Pastor Wolff campaigns for the Leipzig Mosque. Demands firm words from the politicians in favour of the Mosque construction.

The planned construction of a mosque in Leipzig provides explosive discussions. A citizens’ initiative was formed against the project. Pastor Wolff demands clear words from the politicians in favour of the Mosque project.

Leipzig ( dpa / sn ) – Thomas Church Pastor Christian Wolff demands in the debate over the construction of a mosque in Leipzig a broad consensus. He also urged the political leaders in the city for a clear vote in favour of the construction of the mosque.

” At the point of clarity here I ask of those who bear responsibility that they clearly say : ‘Yes, that is part of our urban lives,’ ” Wolff said. Against the construction a citizens’ initiative was formed . For this Saturday’s extreme-right NPD has announced a rally. The Action Network ” takes place in Leipzig ” calls for protests against the march.

The religious community of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community wants to build the mosque in Leipzig Gohlis – it was the first mosque construction in the city. The existing prayer places for the Islamic communities are located in former residences. According to the information of Chief Planning Officer Dorothee Dubrau the project is permitted and approved in all probability . An information meeting is planned for November 7, 2013.

While profess political parties such as Greens, SPD and pirates on the project , a number of citizens are against a mosque in their environment. Even more frequently , there were actually cosmopolitan Leipzig, the city with the nickname ” Hypezig ” , similar protests – such as the city announced that asylum seekers accommodate future decentralized. A few years ago there were also protests from the center of society against a meeting center of the Jewish community . Residents feared among other harassment by increased safety measures .

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community claims to be the oldest Muslim community in Germany with 35 000 members. She has 35 mosques nationwide . The Leipzig Ahmadiyya mosque would be the second one opened in 2008 in East Germany in Berlin-Pankow . Also against the building there had been significant protests and demonstrations. dpa

EDITOR’S NOTE: Please bear with us, ‘Google translate’ used.

This article is dated 30th October 2013. We just wanted to publish it to show that there is not only opposition to the mosque but substantial support from politicians and church members.

Thomaskirchenpfarrer Christian Wolff demands a clear ‘yes’ for the mosque in Leipzig

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