Canada: Lajna Imaillah conducts a ladies-only Symposium debates whether media portray religions fairly


Jamia Ahmadiyya North America, in Mississauga, Canada

MISSISSAUGA — The sometimes fraught relationship between the media and religion was put under the spotlight recently at the Bait-ul-Hamd Islamic centre in Mississauga.

Representatives from five of the major world faiths came together for a ladies-only symposium to debate whether their religions were recognizable from their portrayal in the media.

The event was organized by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association, a reformist movement within Islam that aims to promote the religion by peaceful means. Around 250 women attended the event to hear speakers from Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Sikhism and Islam discuss the representation of their faiths in the media. Mayor Hazel McCallion also took part in the question-and-answer session.

Naheed Khokhar, the organization’s outreach secretary, said that while all the speakers recognized the importance of the role played by the media in public life, they wanted a more multi-dimensional portrayal of their faiths.

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