhtarama Razia Baqapuri Sahiba Qadian who was among one of the blessed Darwesh Lajna who spent entire her life in Qadian in service of Islam-Ahmadiyyat.

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