Our Wonderful World of Delusions

The Express Tribune: by Fahd Husain —

A cruel ambience floats within this delusional world. This ambience encourages us to embrace those who kill us and kill those who embrace us; it prods us to love those who hate us, and hate those who love us. Like zombies, we shuffle along aimlessly, mouths open, eyes open and minds shut. On and on we march behind the delusion-peddlers, reveling in their poisonous rhetoric and drinking from their toxic cups. Like sheep we follow them because we cannot question them. We cannot question them because our minds have not been trained to think critically. Our minds have not been trained to think critically because we have been nourished on lies, and the strength of lies holds true as long as it is not questioned.

There is something seriously wrong with a society which just can’t bear to be honest with itself. Is that the case with us?

The evidence is overwhelming. All you have to do is to look closely at the discourse, debate and discussion that we have amongst ourselves. Yes we shout and scream, yes we gesticulate wildly and fling accusations, and yes we make for an animated, opinionated lot, but the points of contention usually stay away from the fundamentals of what makes Pakistan, well, Pakistan.


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