Ahmadiyya Muslims promote peace at Ball State University

By Rick Yencer

MUNCIE, INDIANA (NEWS) – Muzaffar Ahmad told of persecution and killing among Islamic sects in Pakistan and throughout the world as his sect of Muslims preach peace.

Ahmad, who is a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim sect, talked with Ball State University students and professors Thursday about how the world would be better with an all faith brief among all religions.

The talk was about a series of lectures by Ball State’s Center for Peace and Conflict Studies that promotes the study of non violent alternatives.

Lawrence Gerstein, a member of the center’s board, talked about bringing more world events to the university, and Ahmad told of the 70 or more Islamic sects that persecute and are violent among themselves besides the West.

Ahmad and his wife came to Indiana a decade ago about the time of Y2K when he was a computer programmer and recruited to help system analysts with software and other technology.

His talk includes a bit of history about the Ahmadiyya sect and its survival during the India breaking away from Great Britain and them Pakistan breaking away from India.

Much the persecution among Muslims in Asia, the Mideast and Africa generally goes unreported, and Ahmad said mosques of the sect are damaged along with graves desecrated by Pakistan police.

Ahmad explained there was little difference among Islam, Christian and Judaism and there were even more different sects of Islam than Christian. And Islam is the second largest religion in the world.

The sect’s slogan, Love for All, Hatred for None preaches all faith, non violent world that could help stop slaughter in Syria to longstanding war in Afghanistan. Ahmad said the sect wanted to take Islam out of the hands of extremists and give it to peaceful moderates.

When it comes to all faith beliefs, Ahmad thought more discussion among those of different faiths and communication about all religions could stop conflict and bring peace.

The peace and conflict center has weekly discussions that could bring less conflict to the world besides mediation and conciliation services.

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