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  1. It takes a personality like Oprah Winfrey to acknowledge that Racism White Supremacy is a problem not solved in America.

    If this same observation was made by a person victimize by racism white supremacy or any other “non-famous” common African American you can believe there would be push back from those who “don’t see color” saying, “Alright already…Enough is enough”; “What more do you want. You got a Black President”; “With Obama came the end of racism in America”; Racism is dead so just forget about the past and move on”.

    There is no question about the fact that we don’t have overt racism or blatant Jim Crow-ism in America like we had in the 1950s. But make know mistake about it, Racism White Supremacy is still with us, live, and on prime-time.

    I applaud Oprah Winfrey for keeping the reality of Racism White Supremacy on the “to do” list.

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