The Economic Blueprint: The Unity Of Booker T. Washington, Prophet Muhammad and Minister Farrakhan


When I learned that Saviours’ Day 2014 would be held in Detroit, Michigan, my mind went to the steps that Allah (God) guided Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) to take in Arabia 1,400 years ago. I also thought in a particular way, that Booker T. Washington was the economic forerunner of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, perfectly complimenting what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad stated—that the Honorable Marcus Garvey was a forerunner of his.

One aspect of the work of Prophet Muhammad was his establishment of a market in Medina where his people would be free from taxation. M.J. Kister’s “The Market of The Prophet” published in The Journal of the Economic and… continue reading at

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